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September 01 2006

Emma Caulfield stars in 'In Her Mother's Footsteps' on lifetime movie network. It airs tonight at 8pm, the LMN original is about a young woman haunted by visions. There is a trailer available on the site.

Yay! It's nice to see Emma working! The trailer looks great! I will watch it.
Oh, thanks for the heads-up, RavenU! I had heard about this, but I had forgotten. Sounds like a perfect way to unwind after a long week . . I'll be watching!

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Hey, good for her! It's funny, earlier today I had put on Buffy S7 and watched "Selfless" (with all the Anya back story) and was thinking to myself that I hadn't seen much of Emma lately, and what a shame it is. I mean, David's working, Aly's got her show, Charisma's been on VM and has that new thing with Nick, and and a day doesn't seem to go by without Tony getting some gig or other over in the UK, but I hadn't seen anything with Emma since she showed up on that episode of Monk.

Looks pretty good too (and a nice part). I'll definitely check it out.

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Ummmm, I believe this movie actually will be on tomorrow (Saturday) night at 8PM. (See details in blue "Tune In" box to the right of the video window).
m'cookies, since according to whedonesque site was already Sept 2, that's why I put it as tonight and not tomorrow to avoid some confusion.

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Will tune in!!! Go Emma!
Hmmm....This is wonderful for her, yet I can't bring myself to watch Lifetime.
Outstanding! Can't get enough of Emma. It has been far too long.
Never thought I'd say this but gosh, I wish I had the Lifetime Movie Network.
Does anyone know what channel LMN is?


Sadly I only have Lifetime TV.

Maybe someone could coughripitcough. :]
Lifetime Movie Network isn't Lifetime TV? Poo.
Where I live, the channels are back to back.
I agree with everyone who is looking forward to seeing more projects from Emma, and I share the disbelief that she hasn't been as visible as other Whedon alumni. She is definitely a fantastic actress although I think from what I've seen of her as Anya her forté is definitely comedy so I'd love to see her doing a sitcom like How I Met Your Mother. Not that she isn't fully capable of drama, but Emma can make me laugh with such ease that I think she would be fantastic in a comedy. Maybe she might end up on HIMYM at some point as Alexis and Amy have?
In response to what 'Harmalicious' said...I agree. POO-sicles.
This was a GREAT movie! Emma was the best thing about and she gave a great a performence. It was very good for a tv movie.
Awww...that's excellent/ depressing news...
The theme of most every Lifetime movie my wife and I ever caught seemed to be: It's Not the Mother's Fault. Everything was all When Bad Things Happen To Good Mothers.

Can anyone tell me whether In Her Mother's Footsteps belonged to this exculpatory genre?
Hey Pointy, I think I once saw a movie on Lifetime with that exact title. I believe you're right about it being their mission statement.
Then I'm glad, jaynelovesvera, that Emma unearthed the cruel victimization of, and developed new respect and appreciation for, her movie mom.

(Hope I don't have to edit this. Seems like it should almost have a spoiler tag. I guess "Lifetime Original Movie" is kind of a spoiler tag. From the looks of the trailer, In Her Mother's Footsteps would fit nicely into a Husbands That Kill Movie Marathon, the Lifetime equivalent of shark week)

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