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September 02 2006

Fan Film news: Muffin the Turtle Killer - Scene "1". and newly released Scenes "2", "3", "4", "finale" (or download all "Muffin" scenes along with "Vangelis" trailers to hard drive here (32MB)). From the (sadly aborted) fan film by Harvey Chin. The scenes create a nice prequel to the upcoming "Vangelis". In related fan film news, "Cherub" has episodes, 20, 21. Also sites "In the Heavy Skies", & "Slayers" have had recent updates on their progress. Computer animated series Winter may still need people to vocalise Spike and some other characters.

I really enjoyed the Muffin clips, loved the satirical tone of this movie:

VANGELIS: Actually you look kind of anorexic

MUFFIN: Really? Thanks

I think it's a real shame it never got completely made, but am anticipating "Vangelis".

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I wish someone with resources would do a fan-oriented continuation of the WhedonVerse, with a similar flair to his work. Something that was both comedy and drama, like Buffy and Angel and even Firefly was like. I understand that's what this tried to do, but it's like someone making a souffle that someone else made before but they didn't get the recipe right. Too much sarcasm and not enough... Whedon.

Maybe it's not possible to properly do it without Whedon's grey matter. Too bad we can't just put it in a glass jar and keep it alive forever. Others who believed in the idea could take another town, a different slayer, show her origin, have her interact on some level with a new Watchers Council that's been rebooted by characters from the original series, but establish early on that like Buffy before her, this Slayer works best without close supervision. She amasses her own close circle of friends and faces her own demons in a new millenium. She wouldn't be Buffy, and her friends wouldn't be The Scoobies, but it'd be a new riff on an old theme: save the world when necessary; go shopping whenever possible. The girl who barely survives by the skin of her teeth at the end of Halloween, or Friday the 13th, or roughly half of all the horror films worth their weight in pennies, takes center stage. The victim becomes the monster, and the predators become her prey.

Not a parody. Not a copy. Just a revision of an idea. It's a shame there are no proper resources to bring a tangent to the franchise upon which no one else seems interested investing.

Hell. If Star Trek and Star Wars "fanchises" can do it, why can't we?
Whedon creates stories that almost mystically nail the human condition, and therefore have no need to try to fit into any single genre. IMO that level of talent is actually very rare even in Hollywood. So I think it's unfair to expect the same writing standards from fan films.

The reason many of the fan films are parodies is that doing something more serious invites comparisons in quality with the source, and it is rather difficult to stand up against the likes of "Buffy" & "Angel". I think the fittings of "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" are far easier to try and imitate than Buffyverse stories.
Personally I'm loving these parodies but there is a lack of serious fan films (largely for reasons mentioned above). Zachsmind have you ever considered developing a script for a Buffyverse fan film or fan series? It may always be possible to find someone else to actually put it to screen.
ZachsMind, the phrase "easier said than done" comes to mind...
To Zachsmind: I appreciate your being specific on what you're hoping for in a Whedonverse fan film, very fair.

On your comment:
"Something that was both comedy and drama, like Buffy and Angel and even Firefly was like. I understand that's what this tried to do...Too much sarcasm and not enough... Whedon. "

Well...that's not exactly what I tried to do, though I can see how you might come to that conclusion. I purposely decided right off the bat not to try emulating Whedon's kind of humor, but my own weird humor which appeals to me, whether anyone else found it funny or not. (Not as arrogance, but as the only way I know how to start making something interesting by following your own gut)

So, your review is very fair. Sorry to disappoint. I was going for silly and light, not sophisticated. "Muffin" is to "Buffy" what the "1960's Batman" is to "Batman Begins". Think Adam West and the Bat-tusi. And I hear alcohol helps in viewing my fan films as well (or so I've been told).

I know some of the Star Wars, Trek, etc. have some very professional - looking and sounding fan films and fan series, and that's of course very cool, and don't blame you (or anyone anymore) for wanting and expecting top-level fan work that taste like souffles.

I guess if we're still using the food metaphor. Right now I'm still learning how to cook (as I think most fan filmmakers are) and ham is what's in the refrigerator.

I have nothing against high class restaurants and fancy dishes that make you drool, but I think once in awhile, there's also a need and a desire for a cheaper restaurant down the street that just makes a sloppy burger with a different flavor. Maybe not cooked to perfection, but maybe it's got some personality.*

And... junk food isn't bad isn't bad once in awhile, no? ;)

(*Not that that relieves or excuses the fan filmmaker from trying his best to produce as good a product as he/she is able to, of course. )

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I liked Muffin. Exactly what fanfilm should be I think, a bunch of jokes for the people that loved the show. It isn't the real Whedon thing, but it can't possibly be, so it might as well be something else.

Also, though the whole episode would have been great, I think these scenes work just fine on their own.

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