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September 03 2006

Philly region Serenity screenings 9/29 & 9/30. The Bryn Mawr Film Institute will show Serenity on Fri 9/29 and Sat 9/30 at midnight. If I am not mistaken, this will also mark the one year anniversary of the release of Serenity.

Hi all! I'm a huge Joss fan and discovered this site a few years ago. I've only been a lurker here as I really felt that I haven't had anything relevant to say (or post) until now. Here's hoping this post didn't violate any rules and such. :)

Stay shiny!

EDIT: The screenings are listed at the bottom of the page under "Midnight Shows"

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I poured over this site and didn't see anything about Serenity. Maybe you could help us out on that?
It's towards the bottom of the page under Midnight Shows.
It is at the bottom of the page under "Midnight Shows".

ETA:Came in second by a minute. Story of my life. ;-)

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Okay, found it. Right under Head Trauma, which is what I probably have for not seeing it the first time. Silly me.
My apologies. It was kinda late when I posted that. I edited the initial post to reflect where to look.

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