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September 03 2006

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz's blog from the set of Bones. A great little behind the scenes commentary from David himself as the second season is filmed.

These are great. I love the parts were he talks about his son. This man is so talented and funny!

I loved the premiere. Even the new lady was a great mix with these characters. The undercover stake-out scene was to die for!

lovley! he's so positive thinking! amazing attitude.
It was a very entertaining premier, and the element of River's teacher well bring a welcome addition to the chemistry. I really dig the character of Angela, she is the sweet soul of the show.Just more proof that the Jossverse is the crossroads of the world (that cool office building in LA notwithstanding)!
I love me some David. What a family guy. That's hot.

I echo VerseRoamer! More Angela! She's great. Looking forward to this season of Bones.
Great blog, very well written, and good tidbits about the shooting. And the pics are nice too. I know it's hard for him to handle another thing in his busy schedule, but I hope he's able to blog more and photo more. I 'specially like the pic of them standing around the table, dunno why.
Aww, this was nice. Actor blog! Wish we had more of them.
That was so cool. Thanks for the link.
I love how he's taking a picture of himself in the mirror, just like us normal folks. ;)
I love how he's taking a picture of himself in the mirror, just like us normal folks. ;)

Except for way prettier.....

Nice blog. I like the addition of the new boss at the Jeffersonian, gives the show a little something extra to distract us from the 'will they won't they' thing.
I just love the fact he is playing fantasy football! Just think if he is not in his own priviate league, one of the many of us that play could be playing against him! LOL!
He's a pretty good photographer. I like a lot of the angles and image cropping.
Fun to read - I hope he can find time to keep it up. I am crazy about Daivd - afterall - he was the main reason I watched Buffy. It was the first episode, and I liked it fine, then they introduced Angel in the ally and I went "wow- who is that guy? I gotta keep watching this show!" ..and I continued for all 7 seasons. For me it was love at first sight.

David was the big hook and got my attention - the writing, acting, etc. kept me.
Ditto Passion!!

From the minute Buffy kicked Angel on his backside in that alley I was hooked and I remain a big fan of the guy and his work

The fact that he's totally lickable helps too!!

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With such a busy schedule it's great that he took the time to do the blog. I'm hopeful he'll respond to some of our questions we asked. In other interviews he has said season two will be very different. Having seen every episode I hope it doesn't change too much, but I'm eager to see how the characters evolve.
A few years back I was flipping through an issue of Jane magazine when I saw the funniest, quirkiest picture of a duck with its head plunged underwater and fluffy little white ducky-butt proudly displayed. When I read the photo caption, I was amazed the picture had been taken by DB. He seems to have quite a natural eye -- maybe cultivated through his film studies in college, or more recently behind the camera on Angel?

I'd love to see more of his photo work, and I also hope he gets the opportunity to direct on Bones. "Soul Purpose" was astonishingly good for a first-time effort at directing, especially considering he was also recovering from knee surgery at the time!
Liamsgirl, please capitalise the start of your sentences.
Sorry Caroline, will do

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