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September 03 2006

Happy Birthday, Clare Kramer! Happy 32nd Birthday to our own GLORY!

Happy Birthday Ben!

I mean...wait...

(For old time's sake ;)
Good one Willowy!

Just saw her in the Tru Calling episode Drop Dead Gorgeous....she was quite the little byatch. She was great!! Happy Birthday, Clare!
Happy Birthday Clare xxxx
Happy birthday Clare!
Happy B-day to the hottest big bad ever!

You can make me your tower building slave any time
Happy Birthday! She was one of the best parts of the Con I went to. So gracious and fun.
Clare Kramer, I hope you are not the victim of your own success at playing a bi-atch on whi-als, since you can be an awesome romantic lead (yeah, I saw Guy in Row Five, and I bet you wrote some of your best lines in the third act -- a lesson in breakup artistry for the ages) and your eyes should be beaming love on the big screen. You made season 5 one of my favorites. Oh, and happy birthday!

Look how much charm she has in her candids.

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Willowy! Where've you been girl, I've missed you.

And to our helious Godress of the underworld, I wish Clare a wonderful birthday. My, that woman is stunning!
Happy Birthday Clare! :D
Happy birthday namesake! Hope you had a glorious day.
Pointy, finally someone else who saw Guy in Row Five! I agree, Clare makes a wonderful romantic lead. Glory was a great over-the-top character, but in this film she gave a nuanced performance that was the best part of the film, which I enjoyed. I don't understand why she doesn't get more work.
jaynelovesvera, it makes me so happy to hear someone else say see someone else type that. Clare Kramer is amazing in that movie! If she got the chance to play a Julia Roberts or Meg Ryan-type romantic lead, America would just fall for her hard.

Guy in Row Five isn't a great movie, but it really does show what she can do, especially in the last half hour or so.

I guess it's hard for people to think of her as an actress with range when all they've ever seen her do is Bi-atch Goddess.
I saw Clare this morning at dragoncon and we all (25 of us) sang happy birthday to her. She was great at the con. Very friendly and approachable. edited to add ... I saw Clare on Monday morning ... hadn't gone to bed yet when I posted. Seemed like the same day......

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So... you mean... I share a birthday with Ben, Glory, Charlie Sheen, and Clare Kramer??

We're going to need more candles.

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