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September 03 2006

Nick and Charisma, reunited. Nicholas Brendon and Charisma Carpenter talk to the Boston Herald about working together again on "Relative Chaos," which airs Sept. 4 on ABC Family.

From the article:

“We talked about, on-set, how hard it was for him to have me on-set with another boyfriend,” Carpenter said. “He said, ‘Next time you have to be my girlfriend.’ I said, ‘Of course.’ ”

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Awwwwww to that quote! Nicky better know he's not alone in that sentiment ;) I really want to see this movie, but I'm going to be at a concert tomorrow night--then again, I'm sure it will be replayed.
ABC Family? Replay one of its TV movies? Yeah, I bet there's a good shot of that. =)

It also airs right after the first showing; then again on Sept. 5 and Sept. 9.
I sure wish they'd paired up Nick and Charisma for that movie, because they were so wonderful together on BtVS. Definitely my favorite pairing in the entire Jossverse. Thanks for posting the link, J. Monique!
I would kill to see them paired up again. But then again seeing them in anything together is fine by me. I am glad they are having so much fun. What a great interview.
"Carpenter said her part will be smaller this season on 'Veronica Mars.' 'I think you’ve got to tune in right away - catch the first episode or you’re going to miss the whole season.' ”

Well, dang -- dang & blast. She brought extra-bitchy-goodness to "Veronica Mars" (and I am just now finding out how much as I watch/immerse myself in the second season for the first time! How I kept myself spoiler-free all year I'll never know. I've just popped out for a little air.)
She's great in the VM role. Too bad it sounds like her part has shrunk.

Now that Jennifer Lopez has dropped out of the "Dallas" movie I think Charisma would make one heckuva great Sue Ellen. I never thought JL was right for the part but Charisma could pull off being a former, sexy beauty pagent winner. I don't know what the plans are for the movie on whether or not it will be totally based on the series or a new updated version that's taken more seriously. But, either way I could see her doing great in it.
FF, I read in EW that they are doing some rewrites on Dallas right now. Apparently it was too much "making fun" and that isn't the direction the producers wanted to go. Someone correct me if I'm wrong though. CC would be fantastic in Dallas. CC would be fantastic in anything really. She doesn't look a day over 25 in my book, she can pull off Wondy.

I love that Nicky misses Xander. We do too, Nicky!!!!
Watching CC in Veronica Mars makes me miss Cordelia. Sure she does great bitca as Kendall Casablancas, but Cordelia was a supreme bitca while also being deadpan funny. Kendall is just so much shallower a role. Just from watching her on VM, I would never have expected CC to have as much range as she does and especially to be so funny. I hope she doesn't get type-cast in that kind of role for the rest of her career. It would be such a waste of talent.
The difference between Cordelia and Kendall is that Cordelia had a good heart and Kendall is as cold as ice. Cordy put on a big bravado act but she was really vulnerable deep down inside.

I think CC in Dallas could help launch her career on the big screen - especially being cast with John Travolta. I know there hasn't been even any mention that she has even thought of that role but I just think she'd be perfect. Sue Ellen was very tough but also very vulnerable and her back story was she was very sweet until JR ruined her. I'm glad to hear that they want to take the movie more seriously. I loved the series when I was a teen but watching it as an adult it just wasn't that good! My daughters loved it when we watched it though, especially JR!
TV Guide also did a nice interview with Charisma, where she mentions that her next Buffy reunion, might be in Bones.

Check the interview here.
Nice link, Numfar PTB. Wish she could play Booth's ex on Bones; they could change his son's name to Connor, but she better not shag him!
Hey, have we ever seen Booth's ex on Bones?
Valsadie, we will this season, but an actress is already cast. Unfortunately it is not CC. That would be quite a trip if it was :)
So did anyone watch it last night?
I watched about 3/4 of it--catching glimpses of the last hour during commercial breaks of The Closer season finale. Nick seemed to be doing well in a slightly different type of role as the uptight, competitive older brother--a break from the kinds of goofy screwball roles BtVS fans may expect from him. Still plenty of physical comedy, but reminiscent of Charles Grodin.

The hero of Relative Chaos, Dil, was another BtVS alum--Christopher Gorham, most recently seen on Jake 2.0, but known to Buffy fans as "James" in B2.19 "I Only Have Eyes for You."

As a whole, it struck me as a pretty run-of-the-mill romantic-comedy with family complications. Nothing offensive, kinda silly fun.
I watched with my husband. It was crazy and most of the time it made little or no sense. The family scenes rang really true. Alot of talking over everyone, bickering and generally no one listening unless it was big news. Harmless popcorn.

Nicky's character started of not very likable and grew to be the most likable for me. CC played Cordy. They glared at each other but really did not have alot to do with each other. Both were great and funny.
The biggest problem I had with "Relative Chaos" was the inconsistent tone for the whole production and for some of the characters. It couldn't decide if it wanted to be zany and farce-like(the swooshing editing and cartoonish sound effects)or have something real to say about family dynamics and sibling rivalry(which I don't think the writing was good enough to make a point about anyway--a show like Scrubs can get away with that balance, but this...not so much). And I'm not sure what humor was supposed to be found in family pets having "unfortunate accidents" or being put down.

Charisma's character started as driven and concerned with appearances but also a sort of cheerleader trying to light a fire under her passsive boyfriend and then she morphs into an overbearing, materialistic bitch. If her character had been a shrew from the beginning, maybe Gil's other relationship would have been more plausible, but it seemed like at almost the last minute the audience is supposed to find her very unlikable. I don't think it's the way Charisma played it as much as how the character wasn't developed very effectively.

Nick had a bigger part and made out better. He's actually the reason to watch. The actress playing his wife looked too old for him, for one competition he had to wear a pink polo shirt with preppy plaid shorts, one character calls him "old and gross" (I don't hink so!)his siblings put him in a situation where he could have passed out from blood loss and drowned, and he he has to respond to one of the most unfortunate lines of dialogue in the whole thing: "Is that a gun?" Duh! He still managed to shine through all that and ended up being the only character I really cared about. It was a little weird to see him 'all grown up', but there was something nicely grounded in his performance amidst the chaos that made me miss him and wish he could get another series.
I saw the movie. Nick and Charisma did admirable jobs, but the movie was pretty lame overall. I still loved seeing them. They looked good, though Nick was playing older than he is. The clothes he was wearing and the hair cut didn't flatter him at all. I noticed that he no longer looked puffy, like he did at the end of Buffy. He seemed to be in better condition. Charisma looked gah-gah gorgeous, as always.
I don't suppose anyone knows whether or not we'll get to see this in the UK?
I doubt it, unfortunately. I don't believe Celeste in the City or See Jane Date have aired there, have they?
We got See Jane Date apparently and I managed to miss it! I was so annoyed with myself because I was looking forward to it a lot, maybe it will be back on again sometime, I think it was on Living TV.
See Jane Date is available on DVD in US/Canada, so if you have a region-free DVD player, you could see it that way, if you're really dedicated to it.

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