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September 03 2006

Oh those alluring vampires. A famous bit of Buffy dialogue turns up in this Public Radio International piece on the undying appeal of vampires as literary subjects.

Buffy bit comes in at about 4:36 in the Vampire Chroncles.

Also includes excerpts of an interview with the late science fiction writer Octavia Butler on her interest in writing about vampires, as well as background on the writing of Dracula.

Vampires and k.d. lang in one -- what a strange combo!
Vampires have always been a major interest of mine. I always loved the they are evil, but sexy vampire stories the most.
OK, how do I listen to it? The link is for a mp3 file, but when I click it, Windows tries to open or save some file called "".
MissKittysMom, are you sure that file isn't named ""?
It is, and it's kind of annoying as it's merely a container for the url:


.py being the python extension, so it looks like there something not working either client or server side.
Thanks for the unpacking instructions! On listening, though, it's only a very short exchange between Buffy and Angel that makes the whole series sound like a vampire bodice-ripper. Bleh.
Real player opens and plays my .py file.
Great listen, by the way, more for the vampire folklore than for the Buffy reference.

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