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September 04 2006

TV Guide interview with Elisabeth Rohm about her new movie Amber's Story. She mentions David Boreanaz and her time on Angel, and mentions that she is friends with him to this day. Its a very interesting interview, especially considering what she says about Bones.

I dont really watch Bones, but I wonder how Elisabeth Rohm would have faired in place of Emily Deschanel. Very nice interview.

ER probably did her best acting work on Angel. I think perhaps she was too minimalist on L&O, however much she wants to equate Wolf with Mamet. While I'm not as down on her as many others, I'm certainly glad she didn't get the Bones gig. That would likely have been the kiss of death for the series.
Well that's nice that she's still friends with a past workmate, like, you know, real people. But I agree with jerryst, it would have been interesting perhaps with her in the role. Mr and Mrs Bones currently have absolutely no chemistry at all. If only Darla or Spike had been available, snerk.
In the season premiere Ms and Mr Bones had a ton of chemistry. I'm thinking of that close up scene that was very well acted by both people.
I thought that David Boreanaz had very good chemistry with Emily Deschanel but that the producers wanted to slow things down. Personally I would have enjoyed seeing Elisabeth Rohm in the role, but then I had really enjoyed her on Angel. I thought it was very humorous that they made Elisabeth Rohm's character a lesbian on Law & Order: when she was first hired there had been some talk about how Sam Waterson's character had had a romantic relationship with everyone of his female ADAs, but then there was never any hint of that with her which made the reveal of her being a lesbian kind of a reference back to why they never hooked up.
I personally wish Ms. Rohm well, but I've never been that thrilled at her acting ability. Maybe she's just playing it "minimalist" as Palehorse put it, but I don't know. She is beautiful, even gorgeous, but I've always found her cold or stiff.

I'm glad that they didn't cast her in "Bones", since I really don't think that Temperance would have been as compelling if played by her. Yes there could have been more romantic sparks, but I like the emotional/relationship sparks that Ms. Deschanel brings there. It would definitely have been a different show, and I don't know if there would be a second season in that case.

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