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September 04 2006

SciFi Channel has scheduled a Firefly marathon for their "daytime rotation" block on September 18.

This time around, they're starting with "Serenity parts 1 & 2" and ending with "War Stories." The eleven episode marathon starts at 8am (eastern).

And while you're noting it down on your schedule, you Browncoats might also want to know that Jewel's "Dead Like Me" episode is set to air on SciFi tomorrow (Sept 5) at 7pm (eastern), Adam's "CSI: Miami" episode airs on A&E Sept 8 at 8pm and midnight (eastern), and Sean's "CSI: Miami" episode airs on A&E Sept 15 at 9pm and September 16 at 1am (eastern).

Gotta love those Tivo wishlists, eh? LOL

Yay! I heart SciFi for these marathons :)
Hooray! More Firefly on Sci-Fi!
I know its just a fantasy of mine, but I wish they would pick it up as a series and make more episodes. I LOVE that show. Want more, more, more!!!
Best Birthday present....ever.
And at least SciFi is showing it in order, even if they are leaving off the last few.

And it comes on the day before our big Shindig screening in Tempe. So we'll be primed!
What's nice is they're going extra long, too. Normally the daytime rotation is only 8 hours, and for the Firefly we get 11. I'll take it. ;)
SciFi is so good to the franchise. These marathons feel like such a tease though. How did SciFi afford Battlestar Galactica again? A partnership with a British TV channel? (SkyOne?) They should do that for Firefly and create an unstoppable programming block. Assuming Fox would sell.

[ edited by Kris on 2006-09-04 20:08 ]
Just thinking about having a new season of Firefly makes me dizzy and breathless... it spins me about! It would be the best dream come true.
Kris - yes, it was a partnership with BSkyB (British Sky Broadcasting) which brought us BSG.
If it was going to happen, wouldn't it be more likely to be a Serenity TV series rather than a Firefly one?
Happy Birthday, Rogue! May next year's present be a second season.
I can't help but think that with every SciFi Firefly rotation/marathon, a few more fans emerge. Thanks, SciFi.
Happy Birthday Rogue!!

As sad as I am to see SG-1 have it's last season I'd be thrilled if it was because they wanted to bring back Firefly (or Serenity - don't matter what they call it!). A girl can dream!
Thanks Sci-Fi! Happy Birthday to me!!!
(And rogue!)
I was planning on taking the day off anyway. And while I'm at home, guess what I'll be watchin'? Gorramn right.
Yeah, I have the DVDs. Yeah, I hate the idea of commercials breaking up the episodes....but I love the idea of Firefly being back on TV.
: )
Simon said:
"If it was going to happen, wouldn't it be more likely to be a Serenity TV series rather than a Firefly one?"

I dunno, which name has more recognition at this point? Maybe the answer to that seems obvious to some, but I honestly don't know--have more people in the world watched and enjoyed Firefly, or Serenity?

If it was coming back, the name wouldn't matter all that much. If I could have my pick though, I'd rather it be Firefly again. It wouldn't be so weird for them to call it Season 2 if SciFi was the one to air it, seeing as they've aired Season 1 a few times now. While I like the name "Serenity" for the ship and appreciate it's poignance (good name for a valley too), I have a feeling it's not all that appealing to most action/sci-fi fans and I know I felt it was a bit lame when they first announced it as the title of the film (or when Joss or Chris Buchanan hinted at it with the whole, "Firefly ain't coming back, but Serenity is"). I know I wasn't the only one around here who worried it was too flowery a title to attract the stereotypical male moviegoer.
Madmolly: Shindig screening in Tempe? I live in Tempe! Why don't I know what you are talking about? What are you talking about?!

Also, Kris, I have to agree re: the name Firefly vs. Serenity. As estatic as I was when I heard about the BDM, I remember thinking, "'Serenity'--feminine and static--just about the opposite of action. That'll ruin a sci-fi movies chances even worse than, say, 'Solaris.'" I hear Solaris was a good movie. I don't know because I didn't go--the title drained my interest.
Narnia- we are having a screening on Sept 19th at the Valley Art. It is a fundraiser for Equality Now and the Bedlam Bards are a part of the show. For more info please go to It has all the info you need plus links to our chat site "az-browncoats". Hope to see you there.
Firefly Fanatic, is it confirmed that SG-1 won't be continuing past 10 seasons?
Hey, another TV reminder: Tomorrow night (9/5) is the debut of Gina Torres's new series on FOX, Standoff! It's right after House. :-)

Should this reminder be a front page link?
Browncoat, yup, there was a whole thread on it about Morena losing another gig. But, the creators of the show aren't giving up and want to find another outlet for it so who knows what could happen.
Madmolly, thanks much for the info. I plan on being there and hope to see you there too. I'd be wearing my Jayne hat but I only learned to knit a few weeks ago and am still on scarves. :) I do have a browncoat but of course being only mid-september in Arizona, probably still too hot for it.

Thanks again.
I dunno, which name has more recognition at this point? Maybe the answer to that seems obvious to some, but I honestly don't know--have more people in the world watched and enjoyed Firefly, or Serenity?

The reason I asked is that I remembered this interview Joss did at the end of last year (took me ages to find it).

But, you know, we'll never make Firefly again, because that was a thing that existed and is now gone. And Serenity isn't Firefly, and whatever comes next won't be, either. But I would love to tell more stories of this universe and to hang out with these people on and off for the rest of my career.

I don't think we will ever get a FIrefly season 2. I think we will probably get some sort of show but it won't be the Firefly that we remember and love. Admittedly if a 'verse show does happen, I reckon it will be another 2 or 3 years before it hits our tvs (given that Joss has to film Wonder Woman and then Goners - or vice versa). Course that doesn't factor in the possibility of a Serenity movie sequel.
I've always wondered why SciFi didn't buy Firefly when Joss shopped it around to other networks. Maybe it was too expensive?

And I want SciFi Channel here in Sweden!!! Aarrrgh!
I look forward to seeing you Narnia. I'll be the emcee in the teacher's garb from Serenity.
Lucidmind - I believe that's what they said at the time.
zeitgest - thx! I guess that show don't have to be very expensive though, I mean Battlestar looks fine and has pretty elaborate sets and nice effects. Maybe they can only afford one of those shows...
I recognize that not everyone loves everything Joss does but if Sernifly comes back in any format on the big or little screen, as long as Joss is in charge and actively involved, I'll love it. No matter which of the characters may not be in it or how much it has changed. I may miss what was, but I'll know that what he gives us will be great and I can live with that.
I still miss Buffy and Angel and am sorry for what he did not give Season 7 Buffy but I wouldn't have wanted to miss Firefly either.
Just got back from Dragon*Con and the number of browncoats there was heartening.

It's not over. There will be a sequel in some form, eventually. Don't give up hope.
Lucidmind - indeed, Sci-Fi couldn't afford BSG alone, thus the BSkyB co-production.
Battlestar Galactica, like most Sci Fi Channel productions, is filmed in Vancouver, BC (and thus is "affordable"). I don't think Joss is interested in filming anything in Canada. He'd rather hire Canadians to come to California and film them there.

I have always wondered if we would have had more seasons of Firefly had the production moved to BC. Not sure, however, how good a space western (emphasis on the word "western") would look if filmed in the great white north.

BC productions have brought new life to the sci-fi genre but, sadly, most of them do look cheap, underlit and have horrible stunt coordination. Battlestar is an exception to that rule, of course. Perhaps Firefly could have been too.
I used to be a big fan of the Sci-Fi Channel and left it on continuously. Wave after wave of cancellations, then the replacement of good shows with ... Giant Bug Day ... pretty much made me not care. I suspect that the Sci-Fi Channel would pick up Firefly/Serenity/Ship-Of-Fun only to crush it after six episodes or so.
I am a psychic (in addition to my talents as a Lurker.) This is the way it's gonna go down: flash forward to November 2007. The network suits at (fill-in-the-blank) Network are fired en masse because the new crop of Fall shows bite giant stacks of barely cooked Buckwheat pancakes. Nobody, I mean NOBODY likes their new shows: the audience stays away in droves, the critics mail their vomit bags collect to the offices in New York, and television repairmen are doing booming business removing shoes from picture tubes.

New guys are brought in to the Network with the directive to "Improve Ratings At Any Cost!" But who pray tell, will MAKE these shows? The suits meet on the top floor for a top secret planning meeting...

"Alright, let's put our Children Sandwiches down and figure out what the hell we're gonna do for the 2008 Season. We need to find a guy who has a proven track record of running more than 1 show at a time, and have him save our bacon. How does Aaron Sorkin sound to you mooks?"

"Eh, he has his hands tied with the enormously successful STUDIO 60 show, so I doubt he'd want to do anything else. What about David Kelley?"

"No good. He's writing 3 shows simultaneously right now so he's kinda tied up. How's about Aaron Spell..."

"Naw, that won't work. We can't reach him because Verizon cut off phone service to hell. Too bad. There's always Dick Wolf."

"Listen, the man has 4 different versions of Law and Order going right now - I don't think his copy of Final Draft Pro will allow him to name a series anything else."

"Wait a second, what about Anthony E. Zuiker..."

(Suddenly, the guy falls through a trapdoor beneath his chair, screams for a few minutes, and then the sound of bones being chewed by alligators can be heard. The trapdoor closes. The head suit speaks.)

"And the same goes for any of you clowns that mention Glen Larson. That cat lost it after Manimal."

"Hey, wait a second! What about Joss Whedon??? He's making this WONDER WOMAN flick with tons of heat, he's got a great eye for up and coming talent in front of and behind the camera, he can run 3 shows at the same time without the aid of narcotics or stimutacs, the critics wet their pants at the mention of his name, and the man can DANCE, for the love of Mike!"

"Suit #4, you're brilliant! Get Joe Sweden on the phone, give yourself a raise, and everybody else decide amongst yourselves who's telling Tom Cruise his series is cancelled and he has 15 minutes to vacate his office on the lot."

...and when they ask Joss if he has any ideas for some new series... well, he'll look at them with a gleam in his eye, tilt his cool fedora back on his head, close his umbrella, and spin around joyfully stomping in mud puddles in the backlot.

And then he'll tell them "No way, regular TV is for suckers" and he'll go over to HBO to make 13 episode commercial-free, uncensored seasons of new shows set in the Buffyverse and the Ferenity-verse. Because fool Joss once, shame on...... shame on you......Fool Joss twice, can't get fooled again!
So it is written in the Book of Shemp. Faithless executives, pay heed!
What is the budget for a Dead Like Me, a Carnivale, or a Six Feet Under? As much as I would like to see a revival, I think budget was a big factor in the cancellation of Angel, and that won't just go away.

Plus, I'm getting the feeling that The Man might not even want to work with TV anymore. Not that I'd blame him, after getting burned.
Thanks for the Dead Like Me heads up, zengrrl. I was watching for Jewel and I still didn't recognize her till about her 3rd or 4th line! It was a funny role; I just wish she had had more time in the story. Yay Jewel! :-)
For some reason or other, this got Slashdotted.
Boy, what I could do with a Beowulf cluster of Fireflys running Linux on hot grits while Natalie Portman watches naked and petrified toasting the imminent death of BSD (which in Soviet Russia imminently deaths YOU) ...

(technically, since the site's still up, no slashdotting has occurred. Being posted on /. isn't the same as being a victim of the slashdot effect or 'slashdotted' - unless i've missed the post saying the site's down/was down)
Pointy, it's really not so much a book as it is a very thick pamphlet. Sure, I could print the whole thing in 24 point type, but that just seems indulgent.

Ocular, I have a brand new dollar that says if the right sitch came up, The Boss would jump back to the tube. After his current plate is cleared, I gotta believe that somebody's going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

And if not, then I'll sell you my TV for $20, because I won't be using it anymore.
Saje - thanks for hitting the /. erm, 'high points'? :o RSM and ESR should totally duke it out in a cage match over which Joss show is cooler, then Linus should kill RSM if he wins. Also, does Joss prefer vi or emacs? Serenity is Joss' endorsement of the idea that information wants to be free ;) Or something... p.s. - Ubuntu talks a good game up until the part where they include binary only drivers in their distro... /taunt /taunt

ETA - I've tried to go back to checking out /. occasionally, but more and more I just realize its all stuff I read somewhere else last week.
Can't believe I forgot Vi vs Emacs. Where are my priorities ? ;)

Same here. Used to be i'd check it every day, multiple times, now not so much though, in fairness, it still deserves kudos for being one of the first of its kind and for having an actual cultural impact (well, OK, geek culture but still ;). Guess, as with a lot of things these days, there's plenty of competition for eyeballs and /. just doesn't quite make the grade anymore.

(and looking at the average number of comments now compared to 3 or 4 years ago when just a mention of Bill Gates in the post could swing it into the high hundreds, I think a lot of people feel the same)

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