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September 05 2006

A not so positive review for Gina Torres' new show Standoff. "Hostage drama "Standoff" should have been comedy". In related news, there's also a review for Chiwetel "The Operative" Ejiofor new movie "Children of Men" here.

Another bad review, from Tom Shales in today's Washington Post (registration required).
The opposing forces here, though "force" is too strong a word to apply to the show, are would-be drama and would-be comedy. Our heroes, yet another elite team of crack professionals dedicated to opposing the evil meanies in the world, go about their business with a certain saucy jauntiness, a certain quippy flippancy, a certain je ne sais quoi. In fact you probably won't want to "sais quoi" because, to boil it down to a word of two syllables, "Standoff" is a sleepwalk.

Not a word about Gina. Sigh. I wish our BDH were getting in parts in shows/movies I would like to see.
I've been disappointed that Gina isn't in most of the promotional material for 'Stand Off'. And talking about things that should have been a comedy, personally I would add 'Relative Chaos' to that list (I was sorry I was taping it because I found that I was missing 'Voodoo Moon' with Charisma Carpenter and that WAS funny). But in the FOJW listing news, tonight on 'Dead Like Me' (Sci-fi channel) Jewell Staite's episode will be airing.
And yet no mention of Chiwetel in the review for 'Children of Man'.

Meanwhile, Day Break seems to be getting some buzz, though most of it is more in the "how are they going to keep this going?" direction.

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This review actually does mention Gina. A sampling: "Still, her first appearance does make for unintentional comedy. When Torres' character arrives to bring reason and leadership to a (supposedly) tense situation, she looks as if she just left her runway seat at a fashion show. Torres is lovely. We should all be so lucky to have such hot bosses, particularly at the FBI." Amen.
Well, I will watch it, 'cause I loves me some Gina. But, maybe she'll be able to work with Joss on his next project *coughAmazongoddesscough* sooner than we thought. (I don't know whether a happy or sad emoticon should go with that, hmmm.)

Also, can I remind everyone that there were reviewers who didn't "get" a certain series about a crew of 9 aboard a freighter set in the future because it, too, mixed drama and comedy? ;-)

No matter what, good luck, Ms. Torres, with all your projects! :-)

ETA: I did just see a promo on FOX for tonight's ep with about 2 seconds of Gina. Oh, well; at least she had a joke in that 2 seconds.

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Tim Goodman of the reviewed the show here.
He does mention Gina towards the end of his article. Here's just a tiny bit:

Torres is lovely. We should all be so lucky to have such hot bosses, particularly at the FBI.

He's right.
I'm straight, but I have a big ole girl-crush on Gina Torres.
I'm just sayin'.

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