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September 05 2006

Charisma Carpenter gets a Buffy reunion. Well done, fun to read interview by TVguide.

She talks about Relative Chaos, working with Nick Brendon again, and about possibly showing up on Bones. Very relaxed, fun read, she and the interviewer seem more like friends than interviewer-interviewee.

I wonder if in part two she'll say anything about Wonder Woman other than that she wants the part.
She sounded really cool, but man, was that interviewer annoying.
Great interview.

But, I deffinatly agree with not looking to keep doing reunions. I loved Buffy/Angel. But I love all the new characters DB, AH and CC have made in the years since.

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Yeah, I'm for the "New/Old Journalism" and all (a la Hunter Thompson) but man, I served with Hunter Thompson, I knew Hunter Thompson, Hunter Thompson was a friend of mine. [Sir], you are no Hunter Thompson...

And even if the foregoing is a lie and totally irrelevent, which it is, I still found the interviewer's personality a tad intrusive... Loved the Charisma-love, though --she clearly likes to talk and is very open and direct. Looking forward to Part Deux.
"She sounded really cool, but man, was that interviewer annoying."

Gee, I thought the interviewer sounded really hot! Wow. I don't know about how good an interview it was, I'm just talking about the guy himself. That's it, I'm smitten. Does that guy have a fan club yet?

Just joking. (Odd frame of mind today.) Nice interview I liked the whole thing a lot. CC sounds like she is doing great.

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In the Sept. 11 issue of TV Guide: A look at how the CW network's Veronica Mars and other shows will add to your television viewing.

That out Monday im presuming? I know how magazines tend to forward date their issues (ie the date on the cover is the last day it will be on sale). If so I'm going to have to find some way of getting it to the UK.

Anywho. Good interview, Charisma sounds great.
As silly as this might sound, I'm really glad so many of "our" actors are doing well.
I'm glad they seem to be doing well together.
Am I having major deja vu, or was this interview already linked here? Anyway, I thought it was great that Ms. Carpenter gave props to Eric G while talking to this TV Guide guy:

My last interviewer pointed out that it had been seven years since we last worked together. I thought that seemed rather odd, and off, and wrong, and not possible.

So even CC noticed that this interviewer, er, not so much with the goodness when compared to Eric! ;-)

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