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September 05 2006

DST Finds Serenity with 'River Triumphant' Statue. "Diamond Select Toys is excited to announce the latest addition to Joss Whedon's Serenity 'verse - this incredibly detailed statue depicting River's triumphant victory over the savage Reavers."

My life is complete. Except for the other things I want.
Except for the other things I want.

I want a Mal fighting The Operative statue figure scene thing.
It's the first Buffy/Angel/Firefly figure I've ever wanted to buy, and that's saying something. I don't part with the ready for nuttin' usually excepting books and movies.

But since there's always another wish, I wish for a statue of Jayne in that crappy town where he's a hero, standing right next to his Mudder's-made statue.

(Mr. Whedon, sir, [*cough* "purple-fonted washkilla" trademarked Saje*] it's taking everything I've got not to ask you to dribble a Goners hint. Some might say I just have, but ignore that, as you no doubt will. I would never do that.)
I like the article's emphasis of "in scale with the previously released action figures"! Meaning Diamond is aware that their abandoned action figure line did have its devotees! (And we're still devoted, if they want to start up a whole new "Firefly" line of plastic action figures!).
My life is complete too - except no new Jossy goodness on TV again! Come back - everybody forgives you - well, lots of people do, any way. Actually, it's just me that forgives but then I'm the only one that counts aren't I?


Yeah, well, there's those TV execs and the accountants and the bean-counters generally and .......

I'm with Joss. A stunned "whoa" is all I can manage to say about this (and have been saying over and over for the last 15 minutes).

(Note to self: call grandparents and ask them to hold off on their Christmas shopping & instead just send a check for $99 already made out to Diamond Select Toys. ;-))
100 bucks...? I will start saving.

But this seriously is one of the coolest things ever. Bring on more Serenity statues!

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This is going to look so nice on my entertainment stand.
I think this would look great as a hood ornament on my car.
Reaver Bits Sold Separately.

I dunno, guys, do you think it has enough corpses? Perhaps the mouths need just a touch more ooze . . . other than that, though, a triumph of the human spirit . . . from about the middle of River's calves up . . .

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I think this would look great as a hood ornament on my car.

Or how about a Thanksgiving Centerpiece?
Wait, it can't be a hood ornament -- that's where I was gonna put that kid who's takin' a dirt nap with Baby Jesus. ;-)

ETA: On second thought, having this as a hood ornament would probably provide even more parking space priority than our disabled parking permit. OK, QuoterGal, you convinced me. ;-)

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We just received a new display case from a friend that we set up in our living room (the case, not the friend) and I filled a shelf and a half with my Firefly Barbies and Lego Serenity and props and action figures and ornament, and I was wondering what else I could put in there. Clearly DST was stalking me and stealing my thoughts.
OOOO shiny, I thought I was going to have to just stay with pestering various artists for their takes on the characters. Hopefully this paves the way for an Adam Hughes "Women of Serenity" line of busts.
If Adam Hughes is doing it, "busts" is an entirely accurate term. And I'm OK with that.
Um. ok. I didn't want the Reaver figure and now I have to have a bunch of nasty dead ones if I want the River? It will go nicely with my new Tshirt, River the Reaver Slayer but, I just don't know.
And why only 1,000? Joss, better get yours quickly!
And Simon, There is a final battle Mal, complete with screw driver.

[ edited by Lioness on 2006-09-06 04:05 ]
Holy god, that is a sight to see. That is going to look very good on the Serenity shelf in between Mal and Jayne. I must now perform a happy dance of happiness.
Joss, do you have any pull with Sideshow Toys to get them to do a Firefly/Serenity line? I want me a 12" Mal!! and a Jayne, Zoe, Wash, Book, Simon, Kaylee and River!!

And if there are other Sideshow collectors that frequent this board, go over to the Sideshow Freaks board and tell them you want this line. They now have a forum up for new line ideas: Product/License Requests

There's been a bunch of us over there in the "Whedonville" section demanding a Firefly/Serenity line for quite some time now.
That is pretty cool! I was really surprised when they only had three(ish?) action figures and only one of them particularly was both important and in a lot of action scenes, despite appearances.

How many corpses stacked up is that base though? It's a little weird the bodies stack up in a perfect circle around her and you can't see the boots.
I want this. I would also love the rest of the BDH's to go with Jayne and Mal. It would give me a reason to clear another shelf of stupid books. (Just kidding)

And as for Sideshow figures, there is this whole thing about Mal and 12" that I could post but I am just too darn polite.
[*cough* "purple-fonted washkilla" trademarked Saje*]

I, the undersigned, hereby offically renounce all title to the phrase 'Purplefonted Washkillah' (unless there's money in it). I freely (see previous monetary disclaimer) donate it to the world to be used as the population of aforementioned planetary body sees fit. Except for bad stuff. In short, fly my pretty, fly !

Wait a minute, that model actually looks a bit like Summer. 'Verse statue/figure which looks like the subject ? ... world off-kilter ... grip on reality fading ... ellipses multiplying ... --- ...

(how about a 'The Message' Tracy ? He could come with his own shipping crate and accessorised removable organs. Trust in Mal's integrity optional ;)
My life is complete. Except for the other things I want. Like an original brain.
I used to have one of those. It was rubbish. I kept wanting to do crap drawings of deer on cave walls and the whole loin-cloth in public thing got a bit iffy too.

Stick with the upgrade's my advice.
I'm guessing there are going to be a lot of disappointed fans due to small number being made.
I found it annoying that they originally came out with Mal, Jayne, and Reaver when anyone who watched the movie knew that River was our action hero, but now she is only a statue? A limited edition and expensive statue, but I would still rather have her as an action figure. I did just get my Serenity ornament though, which fills my heart with delight.
I'll try and buy it though with only 1000 I don't know how likely it is that I'll actually get one. It might be a blessing in discuise as I already have an imported Serenity UK poster and matching postcards hanging on my wall... how much Serenity is too much for a single apartment before it becomes creepy.
Saje, Tracy would also need to come with a lab coat.

And a twist-around head with vamp-face on one side.

And a can of beans.

Oooh. I like this figure.
Cool? Hella-yes!
Way the hell outta my budget? Absolutely!
So, that having been said, since my birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks...
No. Really. I'm serious!
(Why, yes. In addition to having no money, I also have no shame.)
; )

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I'd like Wash. Not a statue, just the fictional character somehow - ALIVE. And sans Zoe. Otherwise I'd be sans arms.
I want it! Also I need $99. It's so pretty, and it looks like Summer (!), and I'm cool with the Reaver pile, and it's so pretty...
wow...that is one intense action figure! i want! but its way too much money. and its kinda creepy...with the dead Reavers and all. But yay female empowerment/violence!

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