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September 05 2006

Whedon related TV on Fox tonight. Starting with the premiere of House with guest star Clare Kramer and then Standoff with Gina Torres. Also does that House set seem like it has been used somewhere else before.

Where has the House set been used before?
Oh, man, in the clip House is messing with Glory. I know he's tough, but geez, you do not want to piss her off.

(Yay, premiere of House. I will even brave the TV commercials for him.)

ETA: Oh, crap, is that how you spell "premiere"?

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It was good to see CK on screen again -- and to see a new season of House beginning. I'm not quite certain what I thought of the episode, though. I didn't think the writing was up to par. But from the last scene in particular it looks as though we may see an even darker House this season, if that is at all possible.
I didn't even recognize Clare K at the start because she looked so very young. Good little role though. And I am so pleased to see House back.
Also, for those of you that didn't notice, Edward Edwards was also in this episode. (He played the wheel-chair bound father) If you remember, he was one the "ghosts" (The First) that was terrorizing Angel in the Buffy episode "Amends".
I wasn't in love with the plotline of this new show Standoff (am I the only one who figured out the "twist" about two minutes after we met the "terorrist"?) but I really like the interaction between the characters, and I think it could be a really interesting show longterm. And Gina is badass, as always.

Edward Edwards was also in this episode. (He played the wheel-chair bound father) If you remember, he was one the "ghosts" (The First) that was terrorizing Angel in the Buffy episode "Amends".

I KNEW he looked familiar! Thanks for that.

"premiere", a noun, is the first performance of something.

"premier", a noun, means a prime minister in some countries.

"premier", an adjective, means the first to exist , or most important.
I am glad to read that it wasn't just me that looked at that set and said to myself, "Hmmmmmm... How 'bout that? Fox recycles."
I missed House; why was the father tied to a wheelchair? I have no idea where the set was used before, but it reminds me of The Man from Uncle. Even as A child I noticed they used the same staircase in every other episode.
I am certainly glad I wasn't going nuts. They used a revamp of the W&H lobby from AtS S5, didn't they?

Still wondering how Fox got its hands on gear from Starship Troopers (a Columbia TriStar/Sony/MGM/non-Fox film) for the Train Job though;)
Standoff wasn't bad, but I've seen better. Gina rocked it, and it was great to see post-it guy (Ron Livingston) again. I like that guy. I think it just comes down to me being tired of these kinds of shows. I know America seems to like them, but I've seen this formula too many times. It's Gina though, so at least until VM starts...I'm there.

I heard a while back that one of the first lines of this episode was a shout out to the 'verse. My VCR didn't catch the firt part. Anybody catch it???
We first see Gina's character shouting into a phone, "I don't give half a hump--"
It was a pleasure to see Clare Kramer on House, which was an interesting episode, but I really don't think that Standoff is going to last long. Gina is wonderful, strong and intelligent, but she is under-used and the relationship between those two leads is just creepy (having some subtle attraction is frequently appealing, but making out at work is just too weird).
"premiere", a noun, is the first performance of something.
"premier", a noun, means a prime minister in some countries.
"premier", an adjective, means the first to exist , or most important."

Aw, jaynelovesvera, this is just is all kinds of unsettling... and yet, kinda sweet, in its own special way.
QuoterGal, how do you get that red going? And I had a big LOL when I heard Gina say, "I don't give half a hump"! I hope the show gets better, but I did like our tall, beautiful, and totally badass Ms. Torres, as always! ;-)
billz: "And I had a big LOL when I heard Gina say, 'I don't give half a hump!' "

Yeah, me too, billz, hadn't heard about it, so made me sorta laugh/jump. Liked Gina, of course, glad to see casting folks realize how impressive she can be, on top of her beauty. She has a ton of presence. The cast was all good, and the script had moments, but I swear I thought I'd plotz when I heard Ron Livingston's character say stuff like, "You walk in there and there is no us." Jeez Louise.

(billz, if I write the code here, it'll just render it & not show you how, so just go to your browser's "View Source" for this page & search for "special" or red and steal the code surrounding the word. That's what I did to get the purple sarcasm font.)
*in the manner of Montgomery Burns* Excellent advice, QuoterGal! ;-)

We first see Gina's character shouting into a phone, "I don't give half a hump--"

The creator of Standoff worked with Tim Minear on The Inside. The Inside a few Firefly/Serenity shout outs. The first lead character to speak in Tim Mnear's Drive says Mal's opening line from Serenity.

The lesson? Incest is fun! Or certainly, shout outs are.
I'm green with envy that you folks know how to post in color. Hey, it works!
OK - spill. What are you all referring to, about the familiar House set? I did see the episode last night, but wasn't paying close attention to the sets.

I like Gina T, but I stepped off of Standoff. It did not hold my attention. I may give it another try.
The current House set, with a few minor alterations is the old offices of W&H from Angel Season 5. This was most noticible in the seen where house is on the balcony and it's a wide shot of the area. A new coat of paint on a few walls but one cannot miss the sence of evil still lurking there or maybe it's just House, himself that gives that off.
I loved House last night. Standoff was interesting, though I think Gina should've had more of a role. But that's not the point....I don't like the female lead too much, though I've always liked Ron Livingston.
Alright, take it easy on the colour commentary ;) I completely forgot to watch tv last night as there wasn't a new Rescue Me.
Y'all missed the 3rd (or is it 4th) Whedon alumni appearance last night: SpikeTV ran the CSI ep Pirates of the Third Reich, featuring the third appearance of a certain striking dominatrix...
I thought Standoff's lead characters were both pretty silly. Is the show going to be about two leads who are idiots when it comes to their personal lives and are in a constant state of conflict with a tactical team, all of whom are idiots about everything else? I like flawed characters, but not a race to the top of the stupid pile.

Gina Torres, was very good, of course, but I do not have much hope for the series unless they change some things.
I think we were looking for new appearances, the CSI episode was a repeat from a few seasons ago. House and Standoff were first run episodes.
Well at least the numbers rocked for FOX but we'll see what happens when the rest of the networks enter the new season.

Ratings over at the futoncritic;

So it's the good, bad, and indifferent. Might want to goto and start the request for the Standoff DVD set.

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zeitgeist, sorry for the colorful comment; I just wanted to try it. In future I will remain lily white. I hope no one mistakenly interprets this rule and infers that the big W is a white supremacist site. Just kidding, of course!
jaynelovesvera - its fine, just didn't want every post to include colour, in sixty bajillion (that's a technically precise number) variations ;)
House was awesome. I kept having this nagging sensation of near-recognition while I was watching, but concentrating on the plot and staring raptly at Hugh Laurie somehow prevented me from making the actual connection about the set. Thanks for clearing that up, ya'll. Now I can sleep ;)

Next week's episode has a kind of AtS S5/X-Files- standalone creep-factor feel. Now, wouldn't it be great if later in the season a lawyer showed up, convinced his transplanted hand was trying to murder people...?

Sadly, I have to say that despite the smoking hotness of GT, nothing could induce me to sit through Standoff. The title pretty aptly describes my feelings ('standoffish', to be more precise) toward the whole show premise from the very first commercial.
After noticing the set I was talking to a friend and mentioned that looking at it from an Angel perspective they have similar casting characteristics

House = Angel - Broody and dark, with many issues.
Wilson = Wesley - Reasonable but understanding
Cameron = Fred - Sweet and smart
Cuddy = Cordelia - Advesary and attraction to main man
Foreman = Gunn - Smart and willing to bend the rules
Chase = Spike - Blond, accent, tends to disagree but then agree with the main man.

Not saying they are exactly the same just that some of the characteristics of the characters seem similar. Does anyone else see it, or is it just me?
zeitgeist, of course there wasn't a Rescue Me, because Nip/Tuck is back, and twisted as ever. No 'Verse connections, but I still recommend the show for those looking for great acting and writing about psychologically damaged characters having lots of PG-13 sex! (They also introduced a new storyline last night about these characters who are so obsessed with perfect appearances having to accept disability, promises to be interesting.) :-)

Never noticed the AtS/House comparisons before. It certainly increases my interest in House; up till now, my only interest was Mr. Laurie's incredibly bitter/funny performance, but maybe now I'll find the other characters more interesting. And the set. ;-)
Doesn't the futoncritic specifically ask that its ratings information not be reposted on other sites? It would be nice if we could respect that.
Spot on. Relevant post edited.

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