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September 05 2006

Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona leave Runaways with #24. One of Joss Whedon's favourite books, Runaways, sees its co-creators depart for pastures new.

(Joss had a letter published in #18, the last issue of the first series.)

The series will continue with a new creative team. Some speculators have attached Joss to it, however unlikely this may seem.

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I would love to see Joss on Runaways. But yeah that seems really unlikely. Not sure who else I'd like to see. Mark Millar? But what I've read of his writing doesn't really fit the book. Maybe the guy who's writing the YA/Runaways crossover.
That sucks. I love Brian K. Vaughan and Runaways was one of my favorite books by him, so heres hopin' the best. I really hope they carry this on with the new writers. Anyways, this is my first comment but I must say, I learned about this comic thru Joss only because you guys posted it. And many, many more cool and awesome bits of things (like VM) to check out. So, thank you very much whedonesque!
I really need to get back into reading comics more regularly. Somehow, despite being a fan of Vaughan's "Y: The Last Man," I missed this series altogether. I'll have to check out the back issues/collections.

Thanks for the info but man, it must be a real slow news day in the Whedonverse...
Aw, this is too bad. I'm not as high on Runaways as some others, but I like it a lot, and I'm always wary when a new creative team comes in to replace one that I like.
This is entirely crushing! I'm not even entirely certain which I'll end up missing more, Alphona or Vaughan. Probably the penciller since I haven't heard of him working on any other titles, and I could cope with Whedon taking up the series writing duties...
Well dammit.

Hey, maybe they can get that guy that writes Y The Last Man, or the one that does Ex Machina. I'd be fine with either of them.
While Brian K. Vaughan says he wants to have the series keep going, I still think it's a shame that they aren't ending it instead of handing the series off to another team. I think it's always better when a series has a definite end, instead of it continuing on just for the sake of it without covering any new ground. I'm not sure who Marvel would pull in to replace Vaughan, but short of any super-star writer (Gaiman, Alan Moore, etc.) I can't see anyone continuing the level of quality that Vaughan brought to the series.

Hopefully, this means with the free time it won't be long until Brian K. Vaughan starts a brand new comic book series. :)
I read that earlier today and I'm so going to miss both BKV and Alphona. The only thing that could appease me after hearing this is to find out that Mark Bagley (who is leaving Ultimate Spiderman soon) is taking over pencilling duties. I can't even begin to think who'd I'd want to take over as writer...BKV will be an extremely difficult act to follow.
I would love to see Joss on Runaways

Really? I didn't realize he had the figure to be a supermodel.
No, silly. We're talking Project Runaways, because Joss has mad skillz to make a prom dress out of office supplies & paper towels, yo. ;-)
I wonder if Brian K Vaughan's scaling his comics stuff back a bit and giving the whole film thing a proper try (he's doing scripts for Y and Ex at the moment) ?

And unreality, if you can get hold of it the Runaways hardback is a very nice book. It collects the first 18 issues, has the usual sketches and text extras (including the abovementioned letter by a certain writer/director/fan-boy ;) and cost (a few months back from Amazon UK) about 20 (~ $30 ?). Cracking value for money.
Of course, this would free up space in BKV's schedule so he can write an arc of the Buffy comic :)
It's a sad day. But, Joss, if you are reading this, the Runaways do have a pretty cool rogues gallery!!! And they have plenty of strong female characters, too!!

Do I remember correctly that Joe Q said a couple of weeks ago that Joss might be taking on another project at the Marvelverse?
Aw, crappy news. I picked up Runaways after the Joss endorsement and have totally enjoyed it ever since. I'm going to stop ordering after their last issue and then read reviews/commentary or whatever before continuing. After feeling burned by other comics that shall remain unnamed at the moment because I'm not in the mood to bash, I'm also wary of new writers. Hope they can continue to make the franchise work but I'm skeptical. Vaughn and Alphona are the reasons I like the series so much.
Well havok,

Marvel will be announcing that new team in about a week, and to say that you guys will be thrilled is probably an understatement.

does make it sound like someone really big is stepping in. Maybe Joss is doing a run ?

Certainly needs someone like him since the Buffy-ish pop-cultural-flippancy-in-the-face-of-certain-doom is quite an integral part of Runaways, IMO (of all BKV's books it's probably the one I can most see someone else getting a handle on since Y and Ex are both very much the result of one creator's vision).
While, quite obviously, I think Joss would do a brilliant Runaways, I'm pretty sure he'd again commit to a limited run, and a book like Runaways should really have a permanent writer, who can look as far into the future as he wants.
I've only read like the 2nd arc of Runaways(yes I haven't read the first issues) since I got it from the libary but I've been meaning to read all the other issues. I liked what I read and think Joss would do wonders with it. but thats not likely, he's a busy man. Heres hoping a good writer takes over, or they end it. either one.

*pout* Aww, I love Runaways and I love BKV, so I hope they'll get someone at least as good. And I do like Alphona's artwork, despite it's vaguely manga-ness and I'm real picky about my artists, so I hope the new artwork isn't annoying.

And how brilliant would it be for Joss to do a Runaways arc? He'd be so perfect. He so has that teenage snarkiness down pat.
Vaughan always said he wanted to pass Runaways on - he created the characters with the idea of someone else writing them in mind, which I think is different to work created as a specific creator-drivien vision for the whole `verse and stuff (sorry not my most articulate tonight). I could totally see Joss writing it - he's a fan, there have been rumours of another marvel project, but there are dozens of good writers out there in comic-land too.

Anyone who hasn't picked up Runaways should - anyone who did and liked it should check out BKV's other stuff - Ex Machina and Y:The Last Man particularly, and also Invincible, by Robert Kirkman, which has more of the intricate storyline-stuff of later Buffy seasons...

I just hope BKV is doing more comics work - or joining the VM scriptwriters - actually, that would really rock!

(Actually, every so often I think about how profoundly Joss influenced pop culture. Vaughan was a big Buffy fan, and it really shows - the pop culture references, the distinct patios of his characters, the slighly cynical, self-depreciating humour. It's not that other creators are ripping it off, but he broke ground for a new generation with a different sensibility or something.. Amybe if it wasn't Joss, it would be someone else, but it was Joss and that is one hell of an accomplishment).

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