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September 06 2006

Poster for Nick Brendon's new movie 'The Unholy'. It's very striking and genuinely unnerving too.

It's bloody horrible is what it is. Very nice poster for a horror movie, quite classy in its own way (though the tag-line doesn't do much for me, bit meh).

(but what is it with 'verse actors and eyes with stuff in them ? 'The Return' poster has a similar - if less nasty - image of an eye with a hand in the pupil)
At least they spelt the tag line right. (I once saw a direct to DVD movie where they had the grammar wrong on the cover - I bought it, because you know - cheese).
EW! I didnt think anything could be worse than the Saw posters. So gross.
It is striking and unnerving. For me, I think it's the gore covered, pointy finger nails...delightfully creepy.
WOW! I love it!

That is cool. I think one of the the scariest posters I have ever seen is the one for Pet Cementary.
Featuring Tiddles the concrete zombie-cat ! They never should've buried their pets over an old abandoned brick-works. Now they're coming back ... wrong !

Aaargh, run for your lives ;).
The poster itself is interesting, the lettering looks a bit 'Oh, look what I added for the Fark photoshop contest!'.
It's not the most professional looking poster, I agree, but that adds to its basic charm. I don't much like horror movies, so this poster is a clear 'stay away'-signal, but it's very effective and something that's sure to get noticed.
Can I just say: "eww"
Striking poster, yes... but that title! Oy! Not nearly as catchy as "Burst Blood Vessel Eye Trauma". That's a title.
Hahaha. I liked the poster a lot -- I think it's even more striking because the first thing you see is the flashing "Ain't it Cool" animation.
That poster is disgusting but I mean that in a good way.
How long has this movie been delayed? I seem to remember commenting on it here a very long time ago.
First mention of it here seems to have been in April.
Looks pretty standard horror-ish.
First mention of it here seems to have been in April

April, 2005.
dreamlogic - sorry, yes, left that rather important bit off :)
Still waiting for it. GO NICK!
Ugh, did I mention how amazingly creepy I find this poster? Bloody eyes, bloody writing in eyes, bloody fingers, bloody pointy nails, bloody pointy nails holding an eye open?!??!!

The Ick Factor is off the charts -- good job, you. Whoever y'all are.
There are no words other than ewww (if you count that as a word).
Looks creepy and in this case that's a good thing. Still waiting for a release.
(but what is it with 'verse actors and eyes with stuff in them ?)

One word, Saje, which I believe has been echoed here. And that word is ewwww!
Both The Return and The Grudge 2 have close up eyes with things in them... what's all that about?
Thats what Xander's eye looks like under the patch.

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