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September 06 2006

Exclusive interview with Michelle Waitman about her time on Buffy and other projects as SMG's stunt double. Michelle Waitman explains what it was like working with SMG, what it was like working on Buffy and on other projects, and how she was chosen to work on BTVS.

MW: Every project is different, but I would have to say my experiences on Buffy was so incredible. I did stunts consistently, worked with an incredible stunt coordinator and talented stunt guys and gals. It was an experience of a lifetime!

Also, I dont think this warrants another link, but apparently SMG has another movie here.

Click on About US and then P. Jennifer Dana. The new movie is called This Side of the Looking Glass, stars SMG and Brendan Frasier, and I have no clue whats its about. It does have Ian Holm as well, and I think he is great. He was in a favorite of mine, Garden State as Zach Braff's aloof father, and was Bilbo Baggins in one of my all time favorite trilogy of movies, Lord of the Rings.

I really appreciate this link Jerry. It's always so nice to hear everyone talk about Sarah in such a positive light. Michelle sounds like an awesome person.

Another movie for SMG? You go girl.
"I would say that probably the worst part about being a stunt dbl [sic] is having to wear high heels or very little clothing while stunting an actress."

This line really got to me; I'm embarassed to say I never thought about this before, but of course. What a pain, not to mention potential obstacles & hazards.

(Yeah, thanks for finding this, jerryst3161 -- I've read very little from stuntfolks, but they are crucial, especially to Joss's work.)
Great read! It's nice to get input from someone "behind" the scenes and to hear their take on things. Also nice to hear that SMG keeps requesting her former stunt doubles for her new projects too. And, yay, another movie and with Brendan Frazier!!! I love him!! I wish it was SMG and Nathan though, because I love him even more!
Love links like this that are a bit different from our usual fare. Thanks for posting.
Great link!. I love stunt people.

Tidbit on This Side of the Looking Glass: Todd Haynes, the executive producer, wrote and directed Far From Heaven, which had four Oscar nominations a few years ago. Love the River statue a few links ago; maybe Sarah will get a statue of her own, only gold.
If you follow the link to Michelle's website, she has a demo video. The demo video includes a lot of footage from Buffy.

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