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September 06 2006

(SPOILER) James Marsters to Reprise Brainiac? Article from the Toronto Star stating that James Marsters will be re-appearing in Smallville this season. Mention is near the end of the article.

This isn't the first article I've seen stating that James Marsters will return to Smallville as Brainiac this season. However, I haven't read anything official. Maybe something will be announced at the event sponsored by Mr. Marsters this weekend.

Great that James will be on the air this season, but, why oh why, isnt he in his own show where wed be able to see him EVERY week???
I think more to wrap up the cliffhanger from last season. Maybe some are making just logic jumps. I am sure JM or the SV producers will say something this weekend.

He is deffinatly not being mentioned in any spoilers. I think they really are going to focas more on Lex being the main and only real bad guy to Clark's hero now emerging. Plus we all know they really only ever focus on Lana.
AlMiles said that this year's Big Bad will be something that emerges from the Phantom Zone.

And it wouldn't stagger me if they just forget all about Brainiac in favor of a story thread in the season premiere focusing on how Lana gets her hair so shiny. In last year's premiere, they basically just had a house fall on top of Jensen Ackles' character before the premiere, since he'd gone to Supernatural. The only way we found out that Jason died was through a headline in a newspaper Lana was reading. And he was a series regular. I'd love to see JM again, but I'm not holding my breath. Logic doesn't factor huge in Smallville.
Well, they do have two criminals escaping from the Phantom Zone and the chickie who helps him there by the 6th ep. I am betting the are more intrested in playing with this. Especially how the butchered Brainic and made him much like many of the others the bring to SV to soon, irrelevent.

To me, in all honesty, Lex is still not a bad guy. Sure he has done some bad things, but he is still there everytime for Clark or anyone else. Most of the Clark/Lex stuff is over Lana. So they have ALOT of work to make him the big bad Lex Luthor was made to be. They should be concentrating on that. And making Lois something, someone.....
I think this may be a misnomer but no doubt we'll find out at the weekend what the score is. Stay tuned for coverage of the James Marsters Love Boat Experience on Sunday or Monday.
I dunno Donna Troy, Lex seems pretty much on the path to evil to me. Sure, he's always 'there' for Clark and Lana but that's because a) he really fancies Lana and b) he wants to keep Clark onside while he hatches his nefarious plans. Felt like he was paying their friendship lip service (slash away ;) last season more than actually feeling it.

For instance most of his instances of being 'there' for Clark were ambiguous in the extreme since a lot of the time the thing he was there to support him through involved Lex in some way to begin with.

As i've said before though, to me, Smallville (with JM or not) needs to abandon any idea of a 7th season and just go hell for leather this year. If Clark doesn't start acting for good instead of reacting all the time i'll probably act on my numerous threats to swear off the show forever (another episode like 'Thirst' or 'Spell' might do it too - much as I like Big Blue and cheesy fun, sometimes bad cheese is just bad cheese).
A house fell on a lead characters head? I'm almost tempted to start watching.
I thought about posting this article, but wanted to get verification from Kryptonsite. A week later and they didn't even put it up in the rumors, so it could be like last year when they tried to hide this due to network wishes...or not.

Anyway, as Simon said, we'll know after the con this weekend, I'm sure.

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This past season was my first watching Smallville. I didn't know that about Jenson Ackles. I can't say I am surprised though. Meimi you are right about logic not being a factor. That whole Brainiac collecting blood samples for a computer virus was ridiculous. Silly, but I felt a little insulted.

I can't even guess whether Brainiac will be back or not. I'll watch to see, but I wouldn't be that excited anyway. They really underused him last season, and that was when they were really hyping having him up.

I would so much rather James have something else. But I'd rather see him in Smallville than nothing.
I just wish they would get out of soap opera mode and emphasize the superhero aspect.

Maybe it is different for those long time watchers who are more invested in the characters but all the Lana scenes made me want to fast forward.
Nope, watched it from the start and all the Lana scenes make me want to fast-forward too Xane. Or throw my TV out the window.

(how the creators can still think the audience is interested in the 'relationship' between Clark and Lana when for the last 3 years it's consisted of furtive, longing looks and awkward 3 minute conversations about secrets is totally beyond me. Depth, guys, y'know ? Like in real life ?)
but all the Lana scenes made me want to fast forward

Actually most Smallville scenes make me want to fast forward. Well apart from the Lionel scenes. When the show ends, I wonder how it will be remembered 4 or 5 years down the line. Not in the same light as Buffy me thinks.
I like seeing the Buffy alums, so this is better than nothing, but only marginally better. I hope there will be better things for James in the future.

Am in full agreement with the comments about the Lana and Clark relationship being dull. Let's move on, already, kids. But they are both very pretty. (Hmmmn. I just sounded like the Buffybot to myself.)

It sounds like James' return isn't 100% confirmed, then? It does sound very likely to me, given how the season ended. It just didn't seem like we'd seen the last of Brainiac.

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You would be surprised.It seems there are Clark/Lana shippers and they have been giving Steve DeKnight hell on his blog all summer over the fact that,Clana is over and Lex/Lana is going full steam ahead this season.

Personally my feeling is,as a comic book reader who has been reading Superman comics every week for going on fourteen years now,we all know the end game in the future is Lois and Clark.I consider the comics more canon then any movies or T.V. shows.In my mind,Clark/Lana was always a finite thing.The show plays around with the mythology but there are certain things they can't stray from and Clark ending up with Lana is one of those things.I think DeKnight even tried to explain that on his blog to hostile Clana shippers.

It's the same deal with the Clark/Lex friendship.The end game has to be them becoming enemies and Lex becoming full on evil which they have been gradually doing over the last two seasons.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2006-09-07 20:56 ]
I like seeing the Buffy alums, so this is better than nothing, but only marginally better.

I think the new CW needs to run with that marketing: 'Smallville: Marginally better than nothing!'
I think the new CW needs to run with that marketing: 'Smallville: Marginally better than nothing!'
"Free to Be Marginally Better Than Nothing," rather. ;)

Xane, if you were insulted by the lack of logic in Brainiac's plan, I don't recommend the earlier seasons. This show laughs in the face of continuity. And every year they seem to like to forget one of their big season storylines ever existed: Lana's quest for her biological father in S2, the Chloe/Lex alliance in S3, the entire crystals and witches storyline in S4 (nobody's complaining about that one though)...not to mention the little things, like how nobody can seem to retain the memory of how Lionel has tried to blackmail and/or murder every person in the opening credits save Lana. More than once.

I personally watch it to mock it. It makes me giggle more than the average sitcom, anyway. Oh, and Chloe is awesome.
I think the Lois Lane on SMALLVILLE is so not how Lois is suppose to be, that I have wondered if Chloe isn't the future Lois. From what I've read, I'm not the only one who has thought of this.

BTW, James/DeKnight did an excellent commentary on the SMALLVILLE season five DVD's.
Chloe is awesome and so much less annoying than Lois. I watched it just for JM and found I really didn't need to worry about what I missed in between. That's a sad commentary on a weekly show.
'Smallville: Marginally better than nothing!'
I love this!

Really can't compare it to Buffy. But it is a really good looking show. Not just the people but the scenery as well. How's that for glass half full?

Spikeylover, are there extra scenes of James as well on the DVD?
I just might have to break down and buy it if there are.
I don't have it yet, but from what I hear, there is one extra scene of James on there. It's an odd scene where it looks like Lex is in some sort of placenta. Brainiac is strutting around in skin tight black and in this totally white room. It's rather..yummy. (I have an icon of it at CDS)
The Smallville Season 5 DVDs were released in the UK already.It comes out in the U.S. on Tuesday.

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