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July 23 2002

Howzabout HTML privileges in the INFO field?

This thought just occurred to me. Prolific has this neat idea on his profile page of listing his "ideal BuffyVerse" cast, which I thought was cool. I wanted to do something like that on my profile. Also, many profiles have a favorite quote, and I have way too many favorite quotes to choose from. Some people just use the field to describe who they are & what they do. I'd like to do all the above & more in that space, but when I try it looks bad cuz I can't separate it. Everything looks like one long paragraph.

Is there a reason why we can't use linebreak tags, internal/external links & horizontal lines & other simple html thingies in that field? Right now my INFO field looks like alphabet soup because I can't save any formatting.

Anyone wanna discuss the pros & cons? Maybe there's a perfectly rational reason why tagging in that field is a bad idea?

This is something already on our to do list.
ah. ok. nevermind.

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