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September 07 2006

First look at Joss' Stan Lee tribute story. Look being the operative word here as the two preview pages are sans dialogue. But hey it's Joss paying tribute to Stan, what's there not to love? This issue should be out at the end of the month.

Who's that, Hedgehog Man ? Porcupine Man ? Looks like it'll be a lot of fun anyway, worth a purchase.
A Joss thing with no dialogue?

I particularly like the "eyes" and "Instant Flesh"
A Joss thing with no dialogue?

Some preview pages have no dialogue but the finished piece will.
In the meantime, we could add our own dialogue! Who's first?

A Joss thing with no dialogue?


Beyond the fact that it's a preview that hasn't been lettered, there was that little thing he did called "Hush"...
"Stan Lee Meets Spider-man: Hush 2".
Love the T-Shirt - Out of your league in any dimension!
Let's see who's first to start producing that shirt. And of course the Boss would set this at a con.
No, 'Hush' was a Batman story, and it was Jeph Loeb who wrote it. ;-)

And always great to see Michael Gaydos art--he's one of the few artists, rather than writers, who I'll pretty much follow to any project. A Gaydos/Joss crossover is doubleplusgood.
Joss does Comicon? I can't wait!

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