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September 07 2006

Amy Acker has a Girl. Ava Grace, who weighed in at 7 lbs. 4 oz., was born on Friday in Los Angeles. Ava joins older brother Jackson James, who is 19 months old.

So glad that I checked the front page again before hitting submit on my (double) post of this :)

Many congrats to Amy, James and big brother Jackson!
Great stuff! Congrats to Amy and her family.
Do you suppose that Amy is an admirer of Ava Gardner? I'm so pleased everything went well. Congratulations to the family.
What a beautiful name....congrats Amy!
Congrats to Amy and her family.
Perhaps Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly... hehe
Yay! What a beautiful name and congrats to the ever growing family. :]
Mazel tov Amy and family!

Isn't Jimmy Leary's son named Jackson as well? :-)
Congrats Amy and James!
awww congrats Amy!
Congraulations to the lovely Amy Acker.
Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy! Awwww how impossibly cute!
And she didnt gain a pound! How does she do it????
"The happiest days are the days babies come."
-- Melanie Wilkes, Gone With The Wind
Congratulations to Amy and her lovely family.
Congratulations to Amy!
Congratulations, to the wonderful Amy and her family.
More congratulations! :-)
Congratulations to Amy & James, beautiful name too.
Congratulations to the family!

A friend of mine has twins (a couple of months old), and the girls are named Ava and Grace ...
Aww, congrats to all the family !

My grannie's name was Grace, very nice.

(also, does this mean that for the last 9 months Amy's been 'full of (Ava) Grace' ? Inquiring minds ... ;)
Big congrats... and it's a beautiful name. But then I named my twins Scarlet and Hero, so I'm probably not the best person to judge.
Congratulations to Amy and James on the sweet little addition to their family!
Congratulations Amy! I'm really happy for you. :D
Congratulations Amy!! xxxx
Welcome, Ava Grace!
Heartiest congratulations, Amy and family! What a beautiful name for your little girl.

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