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September 07 2006

Firefly for Sale on Amazon's Unbox.'s new online video purchasing service is selling episodes of Firefly for $1.99 each. They even have a link to Firefly from Unbox's front page. Buffy seasons 1 and 2 are available to buy as well.

This would be a great way to convince people to check out the series; the first episode purchased is free, so they can watch the pilot episode without spending any money.

But GRRRRRRRRR they list them out of gorram order!!!

Just posted a review at Short version: the more ways to get Firefly out in front of people, the better.

Weird. They seem to be the widescreen versions, but they've got the voiceovers at the beginning.
And The Inside is going to be available when?
And The Inside is going to be available when?

Outside bet. Within a year.

And what the hell kinda name is Unbox?

ETA: I added the link to the Buffy downloads to the subject line.
The voiceovers never bothered me, and if people are just sampling eps, then it might just help them to get the idea faster! I agree, the more ways to get Firefly out there, the better! :-)
Does everyone realize you can get one download free?
This is a great way to get a friend hooked on the series.
FYI, Robert X Cringely writes about Unbox vs. the new iTunes Video Store offerings and the new iPod Video devices, which are expected to be announced next week at an Apple Media Event.
napua ~ Very interesting article, thanks for posting the link.

When I saw the announcement that Firefly eps would be available through Amazon, I thought, "YAY!", another source for new folk to discover the 'Verse.

Then I explored further and discovered that the Amazon Unbox is Windows only.

Gorrammit... at least for us Mac folk.

Ah well, there's still iTunes for downloadable eps, which is both Mac and Windows friendly... and it's still shiny that Amazon is in the game too cuz they are HUGE... just wish they were also cross platform. Also wish that their episode descriptions weren't so spoileriffic, too many important plot surprises casually revealed. But then I abhor spoilers so maybe I'm more particular than others would be on this point.

Back to the article napua linked to ~ The move to HDTV that is setup to play downloaded entertainment, instead of the computer monitor, is an incredible next step. The delivery of movies and TV shows is entering a realm that opens so many new possibilities. Back when Firefly was on the air and struggling with a nitwit network, I was wishing so much for this type of technology.

Come a time where a brilliant show can bypass the bumbling and short sightedness of a network, who worship their god Nielsen. With this emerging technology, an audience can subscribe to a series, or purchase it per episode, and have it piped right into their TV. If a newer show needs some time to build its audience, then it can start out with a sponsor until the subscriber base covers the costs and a good profit is realized. A new incarnation of Firefly/Serenity would be the perfect show to explore this new frontier.

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Just a side note, Firefly just keeps on selling. has it at no. 66 in sales. And it's still in the top 25 at the flagship HMV store in Toronto. Not bad for a four-year-old TV show? What does that spell? Series sequel, maybe? (wishful thinking, maybe?)
Firefly episodes are currently #2 overall in Unbox TV series sales, just behind "24" and ahead of CSI, Chappelle Show, and Star Trek. Take that, Fox. And of course I attribute the sales success completely to this link on Whedonesque.

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