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"Three months of this. And he dusts our only lead."
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September 08 2006

Joss gets Wonder Woman advice from The Simpsons' Comic Book Guy. No, really.

Well, Nachos I could understand. But Sudoku?

I found a pretty neat link in the article ( Joss Whedon )
And in the additional link, I can't believe they used a shot from his role in Veronica Mars but then didn't mention it.
Best. Fake. Interview. Ever. ;-)
Hey, I like Sudoku...
Sudoko-Man ! Able to apply logic up to and including 4th tier reasoning in order to solve grid-based puzzles !

(his issue 1 in NM, 'Sudoku-Man vs Kakuro-Man: Grid-locked !' goes for big bucks on ebay)

15 years and still a nerd. Respect, CBG.
I found a pretty neat link in the article ( Joss Whedon )
napua | September 08, 08:36 CET

Dang, I KNEW there was something about that Numfar.
Perfection. Good interview.

Although, I'm sorta disappointed that TV Guide didn't remember that Comic Book Guy has a name now. It's Jeff Albertson.

Maybe they're in denial that no-name joke has ended. Good for them.
Personally, I've always suspected that Sudoku is a clever text based adaptation of the video from Ringu, or the like. Once you start, you can't stop, or you'll meet a horrible fate.

I think about the strangest things sometimes....
Speaking of Sudoku, have you seen this website?
Biff, I think I might be blind.
Joss was Numfar? I never guessed.

I must do the dance of shame.

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