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September 08 2006

The Cutie Awards 2006. They did it again this year. Anya emcees. The other Buffy and Lost characters present awards to TV shows and stars for the 2005-2006 season. Joss mention in Best Guest Star category. Potential spoilers abound for non-US viewers.

My favorite thing was the Angel puppet on the red carpet, at the very end.

Warning, spoilers abound.
Non US posters should be aware that award sites may make reference to TV scenes or plots that may not have been shown in their particular country but that have already aired in the United States of America.
yes...could we get a spoiler warning on this! I thought it was cute until LOST season 2 (which i am currently watching for the first time on DVD) was majorly spoiled for me.


i am really kicking myself. dammit.

[ edited by yamsham on 2006-09-08 18:24 ]
Made a change to mention potential spoilage in the description. In future I would always be careful of awards links and things like that. They almost inevitably spoil something.
Wow some of the descriptions on that site are just plain rude.
I thought it was fun and cute. God knows I get so very tired of the dreadfully earnest fan articles.
Me too, Simon. Seriousness (seriousity? seriousility? seri- oh, never mind...) equals boring!

At least for awards. :P

And why don't we ever get to do anything that fun?
Alex, you must be new here ;) Too young to remember the Party Thread? The Love Thread? The Ben is Glory Thread? The River is Made of Chocolate Thread?
That was quite fun to read actually. Great job they did on catching the nuances of the presenters :)

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