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September 08 2006

Bidding now open for Project Teddy Bear 2006. You now have a chance to bid for teddy bears autographed by the likes of Joss Whedon, Eliza Dushku, Summer Glau, Nathan Fillion, Alyson Hannigan and other Jossverse stars. It's all part of an effort to help raise funds for breast cancer research. [Update: The Master has spoken (not the one with fruit-punch mouth... well, maybe...). -Zeitgeist]

Eagle eyed Whedonesque readers may remember that there's been a couple of news items about this already.

Previous Project Teddy Bear links.

Oh, how I wish for any of those bears!!
Thanks for posting the link- I bid on the Joel Grey bear. :-)
I want a Judy Greer bear. My life isn't complete after all.
Tell me about it, Joss. There needs to be more Judy Greer on TV. Sadly, her last two turns were both in cancelled shows. Love Monkey wasn't even given a chance, I'm just thankful Arrested Development rose from the grave several times.
Well, if anyone can afford it, I think you can! And while you bid on the Judy Greer, would you mind putting in a bid for me for the Alyson Hannigan bear? Thanks! You're the guy!
edited to add, or no, Tony Head's! or, would it be too odd for you to bid on your own for me?

[ edited by Lioness on 2006-09-08 23:01 ]
Well, geez, how could I *not* launch the Judy Greer auction after those comments?? ;)
lisaspo - I'm getting a premonition... somethign about the Judy Greer bear auction going up. Quick, to the Angel-mobile!

ETA - its not super-polite to ask Joss to bid on things on your behalf. Or to ask him to make out with himself on your behalf, just so we get that out of the way.
zeitgeist - I have *no* idea what you're talking about! I don't know *how* that auction got live!

(speaking of Love Monkey... due to a kind of funny miscommunication, I actually have 10 Tom Cavanagh bears... and a picture of Ivana Milicevic with the bear, but, no autograph... good times. ;))
Oh, nice :) I really enjoyed Tom in Love Monkey quite a bit, which prompted a bunch of people I know to give me grief for having missed out on Ed.
I missed out on Jason Isaacs, I'm crushed (now my life will never be complete).
Sorry Zeitgeist. We need a Kidding font colour. Does this mean that when other says they will bid on bears, I can't ask them either? Darn.
Man do I wish Love Monkey had been given a chance. Really, really liked that show. Haven't seen Ed at all, though.
Clare Kramers teddy bear is quite the lucky chap...
That picture of Rue McClanahan is frightening.
Lioness - I caught that it was a joke, I thought mine was as well :)

Herb - Cool that I'm not alone there, then :)
For a second there I thought Lee Van Cleef was posting from beyond the grave but nope, it's the other one.

And finally an answer to the age-old question "What's cuter than a teddy bear ?" ... Summer Glau, as it turns out. If she ever had her picture taken with a Labrador puppy the universe may crack asunder.

(also, why does Nathan hate his teddy ? He's giving it a proper Mal stare in his photo)

[ edited by Saje on 2006-09-09 01:19 ]
Barney and a bear. Dudes.
Barney and a bear. Dudes.

Brings new meaning to his catchphrase "Have you met Ted?".
I think my pancreas just exploded!
If only Nick's bear came with a little hat! And I wouldn't mind having the Mayor's signed bear at all. If I had the money, those are the one's I bid on (and maybe Clare's and Joss' and Amber's and...etc.) And gosh, that' an odd photo of Alan.
Saje - ha! No, I was hoping for an Anthony Ainley or... the other bloke who played the Master on Doctor Who, whose name escapes me at the moment. Oh, Roger Delgado! We won't talk about the Eric Roberts version, right?
Heh, in general I actually quite like the Fox 'Who' zeitgeist, despite its flaws, but Eric Roberts' 'Chiiiildren of the niiiiight' style performance is, well, not exactly the high-point ;).

(kinda bizarre that despite literally watching Doctor Who ever since I could focus on a flat surface the first 'Master' to spring to mind was from a cheesy 80's show that ran for about 10 episodes. Stupid mind ;)
zz9 -- you should see the autographed picture of Clare Kramer I have to auction off later! Something about "the girls"... ;)

jlp -- I wish I had more space to explain some of the pictures... in that one, Rue is made up as "Madame Morrible" in Wicked. :)

gossi and simon -- I have to tell you about NPH and the bears! This is actually the third year that I've gotten him to participate in this project. The first, he was on Broadway in Assassins. The second, funnily enough, a friend was trying to get Joss for me at an event honoring Stephen Sondheim and got NPH while she was waiting.

This year, I actually wrote to him at How I Met Your Mother and sent him a bear, a tag to sign and a camera to take the picture. I also, pretty presumptuously, asked him to get the rest of the cast to participate as well and sent enough tags, etc, for them, too. Well, a couple of weeks later, I got my self-addressed, stamped box back with the tags and all the pictures and a note from him wishing me luck! He definitely cemented his place as one of my favorites. :)
Holy Smoke - in his shot, Neil Gaiman looks like The Sandman - no, not that one - this one! I'm not sure but I suspect that this one is for Australians only! Unless The Sandman really is as famous as he imagines!

ETA: usual literacy issues!

[ edited by catalyst2 on 2006-09-11 02:34 ]
Wow. If I had enough money, and enough time to track the auction, I'd have a shelf full of the little bears.

I'd like to add that at the time of this post, Anthony Head is in a strong (and astounding) lead at 101.00 followed by lovely Nathan Fillion at 96.00. This is such a wonderful cause, and I love that so many Whedonverse people are taking part.

[ edited by Browncoat on 2006-09-09 16:43 ]
I think there is a bit of a bidding war going on to keep the fan favorites (like Nathan and Tony) highly ranked. Which is good, it is a good cause and it was nice of these celebrities to get involved (I'm bidding for Ron Glass my own self).
lisaspo: I figured it must be some kind of costume, but boy, it's startling when you're just scrolling through the page.

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