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April 14 2003

Tim Minear and Eliza Duskhu on the aborted Faith spinoff. "It would have been Faith, probably on a motorcycle, crossing the earth, trying to find her place in the world".

There's more excerpts from this interview at Spoiled Rotten (warning: spoilers for BtVS on that site).

I heard talk that they made a mini-pilot. Did that actually happen?
Sounds a lot like the plot of Dark Angel
It sounded better in my head.
i would love to see some sort of spin-off. having Faith lead the cast would be ideal but it appears that is not going to happen in the near-future. i just hope that they dont scrap the whole spin-off deal altogether. i think the remaining cast could easily carry a show.
I think that idea sounds silly, but then again so does a space cowboy adventure ... until Firefly. After the Angel episode 'Salvage', I was bummed out to hear the 'Faith Spinoff' wasn't going to happen. Faith is a very interesting character and (like Angel) could evolve into something more given the opportunity. I hope they do not kill her off, though if they wanted they could bring her back I suppose. Heroine sounds kind of interesting too ... which means FOX will probably cancel it.

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