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September 08 2006

Extensive and illustrated Dragon*Con 2006 Report. girlpire's excellent report replete with accounts of panels, pics, and videos. Part 2 is here.

Back by popular demand . . .

Wow that is thorough. Now if someone can get me a video clip of "the worst ever fan" at WorldCon, I'd be very grateful.
That is marvellous. How someone with no sleep and no food could even remember all that is amazing. And Kudos to her mother!
All this time I thought it was the Snoopy dance... Great read though!
Heh, I was carrying a little notebook and jotting things down. I'll tell my mother you said kudos! :) And did I get the name wrong? Is it Snoopy or Scooby? I can't remember!
Wonderful con report.
It's snoopy but nevermind, fantastic, funny report (and pretty thorough too). The kilt bit was hilarious ;).

(and well done Mum for pulling a near all-nighter ;)

Cheers for that girlpire.
My stupid work won't download all the piccies, but from what I saw, my dear Gaius does look like Jesus. And I think he and James Marsters might have to fight over 'hottest cheekbones'!!
Rogue, I read that in a panel, James Callis even said that people on the street keep calling him Jesus but he swears he looks more like John the Baptist. Damn his hair is long! I like him better without so much scruff though. A little scruff is ok, but yikes!
I find it hi-larious that Mr. Callis makes a distinction between looking like Jesus and looking like John the Baptist. :-)

girlpire, I salute you for your thoroughness, your many pictures and videos, your funny and detailed descriptions (I could really easily picture each of the experiences you talked about!), and your sense of humor, but I think the picture captions are funniest of all. Your mom is a good photographer, too (and your sister looked like she was in heaven posing with the BSG guys, lol!). Although there were many great parts in your 2 posts, I think I liked your discussion with your mom about what she thinks of men in kilts -- it made me think about Nathan Fillion's wearing kilts at different events, lol! In summary: you da man, er, woman, girlpire! ;-)
Wow, you made me want to attend next year, gp. Very fun account!
Great fun to read. I laughed so hard - this made me wish I had gone too! I loved what you asked Nick to sign on the photo :)
Thanks for taking the time to do this report. I really enjoyed reading it.
Haha, everyone keeps talking about my mom and the kilt thing! You people like her more than I do. I'm going to start renting her out for parties. :)

I'm so glad everyone likes my report. Yay!
girlpire, I'm awed by your reportage. I intended only to read a little to get the flavor, but it was so good I couldn't stop. You have a very amusing and evocative style. Also sampled your fanfic (the hetero variety, I'm not really in to entwined male appendages, but to each his own). It's even better than the con report.
Thank you, jaynelovesvera! I've always been better at lying writing fiction than writing nonfiction. :) I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

BTW, Entwined Male Appendages is actually the title of my next fic.

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