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September 08 2006

A Buffy/Angel/Serenity movie fan trailer. Ever wondered what the Angel episode 'Damage' would be like reimagined for the silver screen and featuring characters from all three of Joss' shows? Well wonder no more. This fan video features a bloody River caught in a Buffyverse civil war. Perfect way to kick off your weekend.

We don't normally link to fan videos (we'd be scrolling off the front page every 15 minutes for a start) but every so often one comes along which really captures the attention. I adore this, the editing is superb and the music kicks in at all the right places.

Shakey at the beginning, but the concept really works. Some great editing in the middle going on. Kudos to author.
Agreed. Good job on lighting the various sequences, too. And the part with River on the ship, and the Scoobs running through The Initiative looked pretty seamless.

Loved the use of the Chosen theme. Right ON.
Kudos, indeed. This is quite good. Thanks for posting it, Simon.
That was really cool. Some very nice work there.
When 'Verses Collide
Wow! That's awesome. An excellent start to the weekend.
I love this video. Thanks for sharing.
Oh... If only. Sniffle.
Bloody brilliant, and I'm not even British.
A lot of work went into this. If I didn't know better, I would have said that was all River. Yes, Simon, I agree. Well worth breaking the rules for. This is lovely work and like Fitz, makes me teary.
Very well brought a single tear to my eye.
A bit long, I thought, for optimal trailer-impact, but otherwise very nicely done -- well thought out, and well executed. I'd watch the movie!

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Really clever! Tip of the hat--- boy, this must have taken a lot of work...!
Excellent job!
"When 'Verses Collide"

If only. It was long for a trailer, but I think it was cut by someone who really wanted to make this movie and just couldn't let go. I thought it was just nifty.

Once again, my dear Pointy, I go to post a line & you've already done so. It's positively uncanny. (BTW, the other night was the first time I've been called "QuoterHussy" -- at least, to my face. I didn't see it 'til it was off the front page.)
And yet if they really did produce a movie like this it would spark yet another tedious Shark-jump debate.

Fans (along with Vampires) are a paradox.
Sooo, when does everyone think the trailer jumped the shark ?


That was really, really excellent. When's the film out ? ... Ah, shit.

It did seem pretty seamless, clearly someone who really knows (and loves) the shows. The music was well mixed (OK, you can put Rob Duncan's 'Chosen' theme over a corn-flakes advert and it'd seem dramatic but still very well done), the visuals were pretty seamless and who knew River and Dana could be made to look so similar with a bit of judicious cutting ? V. cool.

(and the bits from 'Sanctuary' and 'Power Play' make me want to watch Angel through again)
Oh. My. God. I loved that. Every now and then I wonder if my interest in the verse(s) is ever going to wane. No! Seems not. I'm all goosebumpy.

Would have liked to see a bit more Faith (as always). She fitted in pretty neatly into the theme, I reckon.

A last stand featuring Dana, Faith, and River? That would be so kick-ass there isn't even a word for it!
This was so great! I love just everyting about it.
This is the movie I've been wanting to see for such a very long time! Thank you to the brilliant folks responsible for creating that video, and thanks to you, Simon, for bringing it here. *Goes back to watch it yet again*
Holly Gilmore is a good vidder - I would recommend you check out others at her site (there is a link in the details on YouTube)

Not sure she is aware someone has uploaded this though, so feedback may not be getting to her.

eta I have let her know that it is there.

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A more than excellent way to start my day - watching this great video! Kudos to Holly Gilmore for creating it and to Simon for pointing the way! Now - when does the full length version hit the big screen? I'll be the first on line!
Wow. That is very, very impressive. How much would I love to see this movie?
Not sure she is aware someone has uploaded this though, so feedback may not be getting to her.

eta I have let her know that it is there.

I checked with her yesterday to see if it was ok to link to it (seeing as she hadn't uploaded herself).
This is fantastic stuff! It's sure better than most of the movie trailers I've seen lately, and it's so sad that this isn't an actual movie, anyone?!
I like the shot of Lorne saying that she has been driven crazy by who knows whom and there is a shot of River in the session 416 videos being driven crazy by Joss!
Wow, that was really cool.
That was great! It made me want to rewatch episodes, but I've only two more episodes in S7 of Buffy to watch this time through and then I can't decide if I want to watch Angel, Firefly or Serenity ;-).
the other night was the first time I've been called "QuoterHussy" -- at least, to my face

Won't happen again.


Heh heh heh.
That so rocked! I don't always like fan videos, because a lot of times they just seem like favorite scenes strung together, which is OK, but it's not a "story," and often the fan videos don't have a powerful rhythm (which I guess also means that the background music may not fit). I could totally see this story, the conflicts, the tension of who would get to the Empowered One first, and so on. The music and the rhythm of the cutting between scenes really gave this momentum, and got me involved in wondering "what happens next?" It so worked to blend River and Dana (and, though more in discussion than images, Faith). Great job, Ms. Gilmore! I will definitely look for more of her work. :-)
If anyone happens to still be reading -
Not merely a trailer for the movie (more a precis than a trailer really), but also a set-up for the movie's sequel ("We can take it back").

Awesome job.

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