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September 09 2006

Big Damn Thank You. Some Browncoats have set up a website to thank Universal for breathing new life into the 'Verse. It's an impressive debut for a fan effort and worth checking out.

It's refreshing to find a fan site with the sole aim of just saying "thanks". I hope they can keep it that way and not let it degenerate into "thank you, and" or "thank you, but" or even "thank you butt" (Oh, that last one's a Fox site :)

Oh and thanks for the link Simon
I'm looking forward to seeing the creative photos. A thank you from someone vacationing in Prague and magnetic letters on a fridge is a nice beginning.
I think this is great, it's a fun site and now I'm all inspired to come up with something grateful on my own.
Ooh nice site, must think of something to send in.
I really appriciate this, because I feel like lots of browncoats have been blaming Universal for the "poor marketing campaign" for Serenity. I don't necessarily agree one way or another, but I think it's important to just recognize the fact that Universal gave the movie the opportunity to be made.
What new life? Did I miss a staff meeting? Or are the refering to the movie? (site not working at the moment)
I imagine the "new life" is a beacon in the mists of time past. Or is it?

That's a beauty of a site and very well presented and written, too. It's, dare I say it, SHINY!

Thanks once again, Simon.
Great site, thanks Simon!
Great site, great idea. :o)
Just wanted to add, this is awesome, dont forget to poke around and see all the cool features they have like video stuff. OH and in terms of being more than a thank you site and demaning for"sequels", check out the FAQ, they make it very clear they will accept ONLY "thank yous". No ifs ands or buts about it. Anything else will not be put up, and apparently no nekkidness is allowed. Now THATS a travesty! Am I the only one that thinks nekkidness is a great way to show thanx?

[ edited by kurya on 2006-09-09 23:27 ]
How many Whedonesque threads this weekend turn into a discussion of nakedity? If we find a way to talk about boobs (or, apparently, James Marsters' arse and/or Entwined Male Appendages {lol, jaynelovesvera and girlpire!}) in one more thread, I think we can set a record! Yay prurience! ;-)

[ edited by billz on 2006-09-10 00:12 ]
runs around nekkid.

(Yes, I'm drunk, and yes, I'm logging off now).
billz, I dunno about this week, but I just assumed we were all just a bunch of sex crazed maniacs, ohhhh ... wait that was just me then? ooops... i'll tip top quietly here now. And seriously, you dont think Universal will find nekkidness appreciative?
Back on topic ;) Shiny site made by some pals of mine! So happy to see it listed here on Whedonesque! Go, say thanks, be cheered that gratitude is still part of our culture. Besides, as Browncoats, it is what we do! Support our friends as is only right.
And seriously, you dont think Universal will find nekkidness appreciative?

Er, I guess it depends. You might end up on an ep of Dateline NBC. ;-)
Hmm... episode of dateline, that might get us some "exposure" for Firefly/Serenity, but I guess that wouldn't be the kind of exposure we would want eh? ;)

Anyways as Celas said back on topic, it is uber shiny and maybe we can get the various verse actors as well as crew to check this out too. Is there anyway to go about it?

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