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September 09 2006

Buffy the Musical Sing-a-Long in NYC, September 15-16. Looks like the Buffy sing-a-longs that have happened elsewhere are spreading to NYC. The IFC Center in the Village is having two midnight sing-a-longs September 15th and 16th, including goodie bags to participate, a "Buffy-oke" competition, and prizes.

I will definitely be there, hopefully for both nights! I just started NYU two weeks ago, and the IFC Theater is 2 blocks away. AWESOME! So excited right now!
Talk about coincidence, I just set down Ray Bradbury's Some Live Like Lazarus to visit here. The story's main character? Anna Marie. OK, it's not quite the same name, but close. I hope you enjoy yourself, Annamaria.
This is epic.

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How long, do you think, can I spread out the, "...but I just had a birthday," excuse and convince the hubby we need to drive two hours to NY for this? hehehe.
Darn, the friend of mine that I might convince to go into the City to do something like this only just received my S1 BtVS DVD's a week a go. Even if she has started watching them, there is no way she will be ready for this by next week.
Love's Bitch, at least two weeks. The more creative you get, the longer you can go...

We'll be there on Friday night.
Okay, it's official. I'll be there both nights! I really hope this is successful, it would be awesome to have a full house. It was so funny that theyre doing this because I was watching the episdoe a few days ago, and I thought, damn, there needs to be a huge midnight screening/sing-a-long for this somewhere, cause they always do Rocky Horror ones at the IFC. I would love to dress up, walking in with Tara's dress would be awesome, but maybe I can pull off the "Something To Sing About" Buffy. We'll see =)
RambleOn... if we make it, I'll be the one singing like a dork. Be sure to say hi. *grin*
Hope to see some of you there... looks like Saturday night for us.

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