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"I don't dance."
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September 09 2006

Don't Forget! Serenity now airing on HBO!

I was flipping channels and ran into the movie playing! Of course I stopped what I was doing and had to watch it for the millionth time! I didn't realize they had added it to their line up, but at 9pm they are airing it again! Finally, something worthwhile to watch on HBO!

Watching now.

"She always did love to dance."

I miss seeing this for the first time... two Decembers ago... when the special effects weren't even put in... when the entire theatre *GASPED* when the teacher said "River?" in the opening sequence.

Those were easier, happier times. Joss the way I like 'em.
Watching now, too. *sigh* and *yay*

"I imagine if it were fear my eyes would be wider."
(way to live up to your name, QuoterGal)

"Here's us... on the raggedy edge."
And of course it's always fun to see the Reaver chase scene, as it is shot in Santa Clarita, where I live. Or, as Joss called it, Santa Chlamydia. Oh, how right he is.

"Do you know what the definition of a hero is?"
"Please, spend an hour with him." *snicker-snort*
One of the worst moments in film coming up...

I can barely watch.

"I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I--"
I know. I know. I dreaded it. And I dread Zoe's having to pull it together just as much. It's so painful.

"He ain't coming."
Credits roll (in a type that's very close to the "Star Trek" face, don't you think?)

*sighs again*

A pleasure watching with you, The Zeppo. Here's to many more Whedon-productions.
Finally, something worthwhile to watch on HBO!

Now hang on -- HBO is what has given us Deadwood, The Wire, Rome, the first season of Carnivale, and the first two seasons of The Sopranos, which is some of the best television ever produced anywhere. Do not dis them. *stern glare of evilness*
HBO has also given us, Arliss, the Comeback, Lucky Louie, Mind of the Married Man, Family Bonds, seasons 2-through whenever it stopped of Six Feet Under, and Babar. Just to widen the scope. ;-)

P.S. Wait, I didn't mean to diss Babar. And who isn't grateful for Fraggle Rock?
Funny thing about this. This evening, we had a "History Movie Night" planned at our house for teenage homeschoolers. It was supposed to start at 7 p.m. "Serenity" came on at 6 pm, and we decided to watch as much as we could before other people arrived. When they did, one of them exclaimed with great joy "SERENITY!!!! I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!" It turned out his father had bought the DVD, and they watched it 4 times the first day they had it, they loved it so much. They are also fans of "Firefly." (I've known this family for 4 years, and never knew...)

So we ended up watching "Serenity" till the end, and nobody minded. Then we watched the scheduled movie ("Glory").
You too, QuoterGal! Let's do it again sometime. Buffy marathon? Joss commentary-athon? I'm open to whatev.
Liveblogging Serenity... reading that was entertaining in and of itself. Wish more folks (including myself) could have joined in!
Did someone just dis "Six Feet Under"? I'm here to defend it! One of the most incredible five seasons of television ever.
Joining in the defense of Six Feet Under! True, it's not everyone's taste, but it has so much more feeling, poetry and human experience in it than any 20 editions of CSI, L&O, etc.

I wish I had thought of logging on while Serenity was on -- the liveblog was a great idea! :-)

Huh. Yeah, I guess that's what that was. It never really occurred to me that's what we were doing (or that other folks would be reading it -- I dunno why. Wish you'all could've joined in.) I usually keep my laptop up & running in the living room and tend to do stuff on it while I'm watching TV -- keeps me from throwing things during commercials. This post was what reminded me to watch... and my partner, who ordinarily would be hollerin' at me to "get off the computer" while we watch something, was at his family's, so I just posted instead.

Hell, next time let's throw a post/thread/liveblog party. God knows, I love the quoting. (Although, TheZeppo, sometimes the best parties are the ones that just happen.)

ETA: Many thanks to theatregirl for posting this timely reminder.

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"finally something worth watching"? what about OZ and Deadwood?

[ edited by troutpencil on 2006-09-10 09:45 ]
Changed the link so it goes to the HBO schedule.

Liveblogging can be hell on a server if too many people join in. A chat room would be more appropriate.
Missed it. I currently only work one weekend a month, but I was working during Serenity's debut on HBO. The talk here might have been fun to participate in but I don't want for there to be a Whedonesque chat room because those are mostly horrors in my limited experience.
"Please, spend an hour with him."

One of my favorite moments. I just love her delivery of that line.
Finally, something worthwhile to watch on HBO!

Now hang on -- HBO is what has given us Deadwood, The Wire, Rome, the first season of Carnivale, and the first two seasons of The Sopranos, which is some of the best television ever produced anywhere. Do not dis them. *stern glare of evilness*

krad | September 10, 05:21 CET

I'm here to add an extra bit of love to "The Wire".
Just started Netflixing it last month because one of my favourite TV critics raves about it.
When I finished watching the first 3 episodes, I jumped up from the sofa, got online and moved the show up on my Queue.
I wish my cable provider would let me drop half of what I get just to have HBO. (You hear me, ABC? You'd be on the Dump It List. At the top.)
Deadwood? One of the worst shows ever. I truly doubt that people from that era ever used the F word as much as they do. And the language they use on the whole just disgusts me. Like nails on a chalkboard.

Sorry, JMHO.
You better hope Willowy doesn't read that, madmolly. Yikes. I disagree, by the way. The language is all about juxtaposition. Flowery poetry one minute, coupled with the foulest mouths, makes for fun listening.

And yes, in the mining towns, they were horrible, horrible cussers. But the majority of the cussing on the show is modernized for today, because the words' 19th-century versions wouldn't have the same impact.

There's a lot more going on underneath the language, too. Deadwood is all about layers; you just have to see them.
Agreed, Deadwood is brilliant. Just making my way through season 2 at the moment and loving it. Any modern TV show that can somehow contrive to have what amount to Shakespearean soliloquies fit perfectly into a foul mouthed western setting has to be doing something right, IMO.
What I didn't mention is that I've only had HBO for that last few months... meaning I missed out on all the first run shows that you all have mentioned. So, since getting HBO, this is one of the only shows that they played that made me happy to have it!! Not meaning to diss any of the ones stated above, just didn't clarify why I felt that way!
I truly doubt that people from that era ever used the F word as much as they do.

You can doubt it all you want, but you'd be wrong. In fact, if anything, Deadwood tones it down from what it actually was. They were foul-mouthed c*******ers in the lawless town of Deadwood....
I was home all Saturday night (big lame, I know), and HBO delivered. One great film after another.

The station knows how to be sympathetic to those stuck at home on the weekend. So, bravo.

[ edited by TheZeppo on 2006-09-10 19:32 ]
Just adding my love for those c********** on Deadwood. I have read interviews with David Milch, who said his research did show, as the very lovely and talented krad pointed out, that they cussed up, down, sideways and backwards. And speaking of the whorin'... *drum and cymbal sound to signify wink-wink-nudge-nudge joke* ;-)

So, while I agree that Deadwood is not for everyone, both the language and the sexual customs, apparently, are authentic. And agreed that the poetry and the meaning and the emotional experiences that the scripts deliver through those characters and through those actors are just f***in' incredible. :-)

ETA: I have to agree, a live chat room is just scary sometimes. I can never follow what's going on, or write fast enough to get in on the talk at all. We don't want to stress the website, Caroline; maybe once in a while, when it's something like the Oscars, or the first showing of Serenity on HBO, or like some of the hi-larity threads (like the famous Party, Love, Ben is Glory, River is Made of Chocolate, etc. threads), we can just indulge in a little bit of posting a lot? Within reason, of course. ;-)

[ edited by billz on 2006-09-11 01:12 ]
The thing about the cussing on Deadwood is that it IS true to the time, but it's updated for now. That is to say, at the time, there was cursing and the like, but it tended to be stuff that would be less offensive/popular/relevant/shocking now (mostly blaspheming and other religious commentary), so Milch updated it (so he says).

(Oh, and the writing on the show is absolutely beautiful. It really is Shakespearean, with and without the cursing.)

[ edited by Septimus on 2006-09-11 03:55 ]
Yes, madmolly, as the gang here has said, the cussing WAS very accurate. In the rough and tumble mining towns, you had to appear tough and mean at all times, lest you end up in a sty. Swearing was a form of chest-beating, even more then than now.

If you could take a moment to set the vulgarity aside - better yet, appreciate how it's woven into the fabric of the story, of the culture - you would easily see the magnificence of a truly great television experience.

See guys? I went easy on her, didn't I? ;)
Willowy: "See guys? I went easy on her, didn't I? ;)"

I thought you were very sweet and most persuasive.
Why, thank you, QuoterGal!

A small story: I recently loaned my season 1 boxed set to my ex-father-in-law who is extremely religious. As I stood there handing it to him, he goes "Oh, that's the show with all the cussing, isn't it?" with this wary look on his face. I scooted him out with a "Just TRY it!"

He phoned me at 6:45 the next morning talking so fast I thought someone was sick or something - turns out he had spent the better part of the night and into the wee hours watching Deadwood, and he just HAD to talk about it (Pat... sound familiar?)! Anyway, he was officially addicted and ended the call by pleading for my season 2. I was gobsmacked. I mean, I expected him to like it, but who knew he, of all people, would go off the deep end for it like I had?

Just shows ta go ya... sure does, Willowy. ;-)

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