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September 10 2006

Highlights from the Juliet Landau panel at the Rue Morgue: Festival of Fear. Fun little tidbits abound.

She's playing the lead in "The Yellow Wallpaper"? Oh, wow, I've been waiting for someone to make a film of that little gem.
That's a pretty short synopsis. It was clear that Landau still appreciates Buffy the show and either still watches it or has a good memory. She was asked what she would have liked to have seen for Dru, on either Angel or Buffy, that didn't happen and said she would have liked a chance to play opposite - in her case, good -for a change. Everyone else did, she noted. Even Xander, and she referenced his predatory glances when he was a hyena, stating he had done a perfect job with that.
She also said, and this was news to me, that when Buffy tells her mother that she is a slayer, the dialogue is written exactly as though she is telling her mother she is gay. Joyce responds with lines like "Well, can't you just not be a slayer?" I'd never noticed!
When she played the First, she'd had a hard time figuring out how to do it, as Dru and Spike had always been about the touching, and the First can't. She realized that she could touch herself though. (and the audience went oooooh!)
Just before the scene where she kills Kendra, she had done the confessional scene where of course, she did not have long nails. They went into the scene in the library and makeup had to glue on some fake nails because they had no time to do it properly. Throughout the scene the nails kept popping off - ping! in this direction, ping! in the other. It was very hard to get the shot of her slicing Kendra's throat as a result. Even harder because the woman playing Kendra was suppose to kick her in the stomach at one point and instead kicked her in the head!
She also said that of course Spike and Dru were like Sid and Nancy and that in her mind, she always played Drusilla as Sid!

It was a great talk.
she always played Drusilla as Sid!

So that would make Spike a real Nancy boy?
So that would make Spike a real Nancy boy?

Or at least one of the Nancy tribe.
Very interesting report by Lioness about Juliet's visit. Makes me even more determined to go to the Booster Bash in Louisville next summer (along with the fact I've never been to Louisville before). I also never thought that Buffy's confession to her mom was phrased as if she was saying she was gay. I was too stunned that she said it at all.

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Sodding Nancy tribe! ;-)

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