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September 11 2006

"Oh, what fun!" - Jane Espenson on the James Marsters and Friends Event. And there's some great pics of James taken by RavenU over at Whedonesque's Flickr pool. And if you went to the event at the weekend, why not tell us about it in the comments section of this blog entry.

I'll let my photos speak for me, me type bad. I will hopefully be able to get up somemore later this week including **gasp** a photo op of Mercedes, Hercules (her darling dog) & me (ok most of me wont be in it, but a little of me will). I'm a sucker for a cute dog.


My favorite quote of the weekend;

"It's not a penis question is it?" - Steven deKnight

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I have to admit, Mr. Marsters looks quite dashing in a tuxedo. BTW, that's not a penis comment. *waits anxiously for more details, like why Mr. deKnight said that quote* ;-)

BTW, RavenU, I hope you were OK this weekend. I remember you wrote a while ago that you were worried about being on a ship. From the pictures, it looks like you had much to distract you from thinking about being afloat! ;-)
They didn't give Jane any lunch? What kind of cheap gig is this that made her get by with just a cookie and a coffee instead of providing a good lunch?
lol, embers, I was wondering the same thing! :-)
Nice pics RavenU. More words, people who were there...please?
One cookie and a cuppa ? How's she meant to keep coming up with storming blog posts and scripts on that ? Girl needs her strength.

Sounds (and looks, cheers RavenU) like fun. Hope someone can see their way to a (preferably lengthy) account. Inquiring minds ... ;).
Great pictures RavenU....JM definitely does look quite handsome.
James seems to have "William Hair" in some of these pictures. Thanks RavenU for the pics.
I gather that no real news came out of the con regarding future James Marsters tv projects but his audition tape for Star Trek: Nemesis was shown (a scene with Patrick Stewart apparently) and went down a treat.
Agreed Simon. I have been lurking over at Cold Dead Seed, as others have, and so far the only news I have seen (and I apologize because I do not remember who reported it) has been that JM will not be on Smallville in S6 and that Shadow Puppets still does not have a confirmed type of release. Both of these items are total hearsay on my part from posters on CDS who indicated that they privately cornered the Smallville folks concerning S6 and the Shadow Puppets info was given in one of the more public forums. (Gee I think I have once again answered the question, "Why didn't you ever go into jounalism?")

ETA: That photo where he is laughing in the black t-shirt is a keeper. Good one RavenU, that one could be a very successful t-shirt ad. I'd buy one...

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Some pretty funny commentary about the episode HARSH LIGHT OF DAY coming from James, Mercedes and Jane. (reported on CDS, too..)

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"...artichokes and throw pillows."

How hard does Jane rock? I heart her so...
spikeylover: Where is there commentary about HLOD? I didn't see any when I read what is linked. I love to read commentary from the writers especially, on the episodes.

The photographs are wonderful. That is a great job RavenU, and thanks for sharing them.
Wow...I'm so in love with James' hair!! But then, aside from the buzz cut, he always has great hair. Um, wait...maybe not the 'fro from his youth, but otherwise...great hair!
RavenU...I need to ask a big favor.
I would love to print out the pictures, but they are in gif format. How do I change them to jpegs???? I can not get them to print or save in any other format and I would love to print out that one of JM smiling with the William hair...very yummy!!!!

I have Microsoft Picture editor but can not get the pictures to open up....sigh I am soooo computer challenged.

Please take pity on me someone....
kathylovesspike, assuming you have Windows XP, if you go to the folder containing the saved GIF files and right click on the one you want, one of the options in the menu will be 'Edit',

Choosing this should open the image in Microsoft Paint (which comes free with Windows) which will then allow you to save the image as a JPEG (just choose 'File' from the menu-bar and then 'Save as...'. JPEG is one of the options under 'Save as type' near the bottom of the dialogue).
The CDS report on the HARSH LIGHT OF DAY commentary start here:

CDS con reports

The girls should be back today or tommorrow and will be posting in earnest. Right now, while they were attending they flitted in and out with pictures and gave us little tidbits on what's going on. For example, they got James to type a message to CDS on one of their laptops (Hi) and photographed it, etc. Sounds like everyone was having fun and James/his manager have a wicked sense of humor.

ETA: They also showed clips (have descriptions in on CDS somewhere) of Tony Head's pilot as a gay rocker and James audition with Patrick Stewart for Star Trek nemesis.

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Ahhhh bless you Sage.......I will try this. The first time I saved them I thought I was fine, but then I tried to open the picture and ...NOTHING....thats when I panicked!!!!!
It's such an awesome picture I really want to paste it up on my desk space.
Ok - I normally keep my photos locked down on flickr due to a request by a few people to do so. But I have open up the downloads for the next few days for people wanting the James shots. All I ask is you sign in and please leave me a comment letting me know you are taking it. Also please make sure if you uses it on other sites to give credit, please. Thank You and Enjoy. I will lock the photos down again this coming Friday.
Thank you RavenU...I still can't seem to save them and open them though....they are so gorgeous I would love to print them out and keep them. I just can't seem to get them to a format I can open....
I have Windows 2000...or whatever at work...but no luck. Is it because they were locked?
RavenU those are the best pictures I have seen of James in years. Those first three in the black t-shirt rival anything he has had professionally done.

And sadly I can't save them to my pictures either. But beautiful!

ETA: Hee hee! I figured it out by joining up. And now I have a shiny new desktop background! And while I was there I looked around and RavenU your pictures are amazing! Kudos.

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billz - No I'm afraid there was not a distraction big enough to put off all my anxiety but I kept telling myself the fear is an emotional reaction based from prior experience but not really logical. As long as I did not look over the side of the boat or look down as I crossed over back and forth to the ship I was able to cope. Thanks for the concern.

Ok some highlights;

James, Mercedes, and Jane's commentary and finding out little bits like the dropping through the hole in the floor was stunts both James and Mercedes did themselves. However, when James mentioned how the stunt people were telling him how difficult that stunt was, Mercedes turns to him and ask why didn't they tell her that, in shock about finding that out now. He told her that he was impressed with her for doing it, she was like "Yeah because nobody told me it was dangerous.

That was funny, but nothing will top Mercedes having a come back story on James about the love scene between Spike and Harmony in 'Harsh Light of Day'. Before the scene started the wardrobe people came out and asked James did he want boxers, briefs, or a jock strap without missing a beat James replied "I'll need all three."

It seems that to cover a potential natural reaction actors might have in a love scene typically wear a bit more clothing to hide the reaction.
Great stuff, RavenU! And glad you were able to logic your way out of your panic. Thanks for the stunning photos, too, as usual. Can't wait for the rest!

RavenU, Thank you for posting, and making available for download, the pictures of James Marsters from his event this past weekend. They truly are professional quality.

I'm looking forward to reading the accounts once they're posted here. I'm sorry to hear that there wasn't any big announcement about a new gig for Mr. Marsters. Keeping my fingers crossed that we'll be seeing him on our screens (big or TV) soon.
helcat has posted on one of the Q&A's at CDS and Cindy posted a gorgeous picture on this page:

picture and Q&A
The news on Shadow Puppets was that there will be some news by Nov., also Tony Todd and Mercedes are in the horror film Hatchet and it will has a tentative release in Jan or Feb of 2007.

BTW - Saw a few 5 minutes segments of Shadow Puppets, it might be more on the suspenceful side than the horror side of genre but either way it actually looks interesting and I cannot wait to see the film in release. From the small scenes it had a Hitchcock type feel about it, with some almost Whedon type of humor laced dialouge in it.

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Aside from "Shadow Puppets" James said he didn't have any upcoming projects. He's hoping to get a new producer for his music, but thinks it will be at least 9 months before he'll have a new CD of his music available. I got this info from the conversation with James (interupted by Steven DeKnight - bad Steven) during the autograph session.

James was the happiest I've ever seen him at a convention and he looks really healthy and well rested.

The play "Teachers" was really cute and funny. You all missed lots of croch grabbing and tongue sticking out moments. There was no photography allowed during the play. There might be a DVD release of it if they get all the rights issues settled.

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