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September 11 2006

The Grudge 2 SMG publicity stills and new magazine cover. According to, Sarah is on the cover of the new issue of Marie Claire.

I'm assuming this cover is part of The Grudge 2 and The Return promotions.

From the article, one of the most redundant observations ever:

"Apparently, Sarah looks very lovely."

Don't remember which writer it was, but when the show's end was announced, somebody referred to her as "hypnotically beautiful."

I always enjoy seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar on a magazine cover because she doesn't just pose, she acts. And she's funny. I remember when she appeared on the cover of National Cleavage Monthly Cosmopolitan in a dress whose neckline dove for her bellybutton. It was like, "Behold, a dress made entirely of cleavage!" It was the perfect Cosmo cover, and the perfect send up of a Cosmo cover. Witty, that woman, without even moving her lips. I hope she has fun, and I think she might just have had.

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It's always nice to see new images of Sarah. She really is a vision.
Hmm. I read this magazine. Isn't the readership a bit long in the tooth for Sarah? Maybe I'm wrong, but shouldn't she still be doing "Lucky" and "Jane"?

Whatever, I don't mean to sound so 'What-do-YOU-have to offer, little girl?'.

She's Buffy. She can do whatever she wants. :)
I think she's appeared on the cover of Marie Claire before.

So Sarah likes Sudoku. I imagine it's a good way to pass the time between takes.

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