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September 11 2006

Joss Whedon on RUNAWAYS. As many predicted, Joss will take over Runaways starting with issue 25. Now with a post by Joss. Uh, and a 2nd public service message by Joss as well. Alright, 4 Joss posts altogether now (and a Brian K. Vaughan post as well). There's also big interviews with Joss about Runaways over at Newsarama and Comic Book Resources.

I'm pissing my pants right now with excitement.
That is so awesome I just might go "SQUEE!" before doing a happy dance.
Not interested at all if the title ends up bimonthly. Otherwise, bring it on.

<3 Michael Ryan's art as well.
Wow, I kinda hoped BKV's hint that the fans would go nuts for the new writer meant that Joss was going to take over but I kept myself from getting to worked up about it... Joss is a pretty busy guy and it seemed unlikely but again, wow. Awesome. I really can't think of anyone better suited to take over the job and hopefully Joss' clout will bring some new readers to a comic book that kinda needs them.
There is an interview with Joss here about taking over Runaways.
Wow, not sure I believe this yet. Somebody pinch me. Or send me to Planet Hulk, that works, too.
YAY! This is great news, and will hopefully lure some of my BtVS fandom pals over to the wonderful world of comics.

I was not familiar with Michael Ryan's work, so I wiki'd him and came up with this New Excalibur cover:

*dances dance of joy*
Oh my god! This is so cool! I can't believe it! I hope he kills Gert -- she's rude to authority figures! Brian Kay Von was cool, but he didn't understand teenagers the way Joss Whedon does -- after all, Joss WAS a teen-ager during the second world war (I think it was the second one) and he totally knows how they speak and what they wear and how they can learn to be more polite and hygenic. Look for this book to EXPLODE with hygiene now that Joss "bathes monthly" Whedon has it. What can we expect from this soon-to-be-visionary book? A few things that never occured to "Bitties at the BK"V, that's for sure.

1) Sex.

2) WAY more Wolverine. He so cute and popular.

3) Old people. They're so cute and popular. ("Assemble, Aunt May's Avengers!" Goosebumps. Right now. Goosebumps.)

4) Sex, but the other kind.

5) Run... Towards! Runtowards. New title. Why are they such fraidies?

6) Two words: Crisis on Infinite Mollys.

Well, I think we all know you're in good paws. (Thank god Michael Ryan can draw.) Brian, your kids are safe with me, except the five or six I'm gonna kill.

See you in the Funny Hell! -joss.
I was one of the people complaining that Runaways would go downhill without Brian K. Vaughan. I said something along the lines that Marvel would have to bring one incredible writer in order to keep the high standard that Vaughan set and that I didn't think Marvel would be able to find someone that good to fill Vaughan's shoes.

Well, I have been certainly been proven wrong, with them getting Joss to start writing the Runaways! Woohoo!

Now if only Marvel can release a volume 2 hardcover of the Runaways, as I'm not a fan of those smaller digests.
Well, this is beyond awesome. There were only two writers at Marvel I thought could take over this title: Dan Slott (She-Hulk, The Thing, GLA) or Joss. They were the only two that I thought could pull off the mix of comedy and drama that "Runaways" needs. I knew Slott wouldn't happen because he's working on some new super-secret title spinning out of Civil War. And I thought Joss would be too busy with all of his other projects, but I did have an ounce or two of hope. Largely because of what Vaughan has said about the new creative team.

I'm crossing my fingers the 4 months between Vaughan's last issue and the start of Joss's run means the book won't be bi-monthly. I don't mind waiting for a great comic book (I can't figure out All-Star Superman's shipping schedule but I still eagerly await each issue). But I fear it will be difficult to survive without my monthly Runaways fix.
Mister Whedon, I salute your scary ability to juggle so many projects at once and still hit them out of the park every time. Can't wait to read your Runaways sir.
Joss, you're my hero. I needed to get that out of my system. Now I can go back to my homework.
And now, a public service message.

Lately I have heard much crabbing about bi-monthly books and people not meeting deadlines. And yes, I have much to answer for in terms of the FRAY schedule debacle. But I was young, I was running three shows, and I was borderline not-impotent. Since then I have been late by a week (extenuating circumstances)once and by two weeks (no frikkin' idea what to write) once, both in the first arc of Astonishing. Never since. I didn't need the book to go bi-monthly -- in fact I wasn't even told it would be. I don't like bi-monthly; it puts too much pressure on every issue to be standalone-ly awesome, and hurts the flow. Schedule haters, hate the game, not the playa. And quit pissin' me off.

This was a public service message, because it helps me, who is a public.

This might be a stupid question, but has it been announced how many issues he's contracted to write?
I don't crab, Joss. I don't like seafood. I've been known to filet mignon, but not often, because it's expensive.

But seeing as comic schedules make no never mind to me, your post doesn't really apply. To me.

*Grandpa Simpson Voice* I just want attention.

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Gee thanks, Joss. Now there's another frikkin' comic book I have to buy

: )
Fantastic. More Joss = happy me/alls! I can't get enough of your writing, Mr Jossir. Do take care of your health, and try to get some sleep!

Now all I need to do is figure out a way to stretch the few dollars that I have left in my wallet...
I hope you weren't referring to my post, Joss. But since I posted right after you, I'm thinking you probably were a little bit... I wasn't crabbing, really. Just hoping and praying. I generally don't complain about scheduling unless it gets really ridiculous (see: All-Star Batman). Runaways is just one of those books I love so much, I want a new issue as often as I can get one.

But, anyway, it now seems very clear it won't be bi-monthly. So, umm... Yay!
I actually don't mind bimonthly books at all. I read so many titles that I have more than enough things to read at any given time. The slower pace is sometimes welcome.
Joss I heart you and your work, and I know that if anyone can keep Runaways going that it's you :D Granted this puts a lot of pressure on you, along w/ the pressures you already have, like Wonder Woman and X-Men and those multitudes of Buffyverse and The 'Verse projects I just know (fine, hope) you're coming up with. But I'm sure you can handle it. After all, you thrive under pressure :D ..... or was it die under pressure?.... you have health insurance, right?
Thank you Joss Whedon.

Made my day.


Since I'm following Runaways through the Digest (which is only up to #12), I had no idea

But, yay on the Joss news.

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WOOHOO! Another comic I have to buy - hang on, the budget's getting thinner by the day! Still, never look a gift horse in the eye ....

never kick a gift horse when he's down...

Whatever, just cool on all counts. Now anybody know a good Runaways site so I can get the backstory? I remember having to do this when Joss started AXM and the X-men backstory just exploded my head. I mean that literally - I am Headless Backstory Guy now. Still, BKV only did 24 issues - how complicated can it be? Or is that a foolish question?
I don't think I was piling crab on regarding the schedule. I just lost track of when to expect the latest astonishing and became wary of the scary comic store guy with stereo parrots.

And Wolverine is not cute - except when he's a little girl.
Im with you catalyst2. Glad that Im not the only one who is a freshman on this comic. But more Joss to read... so yay!
Catalyst - you can get the Runaways hardcover from for pretty cheap - it is very much worth it to read all the lovely stories rather than just skimp on recaps. The digests are very affordable, too.

A good community for Runaways stuff is The Hostel.

ETA: Click here to find Runaways on

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You can check out the backstory here.

Or you could get the Digests. It's well worth it. :)
hee Catalyst: Headless Backstory Guy. or is that Head (Less Back) Story Guy as I first interpreted it... the images :)
SQUUEEEEEE I loves me some Joss comics! Mr. Bathes Monthly, I have officially lost count of how many projects you're working on right now, but good job on handling all of them, especially the ones I can't remember.
Another comic to buy....I admit, I've never heard of this series, but I'm somewhat new to the comic world. It sounds cool, I'm so there.
Last me-post: I would strongly urge anyone who's thinking of picking up the book but doesn't know it yet to avoid recaps and spoilers (contained, yes, within this very thread!) and just start from the beginning. That's what I did, and that's what made me love the book so much I had to write/destroy it. There's those cute little pocket trades, or genuine back issues if you're a true hunter-gatherer, but the big hardcover is an easy and great way to start (and unlike the pocket-sized, ends with the rather important title to last issue on the last page). If you see what Brian and Adrian did, what I do may suffer by comparison, but it'll have way more resonance. Here endeth the sermon. (And sorry about the schedule rant -- that was mainly from posts on other sites. I've been restraining myself for weeks, but I'm a man, flesh and blood, don't judge.) Puppies! -j
Big Purple Joss-Dude, some of us will only read it cuz you're writing it.
I honestly don't know what Runaways is (beyond what's in the article). Can someone please point me to a website that will catch me up on it? Also, I'm getting lost in the sauce! Too many titles to chase after, and not enough time or money. :(

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I'm superexcited!
I just ordered the vol. 1 hardcover. Bring on Joss' run.
Hey Kiba. The new site look is cherry.
Joss, are you feeling okay? Anything us fans can do? (Preferably something easy. And cheap.) Lately, you sound like you're loving you a little less than we do. Unless I'm being delusional. Which would mean the doctors are right. But I thought I'd ask. Cuz I think they're working for the CIA.

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Being ONLY an X-Men comic geek (used to be a Spider-Man lover too and hey, there was the whole Elfquest thing - Shut UP, it was so Buffy, before I even knew what Buffy was!), and that from a while ago, I haven't experienced Runaways, either. Frickin' JOSS and all of you have gotten me pretty fired up about this now. Methinks some research is in order. Giles! Where are the books?

See, Mr. Purple? The fires you can light under us? Oh, to have the powahhhh... ;)
Has Marvel announced what's going to happen to Astonishing X-Men?

I'm hoping they will keep that title around for Joss to use whenever he feels like it (and not hand it off to some other team)... but what are the chances of that?
Oh new goodies coming, it is always so exciting! I've ordered Brad's Runaways so that I'll be ready to climb onboard Joss' Runatowards!

And Joss? The schedule rant is totally fine, really. In fact whips are okay. We are your collective bitch (I even have the mug that says so, although my brother thinks I'm nuts).
EXPLODE with hygiene

**explodes with laughter** So good to hear from you, Oh Hygienic Purple Not-Impotent Master! And with such good news! Not only will we soon have Buffy-bliss, but a whole new series to fall in love with. Please stay as prolific and purple as possible.
P.S....don't forget to wash ALL the nooks and crannies. This is essential to staying as cute and popular as you are.

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This is my first comment on Whedonesque. I've been reading for nearly a year (and laughing, sometimes crying...from laughter), but I cant restrain myself anymore. I just have to say.

How awesome is Joss?
I can't figure out from these comments or from what I should get to get the whole series, as completely, yet cheaply, as possible. Please help.
Spoken like a true Gentleman (tho technically I don't think they speak).

I'll start.

So awesome that when me and Mrs. Pointy were a-courting, he turned Tuesday night into a permanent date night, through the awesome power of Buffy-ness. Many happy hours (approx. 144) spent in front of the TV set with my sweetie. Tnx.
Yeah, those who are reading Runaways via digests or hardcovers and who want to avoid spoilers should avoid both the Wizard link above and the Newsarama interview that is linked in this thread. As there's a big major spoiler revealed in both articles.

Maybe theyarescientists or a moderator could add the spoilers tag to the top post.

That's the one minor downside to this great news for me, is that I found out that major spoiler, after managing to completely avoid it until now. :( That's unfortunately that happens to me now and again since I mostly buy just trades instead of the single issues.
I can't figure out from these comments or from what I should get to get the whole series, as completely, yet cheaply, as possible. Please help.

In digest there's currently 5 volumes, with a 6th one coming out in October. Meanwhile there's currently just one hardcover with a second one coming out in December. The 2 hardcovers have the same content as the 6 small digests collecting issues #1 to 18 of the first Runaway series and issues #1 to #18 of the second series. Joss begins writing Runaways with #25 of the second series.

Now Amazon is selling the digests at $7.99, which means $47.94 for the whole set. However, Volume 1 hardcover is $23.09 on Amazon, with the second volume (out in December apparently) going for $15.74 for a total of $38.83. So it's obviously cheaper to go with the hardcovers if you don't mind waiting for the second volume to come out.

Meanwhile the hardcovers have oversized pages, which means they are ever so slightly bigger than the comic issues while the diggests are about half the size in a sort of manga format (but still in colour).

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We have a Runaways category now :).
Willowy: With you on the EQ thing. I was 13 when I first came across the first 5 issues and it resonated something wicked (Simon and River TAM? Coincidence? Or....NOT!).

Man, I was such a girl back then. Of course, now, decades later, I am the last word in studly man-ness. And certainly do not have at least 50 issues of it behind me on my shelf at this very minute.

But I'd run out of interesting comics to check out, so I will happily take a recommendation from the purple public people writer and pick up a tradey thing.
Oh and can I be the first to see Joss title is now "The Runaway Astonishing Wonder Whedon"?
And the last.

Wait, what? JOSS Whedon? I told Marvel I wanted WIL Wheaton, TV's beloved Wesley Crusher!

Our book is so screwed.

Anyway, I guess Numfar and I are swapping audiences now, so let's bust out those "BKV Is My Master Now" tees, yes?

Also, as a timesaving measure, while Joss takes care of my fictional kids, he's asked me to raise his literal children. The Whedon brood need school supplies badly, so please help fund their education by purchasing everything I have ever written:

Never too proud to whore,
Hooray! Like, actually hooray, not sarcastic hooray.

I'm curious as to if the Civil War: Runaways/Young Avengers crossover will influence or not influence this, though. (Heads Up: If you haven't read Runaways yet and plan to start now, /do not/ read the Civil War crossover first. Total spoiler- though if you've made it this far without being spoiled, I'd be suprised.)
"6) Two words: Crisis on Infinite Mollys."

First - I don't get it. Which may root in my not knowing what he's talking about.
Second - Joss can't count. Thats three words.
Third - Now I have to get yet another comic series. Joss, I'm not a comic geek! First you made me buy X-Men, then Buffy, and now I can't wait until Firefly and Runaways are on the market.

Bad Joss!

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For people out there looking to get into Runaways I'll add my voice to those who have already mentioned it: I highly recommend picking up the hardcover. The artwork comes across a lot better on those nice big, glossy pages than it does in the digests, and you're getting a lot of value (18 issues) in one package. Very much worth it.

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Brian, prepare to see an increase in your sales.
Thanks Matt_Fabb and DK. I'm sold on the first hardcover, but confused about what comes after. How many back-issues do I have to get to get caught up, and what are their numbers? If I wander around too long, the comic book clerks will corner me and demand the precise information. I know this.
Thanks for posting Brian. And will Marvel be reissuing Runaways in new tpbs? I hope so.
Brian, now that Joss is taking over Runaways, any chance we'll see you writing a Buffy story for the new Dark Horse series?

If Joss kills off Molly, you could retaliate by poking out Xander's remaining eye.
dreamlogic, Runaways gets a little confusing since because it got canceled for a little while after the first 18 issues, which are known as volume 1, or season 1. These first 18 are the comics collected in the first hardcover, which is out now.

When the series was picked up again it started back at number 1, and this second 'season' is currently up to 19 issues, Joss will be taking over starting with number 25. Amazon has a listing for a second hardcover collecting the second volume from 1-18, but I wonder if it will get pushed back to include the rest of BKV's run, which would be cool.

Anyway, I hope that clears things up, a little bit anyway. I think that Runaways is a great match for Joss, it has many Buffy-esque qualities and should appeal to a good chunk of Joss' fanbase.
Late to the party again, but this thread is as star-studded as the Joss-James Gunn-Top 25 Characters thread. We so rock! Looking forward to Runaways *must look for hardcover*, Mr. Whedon, and equal wonderful good luck with your next project, Mr. Vaughan! ;-)
And it really wouldn't be complete without a comment by Warren Ellis.
Thanks, DK. It sounds like a pretty substantial investment to get the whole thing, but based on the recommendations, it should be worth it. And I know where to look and what to say if cornered.
"If I wander around too long, the comic book clerks will corner me and demand the precise information. I know this."

The idea of you being cornered by a comic store clerk cracks me up, dreamlogic -- I mean, seriously, I'd like to see them try. I love the picture this creates for me, though -- thank you. You are a funny gal!
Hey, have you been in these places? It's like being in the temple of a religion not yours. With a lot of really pissy acolytes. They could refuse access to what you seek. They would like to.
Does anyone get the feeling he's on the title for a fairly limited time?
Dunno havok (but then I haven't read the linked article or the newsarama interview and i've read this thread while squinting, in a mirror, with one eye to avoid spoilers). Still, glass half empty much ? ;-)

I have in the past moaned about the bi-monthly schedule for AXM but purely because I wanted it NOW NOW NOW ! not because I thought El Purpleo was slow/late. In short, I wasn't being crabby I was just being totally shellfish.


(multiple Jossage and BKV ? Happy morning, indeed)
Oh and Brian comments on Joss taking over Runsaways over at his site too.

I think that's everything covered.

No wait. Marvel's Joe Quesada comments as well.

Now I think that's all the bases covered.

Ha. I laugh.

Official Marvel blurb as well.

Me go to lie down now.
Just so youse know, dreamlogic, I wasn't being at all sarky. I just know you're more than able to quell some annoying comic lad or lass.

dreamlogic's got game, y'all.
Yeah, but try yours against the comic book clerks. Do you know the exact title and number of the book you want? Do you? Then go home.

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The guys at my comic book shop are great and very helpful, we have a running gag on who will play Wonder Woman each week I pop in for the new deliveries.
Simon, I've also met one or two friendly comic store clerks. But I stick to my analogy of a temple where most are not welcomed. And if you edit me in mid-post, or delete my posts again, while I'm not violating the rules of the board, I will make that known.
And if you edit me in mid-post, or delete my posts again, while I'm not violating the rules of the board, I will make that known.

Eh? I didn't touch your post.
Maybe it was just a glitch, I'll take it to email.
Joss, you should see the new look at if you haven't - they match! That one is a bit less silly, and more serious.

I borrowed the first Runaways TPB from a friend (or rather, she handed it to me and told me to read it). Nico is my favorite.
Well I love Y and I've been meaning to catch up on Runaways so this is the shiny impetus I needed. Just ordered the Vol 1 Hardback. Yay for more Joss comicy goodness.
If you love Y and you haven't tried Ex (Machina) then you should give it a crack Paul_Rocks, it's also brilliant, IMO.

(and the Runaways hardback's a lovely book, I reckon you'll be chuffed with it)
Thanks for the recommendation Saje. If it wasn't for the dual evils of money and time I'm sure I would've read Ex Machina already. Still if I fall in love with Runaways I doubt I'll be able to resist much long, moime and tiney be damned!
Great, now Im going to have to pick up the entire set. Well done Joss, ruining my wallet for another time.

Right and now I'm confused as well. How much is collected in the hardback ones?

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The first hardback has issues 1 to 18 plus assorted extra goodies (sketches, Joss' fan letter etc.) and apparently the second hardback will have the next 18 issues (it's not out until December).
There are 37 issues of Runaways been produced. The first 30 of those you can buy in digest form - 5 little books that collect six issues a piece, and the next digest should be out soon. Alternatively, the first 18 issues have been collected into a hardcover, which is bigger, brighter and just downright better (and also has a letter from Joss). Marvel are planning to do another hardcover of the next 18 issues, but it isn't out yet.

Clear as mud?? Ask at your local comic book shop. If the staff/owners are rude, they are in the minority, and just leave and go somewhere not-rude. They're are plenty of cool comic book shops out there. When you are hooked on Runaways, they will help you feed your habit monthly with the single issues...

This is great news. Not only is it more Joss goodness, but it will give a definate future to one of the best comic books on the stands. I have yet to lend my digests to anyone who didn't like it. And I may be spoiler obsessive, but I have taped over the back on my first digest, so people can't even see that blurb. just go, buy, read. Don't look at anything about the book - it is a joy to be discovered.
OK, so I have just ordered the first four digests. It was cheaper than the hardcover, and I decided Id rather have an extra comic than a few extra bits. It was a very hard decision though...
Oh, damn it. Fine, I'll get Runaways. I didn't get Astonishing, but I'll get this.
Oh, Saje, I know it's a bit half empty, but I'm a pessimist. As with ALL of us here, I LOVE Joss, and am happy as much as every longtime Runaways fan that he's on the title. Uber excited. I just felt voicing my excitement would be redudant.

I just...get the feeling that he may not be on it for very long from the language used by Quesada et al. What do y'all think?
After hearing the news, I spent last night re-reading all my Runaways comics in a happy daze. Any mistakes I make today at work because I couldn't stop reading last night -- "OK, one more and then I really have to go to sleep" -- are entirely BKV's fault.
WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I had prepared to de-suscribe after #24. Looks like I'll be ordering future hardbacks instead.

Joss, I never dreamed it! You always do the impossible. Thanks yet again. Love you.
I just...get the feeling that he may not be on it for very long from the language used by Quesada et al. What do y'all think?

OK, I braved the Joe Q interview and had a look at BKV's announcement (both happily spoiler free) and I agree that Quesada only talks about 'the next storyline' so it could be that Joss is only committing to one arc at a time, possibly because he doesn't quite know how quickly Wonder Woman/Goners may go into production once the scripts get approval.

Brian K Vaughan at least hints though that Joss could be on the book for a fair run so it's also possible that Quesada was just being overly specific (maybe because Joss plans to hit with a bang and do something major in the first arc ?).
Joss is losing me. Great that he's getting paid work doing what he loves, but I'm not so lucky these days. I may have to pretend none of this exists... I guess I'll have to wait till Wonder Woman to get my Joss fix.
Oh man...this is gonna be hell sweet!!

Must order hardcover now!

p.s Hey Cat!
Yes Saje, you are correct, we just dont know! Guess we'll need to read between the Joe Quesada lines and hope for a nice long run.

Edited to be less knuckle-headed.

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BKV said that, not Joss. Those are Vaughan and Alphona's last arcs. Sadness.
alexreager, that's actually talking about BKV's current arcs. 'Dead Means Dead' is the current arc for Runaways, which BKV is writing.

We dunno what Joss's are called yet...
I'm not saying Joss is in love with me. But the last 5 joss posts (and the last BKV post) have been from theyarescientists posts.

Anyways, this is a really a dream come true for comic readers and runaways readers. I was definitely afraid they would put some other creative team on the book and sales would drop and it would get cancelled. Now I know that won't happen.
LAME!!! Obviously my helping hand is not so helping! I'll be editing my post for the sake of not looking like a knucklehead.
I must emphasize that you absolutley should start with the "Pride & Joy" Vol 1 Issue 1 story. At the urging of my local comic book store guy I read Vol 2 Issue 1 when it first came out and I almost didn't pick up another issue. After I bitched him out for suckering me into buying the issue he let me borrow his trades to read and I saw the error of my ways.

If you are still confused about the order of all this or which to order check the wiki. Runaways is actually one of the easier comic book cronologies to follow. I mean Green Arrow is in Vol 3 or Vol 4 depending on who you talk to. Fantastic Four got rebooted at Vol 3 started renumbering and then when they realized it would have been issue 500 had they never rebooted in the first place they went back to the origional numbering. Oh and try not to confuse the 5 different versions of Superman. (Hint: One of them is evil... I think.)

Most of the comic book store staff at the stores I've been to have been very friendly. Some of the comic book store patrons are another story. I have to question where do you live? Maybe someone can recommend a good comic book store. About a year ago I had the misfortune of moving to an area where the closest store is about 25 miles away so I started ordering my comics online at and they have a very friendly staff so if you want to avoid the physical stores entirely there's always that.

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sales would drop and it would get cancelled

Nope, theyarescientists, reckon it's pretty safe to say 'Runaways' is in for a bit of a hike in sales ;).

(and hey, maybe you should post a link every day, with a special emphasis on Monday mornings, judiciously placed Joss can brighten an entire week. It might be a medical fact ;)

Good suggestion war_machine, for people who are a bit intimidated by comic shops (and I was one of those people, back when the sun was young) online retailers are a great solution (though obviously you pay a bit extra for postage).

All 3 of my nearest shops are staffed by really friendly, knowledgeable people but I have been to places where the staff seem to be competing in the Sullen Superiority Olympics. Comic shops are perhaps the last area where some staff think it's actually OK to act this way and the best way to solve the problem is to show them it's not by taking your business elsewhere.
reckon it's pretty safe to say 'Runaways' is in for a bit of a hike in sales ;)

Marvel should just put all the sales-impaired titles in Joss's 'to do' queue...
Yeah and let Liefield do the art on all the books that should get cancelled. Zing.
I've actually been meaning to read Runaways for a while now... those dippy little digests sort of turned me off, though. Glad to know about the hardcovers.

Saje: I worked in a comic shop for a little while in college and probably came off as being of the Sullen Superiority Olympics ilk. But that was mostly because I was a tiny girl surrounded primarily by large scary guys who didn't know how to act around tiny girls, so I mostly just pretended I was far too busy to be hit on, sniffed, etc
It's like being in the temple of a religion not yours.

Yes. I had the same feeling recently when I stepped in to a comic book store for the first time EVER. I asked if they carried FRAY (they were sold out), partly out of genuine interest and partly to get some practice entering the "temple" when the time comes to buy Buffy S8. I was greeted by a very nice young woman who announced herself as a Browncoat and tried to steer me toward some Serenity titles. The conversation we had felt like a flesh-and-blood version of an exchange here at whedonesque. Quite cool, I must say.
Indeed. My one comic store in this small town is run by a very nice old man and his wife. He's actually quite adorable as he tries very hard to keep up with the culture and oftentimes gets it all wrong. He also LOVES Spike. Heh.

I of course am aware of the 'Comic Store Employee Snobbery', illustrated (no pun intended) everywhere from the Simpsons to Spaced, I've just never experienced it. Guess I always asked about stuff that the particular clerk liked, or something. Sounds like I got lucky!
Willowy - Jar Jarr makes the Ewoks look like fucking Shaft.
After nearly 25 years of weekly trips to several comic shops, I would have to say there is really a different feel from store to store. My current comic shop is one of the best yet. Its almost like a clubhouse where people sometimes mill around for hours on end. The owner of the store encourages people to be comfotable hanging out--often times ordering pizza and playing music. And of course, informing customers of great books they really should be reading.
Actually, I really WAS too busy to be sniffed, as I had to keep a close eye on all the little hooligans trying to steal hundreds of dollars worth of Pokemon cards.

But hey, the job was worth it in the long run... eventually I moved up to webmaster, and was able to get both myself and my dad all of the shiny Buffy and Angel box sets with store credit.
I don't think we were incredulous of you being too busy. I think we were marveling at the fact that people were trying to sniff you.
As you should be... I would suspect that I was exaggerating. But probably not by very much. There were some customers that scared the stereotypical fairly creepy comic book guys I worked with.
Heh, gossi! "Can I see you in my office, Tim?"
I've just finally got my daughter to start reading Runaways (starting from the beginning, natch). What marvelous synchrodipity this all is. Yay.
As a sidenote, it is not possible for someone to edit a poster's post while they are still posting it. However, sometimes when the database is busy your post can fall through the cracks, so be sure that you confirm its appearance before moving on (be ready to hit the back button and submit again).

ETA- synchrodipity, is that anything like automagically (not in meaning but in word construction)?

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Y'know...I spent most of my life deeply into music, not TV, until I found this TV show called "Angel"; some of you may have heard of it. Then I went to check out that show "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", just to see where "Angel" had come from. Does the word "addicted" mean anything to anyone 'round here?

Didn't pay attention to the comics at the time - what I saw didn't impress me art-wise and I'd never read comics anyway - and then there was that other show "Firefly" and suddenly the addiction spread from the Buffyverse to anything at all this Joss guy was doing. Found this wonderful comic series called "Fray" that had me flailing about, and then it was announced that he'd be doing something called "Astonishing X-Men". Well, I'd seen an X-Men movie so I thought, huh, should check that out.

Does the word "addicted" mean anything to anyone? Because I need another comic book to read like I need a hole in the head, but now this.

Joss, you have me addicted to TV shows and reading comics in my FORTIES. Curse you.

And thank you.
If you think reading two comic books a month is addiction you should probably never come to my apartment. At the age of 23 I think I'm currently on a 14 book a month habit. (Though Astonishing is bi-monthly and about 4 of those other books don't come out as montly as they or I would like so it's not as bad as it sounds.) I can quit anytime I want.
Hooray for Joss! Runaways is awesome and I can't believe this is happening.
Most of the comic book store staff at the stores I've been to have been very friendly.

Maybe this is what's scaring me more than anything else. The comic book sellers around here are some of the meanest, nastiest SOBs I've ever met. It's made my ventures into finding the books Whedon rather stressful - and in the one place where they are sometimes nice, it's hard to find anything by Joss because they sell out so fast.

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks. I think maybe I have a list of things I want for once. This way, my kids can deal with the grouchy comic book store guys. :)
It's made my ventures into finding the books Whedon rather stressful - and in the one place where they are sometimes nice, it's hard to find anything by Joss because they sell out so fast.

There's always online subscriptions, though I've heard a lot of complaints about them.

If you can brave the nasty, stinky comic book guys, it is worth it to get a pull shelf at your local comic shop. Any comic shop worth their salt offers that kind of service. If you tell them what comics you want on a monthly basis, they will pre-order and fill your pull shelf with your titles before they put the new stock on the shelves. That way you don't have to fight the crowds on new comic Wednesday and still risk missing an issue.
If anyone is interested in how this news is going down outside our goldfish bowl (admittedly it's a big goldfish bowl with a nice view of the kitchen and looks pretty on the bookcase), here's some links to some blogosphere posts.

Google blogsearch results

Technorati search results

So far: 99.99% yayness!

This has really thrilled a lot of people and will hopefully bring some new people into the fandom.
Two of the three comic shops in my town have guys with attitude. I'm not geeky or comicky enough for them to be even semi-cool or semi-helpful. *sigh* I shop at the third, where the owner is always nice. Kooky perhaps, but in a good-kooky way. I am in fact on my way there now. I'm pretty sure he gets most of his Whedon info from me. I convinced him to buy the Serenity comics way back when, and lo and behold he made his money back and then some. Without gouging!

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That's exactly what they get nasty about, Saturn Girl. They don't like that I've only requested Joss Whedon comics.

I just ordered Vol. 1 online so I can start catching up. I'll order the others after I get paid this week. I can be patient and wait for things to come out in compilations. Like Rockgoddes, I'm a little weirded out by getting back into comics in my 40's (late 40's at that), but I also know that most things eventually become available in bigger volumesif there's money to be made.
I'm a natural born browser, so I like very occasionally wandering around a local comic book store. One nice employee, one less so. Mr. Less clearly believed himself to be an expert, so I treated him like one. Asked him every question I had and listened closely to the answers. What TPBs do I need to read to understand Astonishing X-Men? What authors does he think are comparable? Which is the best book to read by one of them? Guy turned human pretty quickly, talking about his favorite subject. Still hasn't picked up a complete set of social skills, but no longer scary. And his recommendations were quite fine -- I actually value his opinion. Not half as much as he does, but still.

[ edited by Pointy on 2006-09-12 23:45 ]
Add me to the list of people who rushed over to Amazon and ordered the hardcover of Runaways when I heard the news last night (damn you Joss Whedon! ). And I'm right with you, rockgoddes and Nebula1400 -- who'd a thunk I'd be buying comics in my forties when the only comic I bought when I was young was Mad Magazine! I guess that's what obsession will do for ya.
Simon, can we get a castle ? Maybe a 'No Fishing' sign ?


Simon, can we get a castle ? Maybe a 'No Fishing' sign ?

I can quit anytime I want.

Sure you can, war_machine, sure you can ;).

(my place may be headed that way, similar habit, though I only started properly buying singles again last year so it's still manageable. I actually prefer the nicer packaging and complete stories of TPBs but of course a) you have to wait for them and b) there's obviously a danger the title won't make trade due to poor sales because everyone's waiting for the trade)

All these bad reports about comic shops make me think more book stores should sell single issues as well as trade paperbacks. Maybe the extra competition would scare the comics people into sorting themselves out AND i'd imagine book stores are a much more welcoming environment to most of us anyway. Guess there's maybe a slight element of snobbishness in the book trade about comics though (or possibly the monthly buying schedule is too alien/difficult to manage for them ?).
If you don't want to deal with your nasty local comic shop people, there are a few online retailers that are supposedly pretty good: DCBS is really popular and I know people who have had good experiences with them. Also, Midtown Comics accepts online orders. They are cool people, and I just noticed that BKV is doing a signing there on 10/13 to promote Pride of Baghdad, so if you're in the area and want to discuss Runaways and Joss stuff with him, you might want to go. I met BKV at NY Comic Con, and he was pretty cool.
okay. through tears and shudders of exasperation, I come in supplication seeking hardcore geek advice. (and I say "geek" in a loving way.)

I have been *all over the fricken web* looking for a way to simply pre-order Jossy comics and have them specific, Astonishing X-Men 17 through end of the Whedon-Cassaday run, and Runaways TPB 6 and regular issues 19 and up. I can sometimes find one, two, or even three of them, but, um, all I wanna do here is give one worthy company my credit card number and be done with it, y'know? it fucking ASTOUNDS me that doing something like this isn't the easiest thing in the world, but I realized that I'm dealing with evil forces outside of my comprehension--a legion of Simpsonesque Comic Book Guys.

can someone PUH-LEEEEEEZ give a gal an assist, here? a discount of any kind would be nice; a diverse selection like that of Atomic Books even better. thanks!
There is a very long winded reason why book stores don't carry single issues anymore having to do with the words "direct market" that I will spare everyone from. However the monthly schedule doesn't seem to bother book stores in the slightest when it comes to magazines so I don't know why it should with comics. If anything most Barnes and Noble magazine sections have a larger selection of magazines (some with the questionable nudity.) than most comic books shops. What the books stores would never do is keep back issues in stock, which is fine. I remember a time when I was 12 and I bought an X-men vs Dracula comic at a Walmart.

I'm a little taken aback with all the name calling and general condescending attitude towards comic book guys a few of you seem to have. I would have though someone geeky enough to post on at place like whedonesque wouldn't be so quick to insult a fellow geek in such a way just because the person in question choose to get their geek on in a different way than you do. As a general rule if you call someone stinky to their face don't expect them to be anything other than rude to you. (Why do I feel like I just made one of those "The More You Know" PSAs.)

[ edited by war_machine on 2006-09-12 22:10 ]
So if a comic book shop guy is rude, that's just his geekiness, and that's to be excused? I think people are talking about a general attitude, not something they've provoked.
I have apologized to Simon, explaining that I just suck.

While some have met lovely comic book store people, as I have once or twice, other posts indicate that the holy place/gang crib attitude is still happening at comic book stores world-wide. That's unacceptable, but I expect that the flood of our money will bring them around eventually.

Saje, on the same tack. Book stores, or newsstands like I worked for once (if what I know is still current), have no direct business with the comic distributors. They buy them through local periodical suppliers, and have little or no choice over the content.
And I'm right with you, rockgoddes and Nebula1400 -- who'd a thunk I'd be buying comics in my forties when the only comic I bought when I was young was Mad Magazine! I guess that's what obsession will do for ya.

I was a comic addict between the ages of 8 and 11 or 12, but then gave it up, with the occasional purchase (maybe once every 5 - 10 years) of a particular issue (Superman dealing with a nuclear holocaust, or marrying Lois Lane; or Wonder Woman - my childhood favorite - just to see how the character has changed). With 5 kids and subsistence-level jobs, regular comic book purchases are low priority - especially as I get older. I have been making the Joss Exception since there is no more new Joss on TV or in movies. Nobody else could make me do that.

Does this make me pathetic???

So if a comic book shop guy is rude, that's just his geekiness, and that's to be excused? I think people are talking about a general attitude, not something they've provoked.

I agree. I know there has been absolutely nothing I've done in those stores to be offensive, unkind, bossy, rude, or in any way less than genial with the grumpy men (it's always the men) who work there. They're kind of like that guy Nathan Fillion had a run-in with in Edmundton last year. My worst experience was filling out a reserve form for the comics I wanted (again, all Joss-related) and then seeing two of the guys in charge look at it when they thought I had left, making faces that told me they were making snide, derrogatory comments, and then promptly throwing it in the trash. Why? They didn't want my money if it was a Joss Whedon comic? Of course, I never got notified when any of the comics came in.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2006-09-12 22:41 ]
I have no problems with geekiness in general (in truth, it's in my genes.) But apparently, even just 6 or 7 years ago, it was such a novelty for a GIRL to be working in a comic shop, that most of the treatment from customers and coworkers involved being leered at or being talked down to like a mentally handicapped goldfish. In either case, it was a very uncomfortable experience, and sadly what I most associate with comics/gaming fans. Of course, it may be that the fan demographic has really changed over the past few years, or was just skewed towards the stereotypes in that area most comic shops I've visited since then as a customer have been much more comfortable.
I am amazed. Over the years I've been to so many comic stores (across the country) and I've just never had these problems. Not even at comic conventions. Weird. Personally, if that did happen, I would call the store the next day and ask to speak with the owner. Tell them about your experience and I'll bet they would want to make it right. If its the same person that was a jerk in the store, tell them the story of how they didn't get your money.

In terms of being able to whip out a credit card and just buy what you want (like annagranfors asked above) there is always "Buy It Now" on ebay. Just did a quick search and one of the hardcover books was 24 dollars + 6 shipping (item 290025035262).

I'm sure you can do better on price if you have a little patience. I plan to buy the individual issues for less than cover price because I've got patience! (Or my patience will bite me in the ass and I'll end up paying double the cover price becuase the Joss news will send back issue prices soaring)
My geek of a husband also said you can try Mile High Comics to order books (hope it was ok to add the link). I cannot vouch for it other than he said he orders from there when hunting for something specific.

I have felt uncomfortable going into certain comic shops. In particular, ones that are into gaming and hold tournies right in the shop. The only decent comic shop within 60 miles of us is actually not too scary (if you ignore the fact the entire building is painted black, inside and out!). The owner and operator is a woman, which I think puts a different spin on it. While I've run into some freaky folks there, both fellow customers and workers behind the counter, no one has ever actually been rude.

It can be a very strange experience for those that have never ventured inside a comic shop. Although, the hubby says it's no weirder than going to a Buffyverse con, so I suppose it's all a matter of perspective! :) I mean, are two 50+ year old smelly guys arguing DC versus Marvel really any stranger than 50+ year old women carting their 25 lb. photo albums of 'Just James' around every con that JM attends? Believe me, I love geeks in all colors, fragrances!! :)

I think I'll be checking Runaways out. The afore-mentioned Hubby was reading it, but stopped when he scaled back on the comics awhile back. I guess I'll dig out the issues he has to check it out. Looking forward to another JW penned storyline!

[ edited by Grace on 2006-09-13 00:07 ]
Comic Book Guys are not a protected class and therefore can be mocked and stereotyped with impunity.

That said, I am lucky enough to have really cool guys in my LCS (TFAW in Beaverton, OR) who have been nice enough to call around to other stores to see if they could drop off an extra copy of something they'd run out of, and they know my name and have my pulled books out for me by the time I even walk up to the register.

But the Comic Book Guy on the Simpsons exists for a reason. I've been to dozens of comic shops in my lifetime and have met many a clerk who needed the stinky, elitist, rude snot smacked out of him.
I went to Midtown Comics for all my comics buying over a year ago when the nearest shop to me closed down temporarily. I get my selection shipped biweekly to keep shipping costs down, and you have to subscribe to at least 10 regular titles, but their customer service has been great. Unrequested plug.
And as for getting your Jossy goodness, there's always Poplollies. I get all my Serenity and X-Men comics from them. Plus, now that it's been announced, I think they will be willing to order some Runaways collections for new fans. I know I'll be emailing about them very soon :)
thank you, Grace, for your suggestion of Mile High--even though online, I ran into the same problem (some issues available, some not), they have a toll-free number for their subscription club where I spoke to a *very sweet comixgeek* (my contribution towards peace between comixgeek and Whedongeek, there) who got me exactly what I wanted.

it still somewhat exasperates that I haveta go all twentieth-century and order via phone rather than online, but hey--whatever works.
I haven't ever read an issue of Runaways, but now I must take my new paycheck and do spendy things with it at my local comic book empoorium. Yes, I misspelled that on purpose. That which enriches me, usually empoors me wallety.

I'm very excited for more Jossiness and looking forward to BKV's work too.

I'm female and I've been collecting comic books on and off for over 20 years and have always felt pretty comfortable in most comic book stores. Of course, I probably had "comic book geek" printed on my forehead and that glazed look that said I would spend all my money there at the drop of a mylar cover.

If you don't like your local comic book store, many of the larger stores sell online nowadays. Me, I'm a Midtown Comics girl!
Yes, punkinpuss, I've seen your forehead and it is stamped, right there for all to see! I've made it a point to visit comic book stores where ever I can find them, and I've met with some distain (middle-aged woman, what is she doing here?) at some locations while others can tell right away that I'm there to spend some money if I can just find something interesting. In my experience the store owners are more likely to be rude than the clerks, but frequently I've met interesting people who really care about comic books, unlike at Barnes and Noble where you get someone who just wants to go on break asap. I would never be afraid of going into a comic book store because you can never believe the treasure you'll find there!

Annagranfors, if you go directly to Marvel's site online you can easily subscribe to 'Runaways' which will mean that you'll get the rest of Brian K. Vaughan's series and continue getting Joss' issues. I've been getting Astonishing X-men directly from Marvel without any trouble at all. Of course you want to follow the advice of those who say to read the back story, in which case you can get the hardback from Amazon, and then hunt around for whatever you missed. Personally I buy from midtowncomics even though I live in California because they make it easy for me to pick out the cover I want, and they always send everything bagged and boarded.
There are lots of comicbook stores here in Austin, one for each mood. One where I can go browse quietly and be politely ignored by the staff, one where I can go have geek-versation with the awesome staff... and one that I will never, never go again because of the skeezy, ComicBookGuy wannabe who was so hypnotized by my estrogen-laden, boob-having self he
1. followed me around the store
2. couldn't remember where the EvilDead comics went
3. couldn't remember who Clive Barker was
and 4. tried to talk me into his "gaming session" later that night

still get creepy-crawlies thinking about that place
I used to think that comics were low-class and far less satisfying versions of books. I started reading Astonishing X-men (due to the Master) and changed my mind entirely. I also used to feel the same about comic-book movies, but after Batman Begins, I've also lost that particular prejudice.

I hope that I can remain spoiler-free before I catch up with this series.
whats up with this? I picked up the first four trade vol.s not five hours ago from the library, totaly random on my part, and then look! jossy goodness happens as soon as I turn on the computer. wierd... now i just hope the books live up to all this hype.
For all those getting into comics because of Joss, I want to remind people of this comic from a couple of years ago.
Well, it's done. I ordered from the marketplace on Amazon. The hardcover. Hope I like it. *crosses fingers*
Runaways is the perfect book for Joss. But even loving the Joss as I do... and Lord knows I do... I'm still sad that BKV is leaving. It's his baby, after all.

But if you had to have a adopted parent... Mr. W. is the one.

I just hope Mr. Vaughan looks after those Whedon children. 4th generation TV writers?

Although, Joss may not want them to go through the heartbreak... I certainly wouldn't encourage my kids into music.
Joss is going to be a very busy man.

Although that is nothing new to him I suppose!
Ok, I have to go get all of the first 24 issues of Runaways.
Just want to speak for the somewhat nonexistent minority (aside from perhaps myself, a few stray cats, and a lemur) and say that I'm happy Joss is keeping himself busy with comic books and other non movie projects but GET WITH THE BIG DAMN MOVIES ALREADY! WONDER WOMAN! GONERS! OTHER CRAP! HELLO! Some of us don't buy comic books anymore.

It's not that I outgrew them, but my budget shrunk.
I just borrowed the first 2 sets of digests from a friend and have put the others on hold from the library.
I see that not everyone likes the format but they are very library friendly - fit on shelves and everything!
And I am liking the comic a lot. Snarky comments, some love for The Prisoner, some Whedon name dropping, what's not to love?
I cancelled my order for th HC because I found this online comic place that has all 5 released digests for $5.19 each, for a grand total with shipping, of just under $30. Couldn't pass up that deal.

They only ship within the US, though.
Well. It's great to see that Joss is writing another comic!

Only thing is, I don't care much for Runaways. I've tried it on several occasions, but I just can't get into it. Maybe Joss will finally turn me on to it?

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