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September 11 2006

Doyle Related Comic HI-larious web comic sees Doyle continuing to save the day whatever dimension the comic's own personal star and "hero" Johnny Guadeloupe battles.

Look at all the other comics. They're so specific that they makes one feel as though it is written for they, the individual. And isn't that the true golden egg?

More Joss, Firefly, Buffy related stuff hidden in other comics too.

[ edited by Dolphin Tamer on 2006-09-13 20:24 ]

maybe we should edit the whole "hero-in" thing; its (i assume unintentionally) a little bit in bad taste.
Yeah, I thought that too ajay42. Originally thought it might be deliberate but the rest of the blurb (and Dolphin Tamer's previous posts) suggested otherwise.

Funny comic though, I like the characters and the surreal hijinks that ensue. Making my through them now. Backwards for some strange reason.
What conclusion was reached from a consensus of my posts in connection of my possible intentional or unintentional-ness of what something or other? Huh? Just curious.
Am I missing something, or is there no link between this comic and whedon-stuff except for the comic of the day before (11th of september)?
Dolphin Tamer, the actor who played Doyle died of a heroin overdose.
Dolphin Tamer, just that you seemed pretty sensible and basically not a nasty person. And also that English may not be your first language (though you're much more fluent in it than I am in any other language) and so you probably didn't notice the distasteful pun initially.

Usually if someone whose name doesn't ring bells posts something I find offensive I track back through a few of their recent posts to see if they're maybe just having a bad day or likely to be kidding or whatever before forming a response, no offence was intended ;).

Le Comite, the link is to the current day's comic which obviously changes on a daily basis. Yesterday, the link went to the previous day which was the current day yesterday. I think. ;)

[ edited by Saje on 2006-09-13 10:44 ]

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