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September 13 2006

Dancer in a Daydream: an interview with Summer Glau. "Joss really touches me with his writing, and I have a story about reading one of his scenes before I knew it was his, and it made me extremely emotional."

No one should be allowed to be that genuinely lovely... It just makes us cynics feel bad (which we, perversely, enjoy, but that's not the point). Then we have to make half-arsed attempts to be better people and fail miserably, before returning to our usual curmudgeonly ways.


I am Dr. Gregory House and I claim my five pounds.

Seriously, though, Summer Glau... nicest woman in showbusiness, surely.
Only in showbusiness? ;-)

Good to hear more about her role in The Unit--I couldn't find anything on that, so I was starting to wonder. But Summer as trailerpark girl? It sounds of the awesome.
Well i'm the ghost of Betty Grable and that five pound note stays on the table.

Totally agree Kentonist, whenever I read a Summer interview she makes me want to be less cynical about the world. Then I take another look at the world and i'm cured ;).

I haven't seen 'The Unit' yet, any good ? Been tempted to *cough* aquire it *cough* and take a look (just cause it's Mamet), this could tip me over the edge.
What a nice interview. It was even well written which made it nicer. Summer as trailertrash. This I have to see!
Saje, the show is basically divided in two--the soldiery stuff and the stuff with their wives back home (yeah, they mingle sometimes, but not the point).The soldiery stuff is always good, the other I'm not too crazy about. But now they've got Summer, so I expect it will be all good.

About her being recurring rather than regular--I've noticed that very few characters are in *all* eps, just most. So maybe it's that. :-)
To Saje

I did as you say *cough* aquire it *cough* when I heard Summer would be in the 2nd season, and I've been genuinely impressed. The storylines involving the missions of male UNIT members are always very gripping while the stories about the wives add more substance to the show than many similar affairs. However, due to the nature of the show, its rather pro-American and if you hold particularly liberal views it can be a bit grating (especially in the last episode in regard to its depiction of the UN).

On the whole though, as a good military oriented action series, its worth watching in itself and the presence of Summer next season will be a real bonus.
Thanks guys, I think i'm going to check it out. Hopefully the show will be good enough that I can look past any politics I may disagree with (and in fairness there're plenty of liberal slanted shows, even some military ones like NCIS or SG-1 - which is sort of military sci-fi - are fairly liberal, so a right oriented one is cool in the interests of balance and possibly even realism).
What the fuck, a show made by Americans that's "rather pro-American"? Summer's an impressionable young woman; we can't have her involved in this propaganda. Why, they might even expect her to play a mildly conservative character who isn't evil personified or a total buffoon. She could be scarred for life. "Oh God! Make it stop!" Holy shit! They may even have her portray one of those "vast number" of intolerant "Christians".
jlv - you'll agree that your post was an overreaction, whether sarcastic/humorous or no. No more discussion on that subject, please. Ta.
I should point out that I never said there was anything wrong with the show being pro-American (its about a US highly-trained special forces unit so of course its gonna be pro-American) and I was merely pointing out that it's more right-wing than a lot of other shows I've seen, and as Saje said, this is by no means a bad thing as it redresses the balance somewhat.

Oh and in the interview Summer says she is playing a trailerpark girl, so I think we are safe that she won't be playing one of those "vast number" of intolerant "Christians" just yet.
stfletch2000 - no more discussion means no more discussion, whether clarification/justification or whatever. Next OT post gets deleted.
Summer: "So it starts out with them trying to find their way in college, and then throughout the course of the story, they find out that they’re actually witches."

God, I hate when that happens.
Well, maybe it's just a metaphor. ;-)
Well, maybe it's just a metaphor

So they're not actually witches then ? Now i'm confused.

In many ways it reminds me of my college experience. Not the witches bit though. And I knew my way, it was quite well sign-posted. But apart from that ...

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