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September 13 2006

SMG attends fashion shows in NYC. On Monday and Tuesday, SMG attended New York's Fashion Week with Max Azaria, who I'm told is a designer, and attended other parties.

This has been a busy week for SMG, on Monday she attended a fashion show with Max Azaria, on Tuesday she attended the Marchesa Spring Collection show and the Victoria's Secret party hosted by Pink. Also, here is an interview she did for Access Hollywood at fashion week: Here. Just click on "Paris dazzles the crowds at Fashion Week". I gotta say, she looks healthy and happy and thats a great thing to see.

Also, there is news about another movie called, believe it or not, "Ripper". Here is the description:

Sarah Michelle Gellar is in negotiations to be in the Miramax Films/New Line Cinema production of a horror/thriller called: "RIPPER". It follows the story of two detectives: (Gellar and Jim Caviezel) who investigate a copycat killer of Jack the Ripper. And pretty soon, the copycat killer, known as the Silencer, starts coming after SMG and Jim Caviezel, and the other cast members. The film also stars Jay Hernandez, Jacinda Barrett, Mischa Barton, Hugo Weaving, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

I would take this news with a grain of salt, but I thought Id put it in here just to peak your interest. Plus, can you make a movie called Ripper without Anthony Stewart Head? I dont think so...

ETA: I forgot to add this interview with Richard Kelly which clarifies some things about SMG's movie, Southland Tales, here. I feel much better about this film, and I feel confident that we will see a version of the film that is close to what was seen at Cannes (and ripped to shreds). Cheerio.

I changed your main link to the Getty images link as I'd rather a link to a specific page rather than a sub-forum.
Sarah looks gorgeous, all glossy and sophisticated.

Must add however high heel advatage aside Max, the designer must be an incredibly short man. I mean Jonathan sized.
Lovely as always. Hope she gets/chooses the 'Ripper' part since i'm keen to see her in more non-victimy roles (even if the name will no doubt cause a lot of confusion on here as it develops ;).

Also, is that her dog ? Kinda had her down as a 'normal' dog person, Labrador, Collie, that kind of thing.
She really look gorgeous, but I'm actually more intrigued by this "Ripper" movie, that jerryst3161 mentioned.

Also, is that her dog ? Kinda had her down as a 'normal' dog person, Labrador, Collie, that kind of thing.

Didn't she had a German Sheppard?

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She looks great in that white strapless dress.
I adore Max Azria's designs. She looks wonderful, and I don't think he's that short -- well, I don't know. They seemed to be eye level with each other, so if she's wearing heels he's probably 5'6.
Jealous? I'm not jealous. I hear he's gay. That cute little dog? Also gay.

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She really does look better with the tighter, closer fitted dresses/outfits. Those flowing poofy things really dont do her justice. AKA, the Cannes dress.
It's not her dog for the record. She has a Maltese terrier and an Akita.

She looks great.
Fun to see our favorites making the rounds at all the hip parties with the cool kids. Caught a laugh-out-loud momentary reference to Michelle Trachtenberg in frivolous Fug-Girls Fashion Week after-party coverage, but thought it too goofy and irrelevant to warrant a new topic on W-esque. Now that there's already a fugging front page post, I'll toss it over the wall for your amusement. (Read the paragraph before the mention to possibly put the snippet in context.)
ETA: Whoops... how did I miss that? Looks like it already made front page news on the Black.

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Dawnie is growing up.

And Max Azria is a pretty big time designer (you remember BCBG?) who has counted Sarah as his muse for quite some time now
SMG looks fantastic. I'm feeling a little bitter about all the free clothes she must be getting this week, though. Oh, well. She'll work 'em a lot better than I ever could, anyhow!
"I changed your main link to the Getty images link as I'd rather a link to a specific page rather than a sub-forum."

Not a problem Simon. I actually wondered what I should do, so I played it safe.

And if you check out the link once more, she attended some event for Marie Claire tonight (9/13) as well. Thanks to Eleagold at SMGfan for the heads up.
I am literally stunned by Sarah's beauty everytime photo's like these come out. The woman is breath taking.
Thank you so much for the link Jerry.
I think there may be a deserved fug coming for that dress at the Marie Claire event. But maybe not, 'cause she looks great despite it. Some people can wear anything.

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