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September 13 2006

"The Deathless" just got a cover. I know that the Buffy book was announced a while back but it just got itself a very pretty cover. The tagline is a classic BtVS theme.

Is that a little tiny hand in her eye ? ;-)
For some reason I never knew that Buffy had that many ear piercings but my wife assures me that she did.
Yup, those are her piercings. She didn't always have jewelry in all three holes, though, and I think the other ear has only two.
I always liked that picture.

I think it was one of the Season 4 promos. It was also used on the cover of the Buffy Xbox game (the first one... the good one).
"The Deathless"... is it about Koschei?
"The Deathless"... is it about Koschei?

Yup. Baba Yaga and Bulat the Brave show up, too. *grin*

(Russian myth geek Craig)

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