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September 13 2006

Wonder Woman: OC Style. Latest Wonder Woman casting rumor has Rachel Bilson of THE OC being cast in the lead. Not sure of the reliability of this site and it doesn't seem all that likely, but ya never know!

Life Style Extra? BANG Media International???

Was this reported by a comdom company or a Porn studio?

(lol, I wonder how long this will be allowed on the front page)
Ummmmmmmm, yeaaaaaah! I hope we go with some unknown on this one, or scrap it all together and start punching up a shiny sequel or two.

Besides, Bilson is only 5'2!
Well, if this had been true at least I would have been able to convince my OC loving friends to go and see it.
Well, she was a Potential Slayer... for like 3 seconds.
(lol, I wonder how long this will be allowed on the front page)

Well we haven't had a damn silly rumour to report on for a while. And yes I know there was a recent Katherine McPhee rumour a couple of weeks back, but we covered that back in June. So that's why the more recent rumours about her got McDeleted. I wonder when the more serious casting rumours will surface.
me too. while i posted this, i assumed it was just a rumor, but sometimes those turn out to be true. hey, she could always be Wonder Girl. :)
I wonder when the more serious casting rumours will surface.

I expect after the movie has actually been greenlit.
i dont think there's any question to it being greenlit. joss said he wouldnt talk casting until after the script is done and approved. so....we wait. :)
It's not entered production yet, and I don't think there's been any green light announcement via Variety etc. In fact, I don't think the studio has yet signed off the script, so there is basically no casting.

Also, where this rumour started: she dressed as Wonder Woman in The OC. And that's, uhm, it. I expect to read this in The Times tomorrow.

Also, caught this on the press wire just now:

A host of Hollywood stars had been tipped for the role, including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Cameron Diaz and 'Van Helsing' actress Kate Beckinsale, who turned down the part saying she "did not want to embarrass her daughter" by wearing the revealing outfit.

Kate turned it down? Uhm, what? That's just bollocks. I love the media.

[ edited by gossi on 2006-09-13 20:46 ]
Its really easy to turn down a part that hasn't been offered to anyone. I turned down seven parts this morning alone :) Revealing outfits and all that... ;)
It's especially easy to turn down a part that hasn't been offered to you and never would be :D
Why, I turned down numerous offers for Superman, Batman, even one Mission Impossible 3. Tom Cruise thought I would do a better job than him in that movie. They dont call me the desi tom cruise for nothing. Oy its such a pain to be desired for so many leading roles.
I make a point every day to turn down three impossible parts before breakfast.
I turned down the part of Joss Whedon in his forthcoming biopic, "The Killer of Favourites" today. (And, to add insult to injury, somebody who shall remain nameless but who's name resembles Kirsty Walker once told Joss I looked like him. She couldn't possibly have been joking).

How do I announce a film on IMDB? The world needs to know about the movie. The other working titles are "Sucks to be Joss", "Joss: Master of the stunt casting without even trying" and "Kerry-Boy: The quest for peace".
Man gossi, you turned down the part for Joss whedon, are you f**king nuts?????
You seem to be really going at it at the Joss Worship. How s the joss stalking thing coming along;) or was I not supposed to publicize that.... oops
Man, I'm so over Joss. He's so yesterday. He hit his peak when he turned down doing a voice in Spongebob Squarepants. He could have been up there with The Hoff.
What a coincidence, gossi, I also turned down roles in "The Killer of Favorites!"

Since I've been rumored to have the "Looks of Inara, and personality of Kaylee," I declined both the Morena Baccarin and Jewel State parts in that biopic SIMULTANEOUSLY.
Pssst Gossi, nice try on the shirking off the Joss stalking thing, I think they are really believing it... oh wait I probably should have written that in a private email... oops
I once shot a man in Reno just for turning down a part. (Or was it for snoring? Or just to watch 'em die!!!)

I don't remember anymore. But I enjoyed it. And I'd do it again.

Wait, Claire Kramer is playing Joss in Spongebob Squarepants Too: Electric Vampire Boogaloo? Can't wait, goss, thanks! You always have the inside poop. (Must come from all that stalking.)
There's a joke in here about "regularity" and stalking, but I'm far too busy turning down a part in Lifetime's "Not in Front of My Daughter: The Kate Beckinsale Story" to write it. (The role I'm turning down has nudity involved, so, yo.) ;-)
Somebody else said 'yo'. I spread the love!
Quotergal, you shot a guy b/c he turned down the part, or you turned down the offer by shooting a man? (Memo to self must not offer roles to QuoterGal if I want to live).

[ edited by kurya on 2006-09-13 22:04 ]
Its a little known fact (and one of the three impossible things before breakfast) that if you pronounce gossi's name with a 'j' sound as in joss-y, you will be inducted in to a secret club of masons, shriners, and unrepentant ne'er-do-wells :) Or something...

I turned down the opportunity to play Ben & Glory simultaneously - beat that! (and take the simultaneous part any way you choose)
"I turned down the opportunity to play Ben & Glory simultaneously - beat that!" That sounds like a challenge and I accept.

I turned down a part to play Kate Beckinsale seeking out than turning down the Wonder Woman Role in the biopic "In search of the REAL Wonder Woman: the Kate Beckinsale Story"
Hang on! Bolt of lightening just hit me! It's brilliant! It's got legs!!

Hows'about instead of us all turning down parts randomly and separately, shooting people willy-nilly and ineffectually stalking Joss, we turn our individual manias towards a greater good?

We all hold hands together and vow that until Wonder Woman is safely cast, we donate 10% of every part we turn down to a Hollywood-based campaign to prevent unwanted casting rumours?

(Well, I'm not sure what the campaign would be for, exactly, but we can work that part out later.)

What I do know is that there would be a red carpet, an after-party, a VIP room, and chocolate party favours! We'd all be invited and someone we don't like, would not! Guaranteed!

Who's with me? Please, think of the children, won't you?
The Search for Wonder!Spock. Man, that film was good.

zeitgeist - you are now inducted to the (not so secret) club of masons, shriners and unrepentant ne'er-do-wells. Have a shiny star.

QuoterGal - I've no idea what you're on about, but I'm in.

[ edited by gossi on 2006-09-13 22:27 ]
Quoter-Gal, in terms of the chocolate party favours can we have chocolate shaped wonder-women?
Maybe Joss should make "Supergirl Returns"...with Kristen Bell in the title role. At least she'd be the right size for that

[ edited by impalergeneral on 2006-09-13 22:41 ]
Sure, kurya, why not? We can have chocolate shaped-everythings! After all, it's Hollywood, Jake, and these people have no shame! None whatsoever! Money is no object!

The important thing is that we work together! For the common good! Hand in hand and shoulder-to-shoulder!

Until it's over.
Two words. Jean Reno. Wait and see, that's all I'm saying.
Jean Reno? Isn't he already a super hero?
He was so good in the Pink Panther movie, plus Leon was practically a Wonder Woman movie in all but name.
Jean Reno? I think I might've shot him one time. If it's the Jean Reno I'm thinking of...
I turned down the role of Phantom Dennis due to the nude scenes.
Simon, I don't think Jean Reno would risk getting typecast after This

Oh, THAT Jean Reno...

[ edited by zz9 on 2006-09-13 23:03 ]
Lady Brick, see, that's one of the parts that cried out for nudity. gossi, I don't know what I'm on about either, but if we all work together, we can make it happen. And then never again, something, something, something. We can make a difference, one rumour at a time.

Because no actress should have to turn down a part they weren't offered ever again.
This thread keeps making me laugh :) Bonus!
QuoterGal: Totally. Too much nudity, not enough face time :(
We can make a difference, one rumour at a time.

That should be the Wonder Woman tagline at the current rate.
What people don't yet know is the top secret plan to include yet another fandom.

I've been informed by a top secret insider* that the role of Wonder Woman has been offered to Samuel L Jackson and he has accepted. And, even as I type, Joss Whedon is trying to find the right place in the script for the following dialogue:

Wonder Woman: Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf**king snakes on this motherf**king invisible jet!

*Top secret insider may be is a figment of my slightly overactive and deranged imagination. So, IMDB, you can stand down.
Enough is enough! I've had it with these motherf**king rumours on this motherf**king internet.

In fact, that should be the new film title.
My phone woke me up this afternoon with a message telling me that she had been cast as wonder woman. I instantly knew it was an internet rumour, dismissed the news completely and went back to sleep.
I just turned down the part of Kate Beckensale because I didn't want to embarrass my kids by being wooden.

Next to the chocolatey-shaped everything, can we have strawberries, champagne, and cheesecake?

Jean Reno as Wonder Woman? Ben and Glory in French!
Nebula1400? "Ben nooooon....c'est pas vrai"! For non-quebecers ... ben non is like saying "Of course not".

If you want a real rumour, I got a real stinker over here.

I tell you who has accepted the new wonder woman role..

William Shatner. Take that. and post. it. IM. DB. !!!

[ edited by kurya on 2006-09-14 00:19 ]
Some british tabloid reports that Morgan Freeman is really mad, that Samuel L. Jackson was cast for the title role, since he finally cleared his schedule to start shooting it and is ready to commit to a multiple year deal.

Reports indicate that Freeman was always Whedon's first choice for the role, but due to earlier conflicting schedules, wasn't able to commit for a 9 year contract deal, that Joel Silver wanted him to sign. Due to overhyped "Snakes on a Place" not making as much as expected by the studios, Warner Bros. actually got a cheap hire from Jackson. His main demand was to Whedon to include a lightsaber in Wonder Woman's arsenal, and to add the previous mentioned snake scene in the Invisible Plane (and yes he does get to kill the snakes with the light-saber).
However, Joss is still going to get to work with Freeman, with the recent announcement that Freeman has agreed to play Wonder Woman's mother in the film.

(Wheee! Making these things up is teh fun!)
williamthebloody1880: What people don't yet know is the top secret plan to include yet another fandom.

"Fandom-combining: the latest Hollywood thrill."

In a town where nothing is sacred, where each next thing is always more shocking than the last, where rumours flourish and the multiplicity of fandoms confuses all but the inside-iest of insiders, an unnamed Hollywood source (who requested anonymity to protect their crappy shoe-scraping internship) tells us that "fandom-combining," both dangerous and difficult, has become the latest done thing, here in the sun-filled city where the studios meet the sea.

It is rumoured that Trekkies have been combined with Star Wars and X-men fans, LOTR-lovers mingled with otaku, Browncoats and the Harry Potter fandom, while shippers have been merged with, well, um, ... everyone.

"If this preposterous trend continues," exclaimed yet another Tinseltown maven, "soon there will be nothing left but one enormous combined fandom!

Frightening news, indeed.
Hang on....I thought Gossi was playing Wonder Women - all of them, at the same time....with snakes. Whereas Nathan has now been demoted to invisible jet and Samuel as the lead snake, which is also the lasso.

*wakes up*

No, no, no gossi plays WW, Nathan plays her legs in the short but emotionally resonant dancing scene (the scene requiring soft hands is still in negotiation, insiders say gossi's holding out for more money).

Scientists worry that the combined fandom could mutate into a Super-fandom which would then fight Mega-fandom in an epic battle for global domination. Pundits already fear the wrath of (and potential property damage caused by) Son of Mega-fandom.

I turned down Morgan Freeman's part, despite the money offered. It was partly the smell.

Personally, i'd like to see whosflyingthisthing's phone get the part, she could really do wonders with it.

Also, Kate Beckinsale turned it down because she "did not want to embarrass her daughter" by wearing the revealing outfit ? Err, as opposed to Underworld 2 where the revealing outfit is, like, pubic hair ?

Also, also, funniest.thread.ever. You guys frikkin rule ! ;)
You people frighten me. But I still give this thread a thumbs up for the gratuitous Jean Reno/Professional/Leon mention.
Anyone know where Ben and Glory fit into this?
I think Morgan Freeman knows Glory. Not sure about Ben.
Ben once passed by the college where Jossy (or was that Gossi) once stopped to use the bathroom. There was something about pubic hair in the story, but Ben always ducks out of the conversation when asked about it. Morgan Freeman didn't have anything to do with it, but Samuel L. Jackson's daughter went there for a semester. She might know.

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Latest rumour has it that Joss himself will be playing the IMDB entry for Wonder Woman, however the accuracy of this rumour or the entry itself cannot be confirmed.
A. Many film critics thought Morgan Freeman's performance in Shawshank Redemption was Glorious. B. Ben is Glory. So using the transitive property, C. Morgan Freeman is Ben.

If we shake that up and post it on IMDB, we will most likely see Reuters reporting that Kate Beckinsale will be writing the new arc on Runaways.
Rachel Bilson was really hot in that Wonder Woman outfit from Season One, but my vote still goes to Charisma.
Ok so Morgan Freeman was Glorious, therefore Morgan Freeman is Ben? I can't see the connection myself.
Best. Wonder Woman thread. Ever.
Yeah. I don't know why this Josh fellow wants to write Wonder Woman (or direct it) anyway. Look, WB -- we've already done the casting.

Join us! Just send a photo to Danny Wallace.
Bilson has already proved her suitability for the iconic part, after she donned a Wonder Woman outfit for a sexy seduction scene in 'The O.C.'.

Well, I've dressed up in a Wonder Woman outfit before... does that make *me* suitable for the iconic part?

Um, don't ask...
crossoverman is the new Wondergal!
IMHO, the world is perfectly safe. Cousin of Son of Megafandomcrossovermadness will implode when he/she/they aren't offered the role of Wonder Woman's bustier.
Ben is Glory! Gossi is Joss! And Wonder Woman is... Superman?

Wonder Woman is going to be played by Brandon Routh in a skirt!

As I have said before and will say again, it's like an infinite number of monkeys banging away on an infinite number of typewriters and given enough time every actress in Hollywood will be "strongly rumored" to have gotten the part of Wonder Woman. Especially when it comes to the entainment news industry, which is desperate enough to run an April's fools gag from that Kate Beckinsale got the part.
"We've all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare. Now, thanks to the Internet, we know this is not true." -- Robert Wilensky

..."crazy Whedonesque-reading browncoat monkeys*," that is.

*courtesy of the creamy & delicious James Gunn

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I'd be cool with it.
I finally get home to read this thread and find that the casting for WW is finally settled. It looks like it is going to be complex, but if anybody can make the pieces come together it is Joss.

You know I don't really know anything about WW. Did Joss get the whole Ben/Glory thing from WW or is he just going to be doing a crossover?

I'm kind of sorry to hear about the whole Morgan Freeman/Samual L. Jackson/Nathan Fillion/Gossi thing because, though I know I can be accused of being closed-minded and overly traditional for saying this, I have always thought a woman or various pieces of women should be cast as Wonder Woman. I understand it is the performer and the talent that counts (blah blah blah.) I'm just having a hard time with this casting.

So Morgan Freeman is playing both Ben and Glory? Why was that again?
Y'all crazy. That's why I hang here.
I have always thought a woman or various pieces of women should be cast as Wonder Woman.

Way ahead of you, newcj. I've started the rumor heard that Jame Gumb is making a woman suit that will be cast as Womder Woman's bustier. That way, anyone can step into the role -- literally. Ted Levine will then play the invisible jet. And, bonus, James Gunn, who is tired of getting Jame Gumb's mail, will be playing with himself. ;-)

And Morgan Freeman was in Glory (the movie), yo! How could y'all have missed that factoid? I'm painfully disappointed in our collective failure to throw ourselves on an available Ben/Glory link like it was a fake live grenade. Oh, well, that's what I'm here for. ;-)
We've all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare. Now, thanks to the Internet, we know this is not true." -- Robert Wilensky

But do we know this is not true? I don't want to implicate others, but me banging on keys more or less at random has produced my contribution to Whedonesque, which in total as an organ, while not Shakespeare, might be said to verge on art.

Also, I think Ben is dead. That may resonate as a quote for some other LA people.
Rumors like this sometimes worry me. I just remind myself this is a Joss project. I trust his judgement
Is it just me or is every major actress (and maybe the not so major) brunette lately? I was in the doctor's office and saw an US weekly and just about in every picture, the actress was brunette. It's surprising since said actress has been known as having a different hair color before.

According to that and every actress "announcing" that the part has been offered to her or that "she tuned it down" (sour grapes?), leads me to believe that casting for this part will be very soon.

In Kate Beckinsale's case, I think it's money and not the star spangled outfit (i mean she showed her naughty bits in a werewolf/vampire movie, and she doesn’t consider that embarrassing?). At this point I think every actress is trying a “hey notice me” approach so Joss can catapult them to superstardom. I think Joss knows exactly who (or type) he wants, and is just waiting for the studio to say ok and synch up schedules.

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Join us! Just send a photo to Danny Wallace.

Hurray for pointless Danny Wallace references!

[ edited by Jona on 2006-09-14 18:48 ]
Ok, who the hell is Danny Wallace???? Or is that code name for Glory-Ben. This doesnt involve ole big ben in london does it? Hmmm something must have slipped into the drinking water here.

[ edited by kurya on 2006-09-14 18:55 ]
I don't know why the speculation continues. Everyone knows it's Tony Head, and not Morgan Freeman, we'll see in the star-spangled panties.
If its Tony head, you think it will be the union jack on the panties?
Danny Wallace is a UK TV presenter/writer/comedian who's made a bit of a name performing something like what some call 'culture hacks' whereby he uses slightly off the wall tactics to make serious points about life and the world in an (extremely ;) light-hearted way. In the last few years he's had a show about starting your own country called, originally enough, 'How to Start Your Own Country', started a cult by accident just by putting an advert in the paper titled 'Join Me' and written a book detailing his experiences when he decided to just say yes to any request made of him by anyone ('Yes Man').

Here's his website for the curious.

[ edited by Saje on 2006-09-14 19:33 ]
Hold on... you mean zeitgeist and Glory are the same person?!?

Oh, and just to further tarnish my image around here I'll say I like the idea of Rachel Bilson as Wonder Woman. So there. ;)

[ edited by Haunt on 2006-09-14 20:57 ]

[ edited by Haunt on 2006-09-14 20:57 ]
There's a movie coming out from Warner Bros called - imaginatively enough - Yes Man, based around what Danny Wallace did. (He said Yes to every request from friends/spam/strangers/etc for about 6 months).

I'd strongly recommend picking up the book - as it's simply fantastic. Especially if you're a bored bloke who sits around in his pants a lot, like me, looking at his feet.
Your feet, or Joss's feet Gossi. Be honest....
I do not sit in my pants looking at Joss' feet. That's be creepy. I sit in Joss' pants, looking at my feet.
Where (and this is crucial) is Joss sitting while you're in his pants gossi ?

(and wasn't Nathan playing the feet ? I thought it was a done deal)
In a Clinton move, I will decline answering that question.

And I hope Kai doesn't randomly read the end of topics on here, as - you know - my shamed face is even less pretty than my usual 'huh?' face.
dreamlogic: "Also, I think Ben is dead. That may resonate as a quote for some other LA people."

Wait, the what now? Ben is dead?
*wakes up*

"Is everyone here very stoned?"
"Is everyone here very stoned?"


Ben is Dead was a sort of hip LA 'zine back when I was sort of youngish. I was hoping someone would get the reference...what a drag it is getting old.
Tell me about it, sister.
Ben is Dead was a sort of hip LA 'zine back when I was sort of youngish. I was hoping someone would get the reference...what a drag it is getting old.

You want to try doing "Ed is dead" references, I feel incredibly old when no one gets that one.
I don't get it, but I don't think that makes me younger than you. It probably just makes me American.
Should the people here who doesn't have english as a native language, raise hands?

Raising mine right now. Tong Ma?
You guys, I'm really sorry, but Joss called me yesterday to offer me the WW role. I of course turned him down, but I gave him much praise for my good friend Alyssa Milano. We're "Botox Buddies". He's calling her today, if he hasn't already done so:) He's so sweet. He told me even over the phone that I've lost weight. How does he know these things? I so heart him.

ETA: as vera so eloquently pointed out, I didn't loose wait, but I lost weight. Joss actually told me I spelled it wrong, we've been gabbing and I haven't had a chance to fix it. I wish he would leave me alone about WW, Alyssa would be so much better.

[ edited by Harmalicious on 2006-09-15 01:16 ]

[ edited by Harmalicious on 2006-09-15 05:00 ]
So how do you loose wait? That's really something I've always wanted to do. I hate waiting
Harmalicious, don't be hasty. Your bud Alyssa is dollsome, yes, but too famous if they really want to go with an UNKNOWN. I think you should take him up on the offer. You could give us scoop from the set every day during filming, and arrange bit parts for the more photogenic Whedonesquers. Alas, I'll be relegated to donut runs like early Xander. Way/weigh/whey to go, girl!

[ edited by jaynelovesvera on 2006-09-15 19:54 ]
jaynelovesvera, are you calling me an unknown? I'm hurt. I do like the idea that you'll be donut guy. That would almost be enough to tempt me, but then I heard that Joss offered the job to Bob Newhart, so I think we'll be on a break for a while. How could he do this to Alyssa??? Like gossi, I'm so over Joss.
"so over joss"....hmmm

"so over (at) joss('s house)"
stupid double post grrr

[ edited by kurya on 2006-09-15 18:35 ]
Dearest Harmalicious, I didn't mean to hurt you. In reference to you, UNKNOWN is an acronym for Underpublicized, Never-seen-enough, Kickass, Nubile, Oh-my-goddess she's hot!, Woman of mystery, Natch! Don't worry about Newhart; I hear he dreamt the whole job offer thing. Please reconsider your overJossiness, I really need that donut job. And Alyssa will be happy for you if she's any kind of "Botox buddy".
I finally get home to read this thread and find that the casting for WW is finally settled. It looks like it is going to be complex, but if anybody can make the pieces come together it is Joss.

I thought dePalma was doing The Black Dahlia?

I hate myself for that.
"I finally get home to read this thread and find that the casting for WW is finally settled. It looks like it is going to be complex, but if anybody can make the pieces come together it is Joss.

I thought dePalma was doing The Black Dahlia?

I hate myself for that."
jaynelovesvera | September 15, 20:05 CET

...And I'm so out of the loop I don't get it. Explanations are no fun, but take pity on me anyway. OK?

"I really need that donut job"

...and I probably should not even mention that though I don't know what this is slang for I would rather nobody explained it. ;-)
sorry, newcj. Don't feel bad. The Ed/Ben dead riffs upthread left me head-scratching; All I remember are the "Paul is dead" rumors of the late '60s.

The Black Dahlia is a new film (openiing today or at least soon) by Brian dePalma based on a famous unsolved sensational murder case in LA in the 1940s. An aspiring actress (and suspected prositute) named Elizabeth Short was found murdered, drained of blood before her body was found, outside, artfully arranged in two pieces, sliced horizontally at the waist. The press called her the Black Dahlia becuse she most always dressed in all black.

Oh, and if donut job is slang for something other than the guy who supplies the crullers and whatnot, then I'm out-of-loopy, too.
No idea about the Ben stuff but if you're very good and clap at all the right times, Pixies might help with Ed.

(OK, I know it's really fairies but it's still worthy of The Times cryptic, yes ? ;)
Ah, Saje. Ed is Dead is a song by the Pixies, which I only just discovered through the auspices of Herr Google. Had heard of the band, but nothing of their music. Death and mutilation seem to be subjects near and dear to them, though. Are they Angsty much?
Oh, hell! Ed is Dead is the Pixies? I'm even more dead than I thought.

I thought I had all their stuff now :(
Must confess i'm not a huge fan either jaynelovesvera (though my sister used to listen to them. A lot ;) but I don't remember them being terribly angsty, more just slightly weird, slightly punky rock. Apparently they've re-formed though and i've no idea what their new stuff's like (might have angst coming out the wazoo).

(course Simon may have meant something else entirely, in which case i'm stumped)
Unless I'm even dumber than I now think, there's no new Pixies stuff yet. They reformed to play the old stuff for the fans, though Black Francis (Frank Black) and Kim Deal (Breeders) have their own projects.

And no, not so angsty. They're usually pretty cheerful about the death and mutilation.
course Simon may have meant something else entirely

It was indeed a Pixies reference.

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