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September 13 2006

11th Hour releases the next art gallery card: River Tam. 11th Hour, the incredible artist who gave us the guerilla Firefly posters and the Serenity RPG artwork, has released the second in her series of art gallery cards featuring the BDHs. The first was Inara, looking appropriately Mucha-like. River, now she's a different sort of person altogether...

I love how it shows two sides of her. The sane and then the not so sane. Really beautiful. Great job, 11th Hour!
Well put, Harmalicious!

As the bipolar and sainted missus might have said, thank you, Joss for creating strong crazy women characters!
Oh hooray! I am so excited that 11th has finished another one! Its just beautiful-and striking, and perfect.
Hm, gifted graphics - but the webpage design could use some help.
Genuinely appreciate the positive response to the preview of River's art gallery card. I loved creating the art for her card. River is so fascinating... and I wanted to evoke a sense of what she's been through, and what being in the 'Verse is like for her...

And yes, my webpage is a bit on the rudimentary side... heh... Well, attribute that to my "fringe world" sensibility in regards to my independent Firefly/Serenity art. I have a sentimental fondness for operating more like the rebel folks in the 'Verse who don't have access to the fancy stuff, but still find a way to get along. It's a bit of a romantical state of mind that keeps me connected in spirit to the Independents of the 'Verse.

Also, I'm a wiz in Photoshop, but I don't know jack about HTML.

I'm a wiz in Photoshop

You mean it wasn't all MSPaint? :o
I feel cheated...
Just to let folks know... the link to River unveiling image #2 has just been posted on my site...
11th Hour, that is absolutely stunning. Well done!
Harmalicious ~ Thanks for sayin'!

Before this group of threads slide off the front page... just another update to give anyone who's keepin' track ~

River unveiling pic #3 has just been posted.

Around two more previews to go after this, then the entire image will be revealed.

And yes, the image will keep getting more disturbing... yet, her inner power will come through... cuz that is after all, our dear River...

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