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September 14 2006

Buffy Quote Quiz. This challenge will make you laugh at its puniness. But some nice memories.

I don't think you need to register. I didn't.

Wow I can't believe I missed one! Got the Spike wrong of all things. Je stink.
100%, but that was the easiest quote quiz I've ever done. The only reason I'm commenting is to point out that Anya never became a wife, thank you very much!

Edit: Oh, and Cordelia wasn't homecoming queen! Forgot to mention that.

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buffy_kitten got 140%

Revel in her masterliness.
Aw, shucks! I've never been revelled before. ;)

Actually, I don't understand the politics of American homecoming queens, so maybe Cordy was the queen in seasons 1 or 2 and we just weren't shown? That whole thing really confuses me.
P'shaw, chosen kitty, p'shaw and p'shakespeare, you have bested the quizmistress in single combat, now throw your head back and roar!

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I missed the Spike one :(
Wow. I got them all right.

And sadly? I haven't seen an ep of Buffy in over two years...

Oh wait, that wasn't for me was it! I missed on the Xander one!

I got 100%, but yes, that was the easiest thing ever. Though the Spike one I actually had to think about.
Way too easy.
". . . easiest thing ever." Yeah. But it was the Xander one I had to ponder. Still, fun.
100 %. I believe the technical term is 'W00T!' ;).

(but yeah, the Xander one had two or three possibilities that sounded quite Xanderish)

...p'shaw and p'shakespeare...

Hah, LOL Pointy ;-).
I missed on the Spike one and am glad to see others were tricked by that, too!
100%, I think I've attained bragging rights. If only I aced all tests so effortlessly.
'Nother 100%, but a couple of them were a bit tricky. It's--just neat--to see this kind of thing turning up, though. Proves that BtVS continues nagging the zeitgeist.
...p'shaw and p'shakespeare...

Hah, LOL

Want to know who I stole it from, saje?

Me too. Can't remember.
Well I haven't watched Buffy in years and I still got 100% (although I did guess 2 correctly).

Sorry anout the double post my browser suddenly went crazy.

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Want to know who I stole it from, saje?

Ah well, at least your delivery was perfect Pointy ;).

(and whomever you stole it from now lives on. Assuming they're dead. Otherwise I suppose they still live on so it's kind of a win-win situation)

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100%. That was the easiest quiz ever - I could even see the actors' faces saying the quotes! :-)

Nice to know that the Buffster is still considered good fodder for work avoidance in the 'real' world, though!
I missed Cordelia's. When did she say that?
Cordelia said that in the teaser of episode 15 of Season 2, "Phases," while Xander and she were making out in her car. And soon enough the Oz-wolf attacked.

The Spike quote is from episode 20 of Season 7, "Touched" when he finds Buffy in the abandoned house and gets her to pick herself up.

Yes, I am a Buffy geek, ladies and germs.

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I missed the Cordy one but got the rest right. :)
I'm be more impressed with the 100% results if there were more than 5 questions :p.
I missed the Xander one. Oh, the shame, it burns.
Yeah, but you can only play what's put in front of you Simon ;).
100 %; but they were real easy. and no willow and no giles quote. shame on them.
Another 100%. That's one of my favorite Spike quotes, because of the delivery. :)
100% :-)
(I think this is one of the few places where getting 100% on a Buffy quote quiz can constitute bragging)
no willow and no giles quote. shame on them.

But I'm pretty sure there was at least one Willow quote in the wrong answers. If not, whoever wrote the quiz had a good ear for making up dialog for the characters.

Giles sarcasm can sometimes be confused with Spike's sarcasm. Especially for us Merkins who don't have a native's grasp for British profanity.
100%, but golly it was easy.
I kinda wish they'd just had allowed us to guess for *all* the quotes,then it would perhaps have been long enough that 100% might impress Simon. Granted, this quiz wasn't hard for Whedonesques, but, I imagine that for the casual viewer, it was much harder. Wait. Are there such things as "casual viewers?"
it was too easy, but I like being reminded of the episodes.
100% too. I remember laughing out loud at the Spike and Xander ones.
100. Easiest quote quiz ever! hehe. Even if you didn't know the answers, it would be pretty easy to guess. Like Buffy's... gee, who else would Giles give a cookie to?
Another 100% here! I didn't think it was all that easy, I think it did require having watched every episode many many times...which means it was pretty easy for everyone around here.
Good find. However, considering this room, you may want to find more challenging questions.
100%. Hurray! Can someone tell me who said the Captain Logic line?
Yup, missed the Xander one. If I had missed the Spike one, I might have had to turn in my badge. One of my favorite(among about 500 others) Buffy/Spike exchanges...

Buffy: "I don't wanna be the one."
Spike: "I don't want to be this good-looking and athletic. We all have crosses to bear."

Wait. How do you get 60% missing only one question! Scratches head.
At first I thought, '5 questions? I'm going to rock this thing!'

Of course, I missed the very first one.

In order to hold my head up high, I now sequester myself so I can watch all epsiodes from start to finish. Now excuse me while I update the netflix cue.
I got 100%. Short, I had to stop to think about the Spike one, but bonus points to the quiz maker for including my favorite comedic Oz line.
Me too, Tonya J. Thanks for keeping me company.
I got 100%! That was easy.
Curse the quiz, Simon, not the playah!

And I got 100% after only 2 tries!
Jona The "Captain Logic" line was Anya, from "Flooded."
Yeah, it was on the easy side, but I got a good half hour of chuckling out of it due to remembering "I mock you with my monkey pants." That has to be one of the best Oz lines ever.
Should I be disgraced if I got 60%? :P Im not a huge buffy fan, and I dont have the dvds, but love the show. Got the Cordy and the Spike ones wrong.
100%! Very easy...but sure a fun way to start my morning! :)
Revel in kurya's humility!
Now, now, we don't revel in anyone's humility. Let's leave the schadenfreude to AICN/IMDB postings ;)
Dude, no schadenfreude (hope you spelled that right) intended. Humility is a virtue. Worth applauding! With sincerity. Sans snark. Yay self-deprecating humor!

ETA: Like kurya's!

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I struggled with the Cordelia quote. I only got it by process of elimination.

That was fun!
Yeah... Stop revelling in my humility Pointy. Wait, what was it humility or humiliation?? Because revel in my humility sounds kinda nice, unless I am a dunce and I am reading it wrong. Unless by saying humility you were making an ironic comment and you REALLY meant, humiliation.... oh god I am confused... must sit down...
See, zeitgeist? How perfect my innocence? As the ancients taught, "Moderator, moderate thyself."

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Wow, that word "schadenfreude" has really been in the zeitgeist lately. Don't mean nothing personal-like by sayin'.
Woo, 80%! I missed the Spike one, but in my defense, the right answer was my next choice.
Me too, Tonya J. Thanks for keeping me company.

No problem Eden, us losers have to sit together on the loser bench. :p 60%. One wrong answer. Grumble Grumble Grumble. Scarred for life.
Well at least you had one wrong answer, I had two!
I think we're all winners.

Hmm.... Isn't what they say to "special" kids? My mom tells me that I am a Winner! (and special)

[ edited by kurya on 2006-09-15 02:26 ]
Indeed, kurya. And as Dash (and Syndrome) put it, if everyone is special, then nobody is.
Another 100% here. I just love the fact that the Spike's "Wonder Jonathan and his fluffy battle kittens" line was one of the (wrong) answer choices. Snarky Spike at his best!
100% and easily. (Is proud) But mostly it was just really enjoyable to read all the quotes.

Anyone else have that book THe Quotable Slayer. It sounds silly but I really enjoy it. It's just a book of all the great lines in the show. Oddly enough most of them are just as good out of context. Of course I am carrying the context in my head but still!
125% I win!!
I missed the Cordelia quote, too. But the Spike one is one of my favourites. And my favourite Oz line is "We could attack the mayor with hummous." No, wait, it's the monkey one. No... oh, heck, I liked pretty much anything Oz said.

Xane, I have The Quotable Slayer and I love it. You're right, I too carry the context in my head - and can usually hear the rest of the conversation! I admit - I'm a geek, a Joss geek!

ETA, and probably a thread-killer as well, joining the illustrious likes of QuoterGal and gossi

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