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September 15 2006

Midnight screenings of "Once More With Feeling" in New York. Tonight in fact. And Saturday as well. There's even a Buffy-oke (best new word of the day) contest before hand. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Cheers to Charly for the heads up.

Cease, New York Buffy fans ! Cease and desist, I beseech thee !


Sounds like fun. Pity i'm a) 3000 miles away and b) as close to tone deaf as can be without actually being. I can tell there are different notes but reproducing them ? And in order ? Out of my league.
Hmmmm. My friends cannot come with and I have a 10 year old to take care of. Do I

A. ask my mother to take care of my son while I go by myself and get back at 3 am?

B. take my son with me and get back at 3 am

C. not go

I can tell there are different notes but reproducing them ? And in order ? Out of my league.

Just as well, Saje. I'm fairly certain counterfeiting is still illegal.
newcj, depends. Can your son sing?
Does he like Buffy?
I'm such a dork... going both nights! :)
I'm fairly certain counterfeiting is still illegal.

Slightly OT but, given the C&D thread, I always wondered, if you counterfeit a note but not for profit (i.e. if it costs exactly 5 to produce a fake 5 note) would that constitute fair use ? Or if you forge a note very cheaply but draw a funny moustache on the Queen would that qualify as parody ?

newcj, if he likes Buffy then why not take the lad along ? Staying up past midnight + the whole big city thing would've been a great adventure when I was that age.

(course, times have changed and he may not consider anything below 'single handed one boy invasion of an entire alien planet' even remotely adventurous ;)
Actually, yes, he does like BtVS, very much. Although I tried not to watch when he was little, (and awake) when the day came that I became obsessed enamoured of the series rather than just respectful of it, I started cheating. I would watch when he was doing something else. He did not notice at first, and then he did. It was the first TV show that he caught me watching that he did not think was boring. I got away with him watching with me for awhile because he does not like scary stuff and would have me cover his eyes when the the scary parts were about to happen and, well, sex can be scary, right? ;-)

Anyway, yeah, he likes BtVS, loves NYC, has stayed up very late way more often than I should have let him, is really well behaved at concerts, theater etc. and has seen people harmlessly enjoying themselves in ways that are not common in suburban America. Sooooo, maybe I should just bring him, even though he usually refuses to sing in public.

Hey, that's it! I should bring him so he will see that refusing to sing in public is not a sign of maturity. After all, all he will have to do is look around him to see that... Hmmmm. Maybe not such a good example.

At least any Whedonesquers there will be able to pick me out. See, kids are good for something. ;-)

I'll have to think about this. Anybody know when the doors open? Is the 12:00 time when the preshow activities start or the actual screenings?

Saje: I always believed that everybody should be free to sing no matter what it sounds like. Let it rip! Just enjoy. To hell with the rest of the world.
No showtimes available? That was fast!
Yeah. I guess I don't have to worry about it now. ...and if it did sell out, there is a greater possibility that it will happen again. Right?
newcj: This quote reminded me of your son: "There are three things I don't do: tan, date - and sing in public!"
Anusien, I had quite forgotten about that. (chuckle) I also had not really thought about how funny it is that so many of us in the family have been singers...
Damn, I knew I should have gone to New York this weekend!
We need to write FOX and get a HD-DVD release of OMWF!
I'd love to hear from someone who goes to this what it was like. Could this be the start of the next Rocky Horror?
Yes, those of you who go, please come back and tell us how it went and what the event consisted of.
Revel in my jealousy!
The IFC Center website was certainly billing it as a "Rocky Horror"-style cult evening, so let's hope it becomes a fixture! I'm going tonight with a group, so I'll try to give a report when I get back.
Firstly, good news! They announced last night that there will be more dates in NYC for November.

The event was a lot of fun. Buffy-oke involves not singing, but rather the fan re-enactment of scenes/lines; in this case, it was the scene where Buffy first encounters Angelus after his turn because, as the emcee explained, it was the most heartwrenching scene he could find that contained dialouge. Needless to say, seriousness was not the goal of most of the re-enactments, two of which utlized gender reversals to great comedic effect. There were a few line readings after that, and at the end of each go-round, the audience voted for the best re-enactor(s).

The musical came next, and there were goody bags with fan interaction props that could be purchased cheaply beforehand. Everyone was game for singing along, and there was a lot of getting up and dancing, shouting at the screen, and so on. The singalong worked particularly well, I think, in songs that involved multiple characters -- the audience usually spontaneously divided itself into roles, and there was a lot of back-and-forth. The props/callbacks were mostly clever, and, well, I'll just say that kazoos are always amusing...

After that, there was a trivia contest (some of the questions were actually tough!), and then an airing of the original pilot. We got out at about 2:30 am or so.

All in all, it was great fun, and I'm definitely game for hitting one of the shows in November...
Oh, and also: There was a photog from the New Yorker at the show, so if anyone reads the mag, keep an eye out.
Great report, RambleOn623. This phenomenon definitely needs to sweep the country, so that I can go. And of course also sweep the world, so that everybody else can go.
Thanks Rambleon623. Why do I have the uncomfortable feeling that the shows in November will be around Thanksgiving, when I am out of town? I miss some great stuff that way.
Awesome, RambleOn623!
We had a Buffy sing-along in Vancouver last October. We saw Hush first, then there was a trivia quiz, for which gorramit and WryBread tied for the win. (Yay, Whedonesquers!) Then there was a Buffy-oake (that's what they called it then and it was the same scene), then OMWF. The goody bags had vampire teeth, bubbles and lighters (which we found out we weren't allowed to use in the theatre :0)and a few bags had underwear to throw during Marti Noxon's song! It was a lovely night - and just before Hallowe'en.

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Glad to provide the report, guys. ;-) newcj, I think -- don't quote me on this, though -- the emcee said the November singalongs would be the 10th and 11th. samatwitch, the emcee actually mentioned trying to use real flames and getting in trouble for it; this time, he had red streamers we could throw back and forth. The bags this time had vampire teeth buzzers, kazoos, little popping noisemakers and finger puppet monsters.

By the way, caught this article on the shows in a family member's newspaper earlier today.

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