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"I wanted to do a show about people who are not 'super,' just working-class people, the people history steps on. (Joss on Firefly)"
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September 15 2006

(SPOILER) Preview for Astonishing X-Men #17. Cover and four-pages for the book, which will come out on September 20th.

mmm...a dream (/mind control?) sequence by Joss. My fave. Kitty better phase fast before the next panel.
Sighs. I thought it was coming out on the 27th of this month. Lovely artwork.

Oh and congrats to Laura Martin for winning the Harvey Award for Best Colorist.
And I thought it was coming out next week - at least, that's what Marvel and Diamond have been showing. Ah, well.

(Not looking at the preview cause I don't want to be spoiled that much...)

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This is slightly perplexing.

Both Marvel and Diamond are saying this comes out next week...maybe the 'Rama got it wrong, and misprinted the date. Apparently Moon Knight, previews also shown there and advertised as the 4th, is supposed to come out next week as well...

Methinks a mistake on their part, not a delay.
I thought it was coming out 9/20 as well. I hope it's not delayed.

It's odd that even with a dream sequence they can't show any characters other than Astonishing team.

Can we at least get the Cheese Man to show up?

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Like much of the run, even dialog-less previews are disturbing and compelling. Looking forward to it whenever it comes out...
Wizard says it will be out next Wednesday on their preview.

Relevant link.
No! It's too soon! Didn't we just get #16? We're supposed to wait longer. Longer, I say!

Seriously though, I can't wait!
I assumed it wasn't coming out until 10/24 (assuming that it would be around the same time of the month as #15 and #16), so count me as pleasantly surprised. And...
Love the return to a monthly schedule, but just because it is in Wednesday's preview on Wizard doesn't mean it will be out. Hopefully it will be out next week and the 'Rama is wrong.
Not that anything's a guarantee in the comics shipping world, but... scroll to the Marvel section.
'Rama has actually edited the page now, noting that AXM and Moon Knight are out next week.
Good stuff. I've amended the date on the front page too.
Senor Pants:
Wednesday should be my next visit to the comic book store, since it's now supposed to be both AXM #17 and Southland Tales #2. I'll also be getting the Runaways hardcover.

I'll phone them first.
Senor Pants and Silv:

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