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April 14 2003

(SPOILER) Buffy 7x22. Finale synopsis by bubonicplague.

It's starting to look like if there had been an eighth season, it would have taken place away from Sunnydale. Oh, and I will say nothing derogatory about the reactions of 'shippers. Nothing. Except to state my allegiance to the idea that the only 'ship that matters is the friend 'ship (which explains both why I think this season has been a bust, and why the finale spoilers don't bother me).

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Well, if BubonicPlague's goal is to have summaries that read like Television Without Pity, he/she has succeeded. Self-consciously "humorous" ripping of every element of the show and its writing staff in lieu of actual content. Well done, Bubonic, well done. Your recaps are just as unreadable as TWOP's.

Geez... what a load of junk.
As tempted as I am to read it, I'm staying away from this. On a semi-related note, is anyone here going to the AICN Buffy Bash? I sent in my check this morning. Just curious.
Oddjob, I sent in my check as well...crossing fingers

I'm resisting the urge to read the summary but I take it this the definitive script for the finale as I read at AICN that Joss did have several versions of the finale script floating around.
Cool. I wouldn't mind taking photos with a digital camera for this site for everyone who can't make it (that's of course assuming that I'll be one of the fortunate to have gotten in). Will it be possible to upload photos here (I was thinking of keeping them small, like 400x300 pixels each) or do I have to post them elsewhere and link to them from here?
Oddjob, youŽd have to post them somewhere and then get someone else to link to it here. Sometimes our rules are a bit complicated. Anyway, if you have photos, I can put them up somewhere on the site.
I'm hoping that this is just foilers and that the end of Buffy is going to be a LOT better than this. And the 'amulet' is jsut the kind of stupid Deus ex Machina that amused me so in the Angel ep 'Awakening'. And I can definately think of a couple of characters I'd rather see die than the ones mentioned...
Spike is Buffy's (*retch*) heart? Anya dies a violent death, and rather than seeing Xander mourn we get a line about how much he'll miss the Sunnydale MALL? The final BtVS episode ever, and Giles gets less screen time than the SIT extras?

Fuck you, Joss.

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Um, yeah, reading that I got the impression that instead of trying to please everybody, Joss is putting the series to bed with an attempt to piss everybody off.

Half of me applauds that.

The other half goes: 'Noooooooooooooo!'
No matter what Joss wrote people would be pissed off. I'm still not convinced that this is the final version of the script.
I must agree with Simon on both counts. This might be the mother of all fakeouts from Joss and company. But even if it's not, no finale could possibly do this show justice. Series finales as a rule tend not to deliver the goods. Think of "Seinfeld", or "Cheers", or "St. Elsewhere", or "Star Trek: TNG". The same criticisms being levelled at Joss now could just as easily have applied to any of these shows' final eppys. The problem with an amazing show that draws you in like BtVS is that we end up inhabiting the creator's shared universe so completely that any ending is by definition a betrayal. People gripe about loose plotlines and red herrings, but those things are manifestations of the very potential that makes the show live and breathe. It's not just a story anymore, or series of stories - to many of us, Buffy has become a fully scalable parallel dimension. But that's part of the problem. Yes, it's a shared world, but at the same time it's still a story that had a definite beginning and will have a definite end. I think it's the transition back from something larger than the story back to "just" a story that's behind a lot of fans' vitriol, and I guess I can understand that. But I'd rather thank Joss for one hell of a ride than accuse him of retroactively aborting the past seven years of my life. It was a marathon run, and even if it seems he's a little hard pressed to get across the finish line, I'm not going to start screaming obscenities at the man, I'm going to hand him a cup of Gatorade and cheer him on through that last mile, pretty or not. So why don't we all chill out, sit back, and thank Mutant Enemy for the memories?
I'm spoiled enough -- will not read, must not read. Rumors of multiple endings being filmed have given me a little hope, that Joss is filming in back alleys and deserted warehouses to create a decent and unspoiled finale.

I may be a flouncy Pollyanna, but at least I'm man enough to wear this damn pinafore. And these buckly shoes.
I just had a semi-related thought. From what I understand, this week is the last week of filming on Buffy, right? If that's the case, I'm really surprised no one's gone to Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy/Fox and asked to shoot some QuickTime VR/IPIX movies (or some other technology) to give fans a virtual tour of Sunnydale, Buffy's house, etc. (with narration by Nick Brendon, et al). Am I the only one thinking this would be worth paying some $$$ to see? :(

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