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September 15 2006

"It was like all my Christmases at once," Alexis Denisof says of working on Buffy in an interview in Liverpool, where he's appearing in Arthur Miller's "All My Sons."

He describes appearing in a video for ex-Beatle George Harrison and comments on an unusual convention experience. (And no, "All My Sons" has nothing to do with My Three Sons. Good play. Way better than "The Crucible.")

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He was hired to replace ASH????
FYI, it's Denisof, with an 'f'.
palehorse, I think that meant he was hired to play Wesley, who was replacing Giles as Buffy's Watcher.
When Wes first appeared on Buffy I didn't think much of the character, I thought he was OK and provided fun interactions with Giles. Over the seasons I became more and more impressed with AD. I hope he does a play in NYC so I can go see him.
Wow, he went out with Caroline Aherne and was credited for 'The Royle Family' (OK, only a 'special thanks' but still a credit) ? She's a fairly big deal over here (though I don't think she's done much recently).

Wonder if there're any plans to tour this ?
Oh, that's a wonderful play! He's a perfect match.
Nice interview. What a lovely civilized man.
But they did make it sound like he was replacing Tony, not Giles. Whoops.

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