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September 15 2006

The inimitable Succatash offers up a bold new theory on Book. Submitted for your approval... discussion, puzzlement, and/or spirited debate. See what 3 years' seclusion in a mountain hut does for Book backstory musings!

The house of Strange Finger goes where no previous Book theory has gone before. Test your own personal Book theory Kung Fu against this cunning contender!

Wow. It's certainly the most interesting theory I've heard so far.
I like it as well. Very interesting theory.
That is interesting.

Not at all convinced it's what Joss had in mind but I do like the idea since it ties in with the way that monasteries were great repositories of knowledge through-out the dark ages so the association is already there between religious orders and the preservation of knowledge (and obviously it lends an extra meaning to his name apart from just 'man of The Book').
I think it's a good theory. But the body would have to survive being strung up on the hood of the Firefly, going into reaver territory, getting shot at by the alliance, crashing into the earth, and then, more shooting.

I'll believe it when I hear Joss say it. But dont get me wrong, it's better than anything I've come up with. I was attacked by wild giant beavers in the mountains. I had to leave early.

Grin! Sania D.
Good theory, and definitely the most interesting I've heard thus far. I like it.
The Serenity sequel will begin with the crew flying Book’s body back to the monastery for burial and they get attacked. Someone is trying to steal Book’s body.

I spy a small problem with this theory. . .
I don't think Book was actually one of the bodies used during the flight into Reaver space. But I believe that Book was an Operative, that's why he knew the things he knew, and could do the things he could do, and why his ident card was impressive.

I've always taken Book's "No, I don't," in the film to mean, he doesn't have to tell Mal about about himself, because he *just did*.

ETA: Now, there's no reason why the sequel couldn't revolve around Book's past (and Inara's as well), but I just think the question of who Book was has already been answered.

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Hmm, i've always seen "No, I don't" as just a simple exercising of free-choice which Mal's subsequent expression sort of acknowledges. Book, as are we all (maybe ;), is a free agent and doesn't need to do anything.

I agree that ex-operative is probably a more likely theory though (or at least more likely to be what Joss intended).
Well, that too, Saje. But I always saw that piece of dialogue as one of those sly, layered pieces of "Joss genius."
Could have something pat32082, i'd missed that dimension I must confess. But he is sly with the layers so you never know ;).
Well I agree that the sequel(s) will explain Book's past, but with flashbacks (and maybe there could be androids), but I'm also expecting it to be about Zoe's loss (Wash appearing in dream sequences, and I'm hoping for clones), and finally I fully expect the details of Inara's story, and the consumation of her relationship with Mal, followed quickly by her painful horrible death.

Of course it is just my theory.
I like this theory more than the Book is an (ex-)operative theory, cause that would be too obvious. For me the operative still would more apply to Inara, but thats another thing.
and I'm hoping for clones

Congratulations! I had no idea you were even expecting.
I love the theory, but I love even more embers comment about the eventual painful horrible death for Inara. That might not happen. It may happen to Mal instead....(why he did die once :S)

[ edited by kurya on 2006-09-17 01:34 ]
. . . or Book could be a founder of the Alliance who, disgusted with the perversion of an originally well-intended movement, turned his back on politics to pursue a different path. The reversion to habits of the past could explain some seemingly out-of-character thoughts or actions.
Great theory! I did for a second think that the good Shepherd's body might be a little less than, er, intact what with having been tied to Serenity's hull and all, but then I remembered that Book was only to be placed "right up front to honor him" in the hi-larious out-take, not in the real movie. So, while he's all corpsified and gross, I'm sure Book's body is still relatively salvageable (except for that giant hole in his belly courtesy of the Alliance). Although personally I still believe Mr. Glass's explanation that Book was a ballet master. ;-)

Silly kurya, don't you know that the hero's love always dies horribly right after they decide to be together forever? ;-)

If it's a boy, jaynelovesvera, they're going to name it "embers," and if it's a girl, they're going to name it "embers." ;-)
Book could be a founder of the Alliance

He's pretty young for that. I mean, the Alliance was presumably created before everyone left Earth That Was, and it must have taken a REALLY long time to get that expansive.
Sigh. Another beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact . . . Maybe he was a detective who wrote a best selling -- book.

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