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September 16 2006

Nathan Fillion posts for Rings of Orbis RPG and "The Softwire" book. The Captain excited the crew over at the OB by logging on and pimping giving good publicity for an online RPG called Rings of Orbis (free reg req to play the game), and for a new book (on which the game is based) that Nathan's friend PJ Haarsma wrote, called The Softwire.

Jason Hanley posted some very helpful Rings of Orbis game-playing tips in the same discussion. And later in the thread is another post from Nathan, saying nice things about Gina in Standoff (I agree, Mr. Fillion!) and thanking Browncoats for checking out Orbis. BTW, various other websites are also carrying copies of Nathan's message, including (where I first saw this, but I think their link to the OB thread is wrong -- it took me to an Adam Baldwin post about a study with what we might call "controversial" results regarding male and female intelligence).

[ edited by billz on 2006-09-16 13:56 ]

OK, it worked for Pointy on his slightly lonely thread. Self-thread-pimping (which I think is illegal in some states), here I come! ;-)

Anyone? Anyone? Gaming? Books? Nathan post? Adam post? The sound of crickets when no one is getting me? Hellooooooo?

Oh, well. Tomorrow is I Spit Dance On The WB's Grave Night, so the weekend's not a total loss. ;-)
billz, I'm here for you. It's great that Nathan's so supportive of these two Orb-related endeavors. A lot of people wouldn't cotton to that. Your pair of posts ("The Softwire" here and your comment re: visible straps in the Boston theater thread) make it appear you are fascinated by bras. But that's OK, it's healthy to get these things off one's chest by being upfront with them.
I don't think i've seen a finer example of neuro-linguistic programming this side of Derren Brown jaynelovesvera. Totally only thinking about bras now ;).

Never been a big RPG fan though I played the Marvel (paper based) one years ago (who knew the Hulk actually had 'Unearthly' strength ? Or that Spidey's 'Amazing' agility allows him to dodge arrows but not bullets ?).

Don't want to go too near Adam's (presumably) slightly tongue in cheek posting of Rushton's study but it has to be worth pointing out that if the aptitude tests it's based on were designed by men wouldn't they possibly have a bias towards testing for things that men consider important in intelligence ? I.e. things that clever men are good at ? Also, if brain size (or even number of neurons) was the limiter for intelligence then either whales or elephants would rule the Earth (hint: it's the body mass/brain mass ratio that's important and even then neural interconnections that matter and size tells us nothing about these).

I think there are differences between male and female brains (though nurture probably plays a large role in behavioural and possibly even physiological differences) but the sooner we all learn that different doesn't necessarily mean inferior the better off we'll be I reckon.
Saje, you are so right. To me determining which gender, if either, is more intelligent is impossible. There are many types of intelligence, and who's to say which type is superior or why one gender excells at it? And even if it were possble to determine, why introduce yet another factor to divide or subjugate people. I think Amazon Island would become a reality pretty fast and I would be donut guy for sure.

As for RPGs, in my youth I dungeon-mastered a Dungeons and Dragons game for awhile. It really cut down on the female companionship, though, so I took up synchronized swimming instead.
A friend tried to interest me in synchronised Dungeons and Dragons but I didn't like the regimentation. And the nose clips were really uncomfortable.
Saje, you should have tried one of billz' nose guards from the story arc thread. They're padded, like most of my posts. As for the regimentation, I'd flat-out refuse to be called Reggie like everyone else.
"hint: it's the body mass/brain mass ratio that's important "

So they say. Does that mean as I gain weight I get stupider?!? So that has been the problem these last ten years. Or maybe not... ;-)
Wow, thanks for stoppin' by, y'all! :-)

Interesting note -- when I first read these posts, I kind of thought we were talking about an upfront kind of orb that, well, is not so much found on a woman's body but is found on a man's -- I'm just sayin'. So, it's a thread for all horny people, with celebration of the human body no matter what your gender or preference, or body mass/brain mass ratio! Good job, everyone, and thanks for your, er, hard work and, um, making it a stiff competition! :-)

Padding...upfront...orbs...synchronized S&M D&D..hard work...must go lie down. Um -- I'll be in my bunk. ;-)

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