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September 16 2006

A chance to say thanks. Cool SyFy Portal interview with one of the organizers of the Big Damn Thank You website.

It's a nice little article, but I found it very difficult to read because of the blue text on a blue dotted background. I had to skip some of the article because it hurt my eyes too much. It sux getting old ;)
Passion, It did not look like that on my computer. Maybe you need to adjust our computer. (End of my knowledge on subject.) If not, I often highlight text on hard to read pages. It usually makes it easier to read. If it doesn't and I really want to read it, I copy the text into a word processing program and make it any color I want.
Passion, the contrast between text and background is very distinct on my computer, also. I think newcj is right.
For a lark, we could actually talk about the interview.
Well I for one think its awesome its getting some non-browncoat attention. Hopefully people will be putting in more submissions as we get to the 30th. like me for example. I have the camera here, just am too damn lazy, too much of a procrastinator. I hope people will submit something soon. Actually i personally know of one browncoat is planning to submit something special for a picture. Not sure what...hmmm...
That's a nice project and a nice write-up. Some journalists would have used the occasion to get snarky about motivations. Mr. Nance is a classy guy.

Now, Simon, how are you going to give me the bird? The lark, I mean.
newcj - Thanks for the tips, highlighting the text worked great, I didn't even have to copy & paste it into Word.

On topic - IMO the purpose of the BDTY site is wonderful. Yes we would all like to see more of this verse, and I do tend to think about what we could have had. Sometimes while watching Firefly the show is so good that my eyes start to tear up, because I get so emotional that it was cancelled so early (and never given a chance). But I do love Serenity and am very thankful that Universal made the movie. I get the feeling fans always come across as being hard to please and demanding. This site offers a great opportunity for fans to show appreciation, its a good thing.
Thanks for your comments. We're all so thrilled about Mr. Nance's article and the positive response the site has received.

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