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September 16 2006

Buffy Park Mood Themes. Buffy/Angel icons, South Park style on Live Journal.

Don't know if these appeared before, but I couldn't NOT post it!

Oh these are brilliant! Great find Nebula.

The First Slayer! Love it!
Quite jolly, and Marcie is brilliant.
My favorites: exanimate, lonely, and satisfied.
I have that moodtheme, and I love it.
Oldie, but goodie!
My friend Karenbear did those! I use them with my LJ, too.
Adorable -- a blend of understatement, trenchancy & quirkiness that I find very appealing -- with the added bonus of being a combo of two of my favourite TV universes. I've seen various fan renderings of Whedon World & South Park before, but never quite with this attitude & charm. I'm especially fond of "Weird (Randy)" and "Lonely (Marcie)". Thanks to Karenbear for making 'em, and Nebula1400 for posting 'em.
Oh. My. God. These are genius!!! I have no use for them other than laughter. Thank you!
Question for those that have this moodtheme; on the "requirements" it lists a paid (or permanent) LJ account; I don't have a paid account, but I do have the "plus" account. Will this moodtheme work, or do you need to be paid? If it does it might be quite the struggle between it and the goofy little alien one I have going on now. Incidentally, do many Whedonesquers have LJ? Just got set up w/ one, username's the same as my Whedonesque name.
Phantom Dennis!

Very wrong how hard that made me laugh. :D
I don't have an LJ, but it might almost be worth it just so I could use these. Some of them made me laugh out loud. My favourites all seem to involve Giles: Artistic, Bouncy, Frustrated and Tired. Maybe because they are from some of my favourite scenes? The Marcie one is very clever - and, of course, Weird (Randy).
LOL, to be sure! Good work, Saturn Girl's friend Karenbear! :-)
These are so old, and it never occured to me to post them! Hm. I swore to myself I'd use this as soon as I bought myself a paid account, but then I went with a Buffy Summers one. Because it's pretty.
QuoterGal, I love it that you used 'trenchancy' in a sentence. Sure, there are myriad seldom-used words out there, but to paraphrase Mr. Universe: you always bring me the best verbiage.

You are indeed the perfect woman, notwithstanding Sherlock Holmes' adulation of Irene Adler.

And Willowy, I always heard there would be a spinoff series starring Phantom Dennis and Marcie with recurring guest appearances by Wonder Woman's invisible jet. The big hangup was casting. In it Dennis and Marcie are married with 3 little non-invisible kids. The title: "TransParent". See?
jaynelovesvera, you are definitely on a roll these days - have you been eating more fish than usual?
Ah, jlv, see what you did there? Consider my funny bone tickled! Thanks for that...XD
jaynelovesvera, *blush* and *Groan of Recognition (GOR)*

Oh, and also: perorate, internecine, perspicacious, tenebrous, lachrymose, uxorious...

QuoterGal, thank you, and Willowy, you're welcome. I won't perorate here, just acknowledge the internecine struggle among my varying emotional reactions because a perspicacious awareness of my proclivity towards tenebrous feelings makes me lachrymose when I should be joyful, a condition that led my ex-wife to wrongly assume I was uxorious to a fault. OK, so maybe I perorated a little.

And I've always thought lachrymose should mean something dirty, like so many of the "l" words: lust, lascivious, leer, lick, Lilah...

I think it should mean 'depressed over milk'.



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