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April 15 2003

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz on Angelus. "I don't want him to be just this rambunctious loudmouth person running around".

Props to Boreanaz for going out of his way to promote the show. It's nice to see that all the Superman/Batman hype hasn't taken his eye off the ball. And yeah, Angelus pretty much annoyed the crap outta me.
Angelus is basically Angel without a soul. Okay. Duh. Dumb thing to say. It's obvious, but when you think about it, that's what makes him a tough character to write for and also makes it very difficult for Mutant Enemy to make him likeable. I mean they can't. He's supposed to be the opposite of Angel, and yet he's not. Angelus IS Angel.

It's like going back to that Holden Webster guy in Conversations With Dead People. He was a recently converted vampire, but he still recognized Buffy from his days in high school, and he still had connections to the life he lived, remembering ex-girlfriends and reminiscing about high school with Buffy. He was the same guy, just without a soul. Instead of a conscience, he had this other voice directing him to do evil instead of good. Other than that he was the same guy.

So the whole Angel/Angelus thing is very difficult to convey. Yes Angelus is a different character, yet at the same time he's the SAME GUY. He's just thinking evil thoughts about destroying everything around him instead of thinking happy thoughts about being a champion. Also remember that Angelus thinks he's in charge. He spent like a century or so in charge of Angel's body. As far as he's concerned, the souled Angel had his day in the sun when he was alive and that time's over.

I think they could have done a lot more with having Angelus around. Personally I'd like to see a whole season where Angelus is the bad guy on his own tv show, and the other characters fight him all season long. I think if written properly he'd be a kickass bad guy, and that could happen in the second season of Buffy, but you can't do it on Angel for more than a few episodes because the show's named after the good side of the character and not the bad side.

I think we got "Angelus Lite" this whole time. That he was basically the plot device byproduct of the whole Beast/Master/Faith thing. They could have done a whole lot more than they did, but this was not Angelus' story to tell. It was never about him. He was just a plot device ultimately. I think if the writers of Angel ever get some REAL balls and bring Angelus into the forefront as a real bad guy, without anything else stepping in to steal his limelight, I think we'd see a guy we'd really love to hate. He'd be more than just annoying.

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